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  1. lairpost

    husky 510 tickover ???

    With only 500 miles on it, the engine is not yet fully broken in, because of this many run the idle a bit higher than normal to help avoid stalling. Once the engine is fully loosened up, the idle or tick over can be reduced. Very normal and expected.
  2. lairpost

    10w-60 oil

    Fair enough, perhaps I put too much oil in on one of the changes, it's been dyno proven that these bikes lose significant power with too much oil. My 'tests' was just a butt dyno feel...could have been my mood as no two rides can ever be identical. I prefer the shifting feel of the 10w-60. Rotella and Delo seem to shift very very notchy on my bike, again this is just my opinion about my bike. No need to call B.S.
  3. I've run that RS siren for years, same one on two bikes now, got it for $1 when RS was closing stores a few years ago. Pretty loud, very durable, weighs about the same as a nickel.
  4. lairpost

    E-Batt report :(

    Yep, I made it, that's my 'how-to'. After 2 months I had one cell go bad, voltage would sag to ~9V when cranking starter and the result was the ECU would get scrambled and not function properly. I could have damaged it while soldering or I simply got a bum cell. I have more cells on the way now to build a new pack and/or replace the one failed cell. I'll be using 8AWG and solder bars this time, along with Anderson connectors that I harvested from a dead UPS at work.
  5. lairpost

    zipty or 7602 Case savers?

    Something like this, I believe it's nylon but not sure, I made this when I first got my 06, now it's on my 08. Protects clutch slave too.
  6. I like the RK chains too, but perfer the XW-ring version, less ring friction. Look around and you'll find it for the same price as the XSO. $65.
  7. lairpost

    Best Press Tool for Shop

    They have several but this one should cover most light duty needs. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=4711
  8. lairpost

    Spectro 4 20W50 Offroad Petroleum?

    That's awfully expensive oil for breakin, but then I like to change it every hour or so for the first 6-8 hours. dine rotella for break in for me. Then I like to stick with 10w-60 since the boys that made the engine say that's the viscosity to use, oh and make it synthetic cause they say it should be that too. Elf makes 10w-60 100% PAO syn. $8.95/ltr. +shipping. Agip 10w-60 can be found as well for a bit more. http://www.nexternal.com/vacmotors/Product2177
  9. Buy a cheap auto kit, cut down the tools handle to a nub like an awl. Plugs and tool in a small vinyl ID holder, fits in the space between fender and subframe. That pocket plugger is way too involved, just shove a plug into the hole and pump up the tire.
  10. lairpost

    Draining tank on FI? TE310

    Use the big hole at the top. No drain per se, you could drop the fuel pump, but pouring the gas out the filler hole would be much easier.
  11. lairpost

    Exhaust Systems for 08+ 450's

    The 08 Arrow is tough to beat.
  12. lairpost

    What did you do to your Husky today?

    Installed Power Commander V and Auto Tune module. Rode a few short rides to let the tuning begin!
  13. lairpost

    2008 TE / SMR stator output

    AC. Manual states taken at generator, no load. A full wave rectifier is ~80% efficient (for estimates sake), so whatever power is used by the AC lights (35W headlight, dash, turns), the rest is rectified. The fuel pump probably pulls 2+ amps or so, ECU and battery charging a couple more. There's a fair bit left over, but the switches and wires are only capable of handling so much juice before heating up. I run 45W headlight (melts the plastic lense) + 40W (2x20W MR11) halogen without issue, even at idle. Still makes plenty to charge battery, and drive DC HID helmet lights (total draw 26W). At work we just got a new toy (err tool), a Flir i50, a handheld infrared imager. I plan to use it shortly to ensure I'm not heating up my highbeam switch or wires. Check it out, http://www.flir.com/thermography/americas/us/content/?id=18330 Pic from Baja, daytime, shows halogen bike lights along with 45W bulb.
  14. lairpost

    09 TE310 and 09 TE510

    These are not mass produced anywhere near the quantities of the Japanese bikes, there is some variation in parts used to build them as you've found. The most recent previous mother company, MV Augusta, is much more about the artisan-ship than assembly line production. It's so Italian.
  15. lairpost

    Ducati parts on my Husqvarna 610

    A buddy's 09 310 has a Ducati labeled starter, physically it looks just like my 08 but I have no mark. Twist the Throttle on HD Theater just did an hour on MV Augusta. Good stuff.