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  1. OK I finally got it on. I did not go riding yet but I went down the street once and I will say it’s a big difference low and mid I did not get into the power band I was a little scared. It’s a little louder exhaust going into the pipe is louder.
  2. Oil Si7 . MPG 47 miles = 1.2 gals.
  3. I have 60 hours on the Bike I took it off to send to RK tek to get done.I don’t know what I’m going to do go to Jd box, GET or power CDI. It would be nice to increase the oil but looks like mine is fine.Hard to tell by the pictures but the cylinder looks brand new still and it was very wet.
  4. I weigh 220 without gear so it’s apples to oranges. Stock was way too soft but harsh Out of control on everything I ride lot deep sand woops . I like it now it’s firm but plush. Springs F48/R72-75-78.All the little chatter on trails fire roads is gone.The harder I push it the better it gets.I got some parts back two valves and I believe it’s the Midvale in a bag.I see you’re in Colorado Got to be somebody closer RG3 I believe his name is on this forum. I set mine out because I believe most local shops don’t know crap about suspension.
  5. Protune just did my 18 TPI. Re-valve springs,lowered and shipping $805.
  6. Mostly roads fast but we do some other stuff to.We ride to Manchester Wawa and back.It will be me and hodaka125. What bike are you riding ? Meet up 10:15.
  7. Anybody able to ride Friday at atsion ranger Station 10:00 ???
  8. Yes the pressure is weak compared to my 525 exc.I have a Slavens screw about half turn more than a Stock idle screw. My air/ fuel screw is 1/4turn out.
  9. My 18 tpi is almost the same way.Is normal how they Start.I was starting mine pretty much same way you did. Went riding today Went out to start it I said let me try something different I just hit the button and within 2-3 seconds it started but it was A weak idle Let it go 30 seconds then pull the choke out 20 Seconds Then It will Idle Normal. 75 degrees out this morning . Just had my suspension done for next upgrade RK head and get ECU or power cdi Still waiting To see how it goes.
  10. I have one on my truck it turns night to day.onx6+ 10” . And you guys with your Chinese lights you’re funny Good for 100 feet at the most. Story time i’m coming off the on ramp Two trucks with their Chinese LEDs lights on go by I get behind Them 200 feet hit my switch.There lights instantly go off !!!! Do you ride around with Chinese lights on all the time I will hit you with mine and you will not like it! The relay harness with the light really sucks not long enough to go to the dash and the connectors are super cheap.
  11. We are riding this Sunday will leave the ranger station at 10:15. Ride to Manchester Wawa and back.I’m on a 250 tpi I’m wearing all black and a Yellow book bag.Two of us right now waiting for another person to respond.
  12. Corey Did my forks and Shock 18 tpi.I’m coming off of a 05 525 exc With correct springs.The explorer forks Were no better than my old bike Which is pretty sad for KTM. I will say this I am a intermediate rider at best.My suspension came back perfect from him springs for my weight lowered 2 inches re-valved with his explore Fork solution And the shock is butter smooth.And he is Half the price of the big-name people. I actually love the bike now. So I give Corey a Protune two big thumbs up thank you!!! I haven’t even messed with the clickers Yet.
  13. I have a 05 525 EXC I rode my buddies 16 450xcw one time I felt the same way where is 5th and 6th at!! Everytime I ride my 250 TPI I say the same thing where is six at oh I'm already in six!
  14. 05 525 here in New Jersey in spring or fall I'll let it go one minute then it cut it off in the summertime when I come to a red light cut it off right away. I don't have a fan. It's my backup road vehicle.I now have a 250 TPi for dirt. Idling for a long time means 2 minutes. It's a dirt bike not really a dual sport. You want to idle long buy a 250L.
  15. I bought mine December 23rd 17. It does not like to start when it's cold 25-35 degrees but it will eventually start 60 or 70 degrees no problems. a couple times I noticed the power valve was slow to open maybe just me my first two stroke. I change the fuel filter at 10 hours I look brand new and I don't wear glasses! My riding buddy has the same bike he has no problems neither. I see there's new maps out for these tpi's did they try that?
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