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  1. That's awesome congrats!!! 3rd gear MAXXED /4th is only the double of the triple!? Yikes - I'm out... lol Pics and vids always welcomed I'm to the point where I'd rather read about MX experiences than ride single track lol
  2. Thanks for sharing that story! Have any pics and/or video to go along? I also have been reading up on my technique and watching plenty of you tube videos as well for next time I'm able to get out on the track. I slowed down some of my footage and watched, to my surprise, I didn't look that far off. Maybe get a little more forward with my head over the bars and I'll end up with that same "I'm in control of this" feeling and confidence. The first few jumps were def not like this.. I was likely leaning back way to far. Plenty of times I had to lay on the back brakes in the air and land with a stalled bike. Luckily for me, the wife didn't take any video of those ones I think the gearing helped drastically with this as well, I found myself to be much more relaxed and in control hitting a jump in 3rd as opposed to wide open in 2nd. My only previous track days were well, 18+years ago on a CR125. If you weren't wide open and on the band the from the entire exit of the corner, you weren't going to clear most jumps. It's nice on the 250x to NOT have to do this!! I agree - Hell of an awesome/versatile/fun bike! I'm trying to get a buddy to bring his KTM300 out on the track, I have a feeling he won't find that thing anywhere near as versatile as ours
  3. That's awesome congrats! I kind of get the same look from people like, umm you went to a mx track? Are you trying to get hurt? Are you gonna grow up? But obviously these are people that know nothing about the sport and how physically demanding it can be - thus getting you into great shape, better eating habits, etc. I'm really looking forward to all of that as I am out of shape -- I have been referring to myself as 'the flying beer belly' lol Time to fix that!! I need to find more time to get on the bike... Working a desk job sitting on my ass all day surely doesn't help either lol but I'll get there Thanks again to everyone for all the kind words, support and shared stories!!!
  4. Thanks - I'll def be testing this out. I was wearing my fox full body armor which has chest, back, shoulders and arm pads -- I'm used to wearing it comfortably from all the single track stuff, but still suffer from arm pump in that as well. I'll report back next time I'm able to get out on the track... Itching like crazy to get out again!!
  5. Ouch that sucks sorry to hear that!! Your Bike was sounding really good too! Time to rebuild and make it even better
  6. That's awesome great job!!
  7. That's awesome! Looks HUUUUGE! Feel free to share the video lol I seen your youtube MX Playlist in another post. I'll be watching all those - even though I can't always hit a track, I'm hoping I can find some legal land to practice cornering with figure 8's and what not.
  8. Yes I thought they would be sore for sure. They are def worse after a day in the single track. I'll have to keep that in mind and stand much more, and figure out the whole gripping with your knees, kinda feels awkward to me since I'm not used to that. But man I have to get out of all the bad single track habits I picked up! Def need to get my eyes out in front and stop looking at whats directly in front of me. That table top looks sweet! I hate how the pics make the face of a jump look like this little slope... but coming up on one hard on the throttle in 3rd or 4th makes it look like a big brick wall to me! I get in my head and think 'oh man this things gonna launch me!' and never turns out to be too much lol
  9. If you all just skipped to 16:50, go back and watch it all! Great vid thanks for posting! I enjoyed it! You're flying through those woods!! Was cause of the crash trying to clear that jump for the kids!? lol and daaang you hopped up quit and shut the camera off instantly!! was that the end of the race then?
  10. Thanks everyone for all the replies and encouragement!! Sounds like I'm still on the young side then haha It's awesome that you guys are all older and getting back into this as well and loving every minute of it! Motox367 - Thanks I'll def be keeping the skid!! I'm sure some of them were. I couldn't believe how fast they were ripping, blew my mind! I Thought wow there's no way they are not sponsored!! GoneDirtBikeN -- I seen your Video "ThrottleOut" in another thread - Thats how i was hitting everything too - just too short (probably shorter) - couldn't find my balls!! That seemed like a good size jump! You and MKcustoms88 are absolutely correct on the arm pump. Def need more practice - I was gripping very tight, was just so nervous for every jump and some of the extremely rutted corners. I feel relaxing is a big key to this. hopefully next time out won't be as bad. Def not using my knee's - I never really have - I'll have to learn this. Today is Thursday... Track day was Sunday. Today is the first day where I am finally not sore!! All upper body, arms, shoulders and back mostly. well.. minus the back, thats always bothersome but I just deal with it.. HeavyRotation - sounds like my kind of track! There wasn't a single table top on this one, the traditional - face, long body, downside kind anyway. They all had 'humps' in them that would make coming up short not soo good. My buddy, who is really fast, came up short on the triple in the vid, panic revv'd like crazy, almost saved it but front end washed in those nasty ruts and up over the bars he went. Had about 4lbs of mud on the top of his helmet lol. He wasn't really hurt, just his pride haha Most tracks around me are 2+ hours away so hard to get out there - but def cannot wait to go again!! I'll be sure to update this thread or start a new when I do! hopefully the wife will come again and bring a better camera!
  11. Long story short - this is my first time on big MX track in approx 18 years. I don't get out to ride anywhere near as much as I want to. I bought my 2016 yz250x around August last year and only have 19 hours on it, all single track and trail rides. A friend invited me to go to SwitchBack MX in Butler PA (http://www.switchbackmx.com/) I was very reluctant at first as I knew I was not ready for any big mx jumps and I'm waaay out of shape! Anyways, I decided at 7am that morning, screw it, I'm in. We talked on the way up how a lot people will 'roll over' the jumps and it's not a big deal. Anyhow, we get to the track and I'm all sorts of a wreck, super nervous and excited at the same time. I gear up, fire up the X, blip the throttle a bit and it dies... Fouled a plug (jetting issue - she's too rich!) New plug in and on the track we go. I do 1 lap in 1st and 2nd gear, rolling everything just trying to see the layout. What the heck are these huge lines in all the corners!? OMG Ruts! some very deep and some corners very muddy. I haven't seen ruts like this in a very long time! Cool! After 1 'lookout' lap, I decide, I can hit some of these smaller jumps, do the double part of this "triple" that is more like a table top with extra humps in them (which is way cooler b/c much safer lol). 1/2 a lap in of 'trying hard' and I can't hang onto the bike any longer. So pull off, sit for 20mins or so and head back out. This is the routine - 2 hard laps, can't hang on, don't want to push and hurt myself.... 20 minute break. Sometimes I'd sit near a section of the track and watch the pro's (I'm assuming A class locals) rip by - wow! I'm like a little kid on xmas grinning ear to ear rooting them on as they fly by! nailing the big triples and taking these rutted out corners wide open with ease! Was soo cool to watch up close and be out there with them. All I could think was damn, I have A LOT of work to do! Anyhow, I could write on for hours about how thrilling and exhilarating of an experience this was for me, but I'll just end it with this -- I found another rider who wasn't much faster than me, I got behind him and we pushed each other and raced for 2 laps - OMG THAT! is exactly what I have been missing! Soooo much fun!! My Wife got a vid of me doing the 'double' part of the 'triple' table top thing and an uphill jump. The ruts in the corner after the triple are so ridic deep and nasty, myself and all the other 'slower' riders always went around them. Some takeaways from my experience after reading some other threads in this MX Section... 1. Remove kickstand! (I never gave it second thought. I've bottomed the suspension out completely and luckily the kickstand never budged, luckily!) 2. Remove bark busters 3. Is there a need for my skid plate?? 4. I am not too old to go hit up some MX tracks. At 34 I felt like I'd be a dinosaur out there with a bunch 20yr olds and younger. 5. Every part of me (except my balls apparently!) wanted to crack that triple, I just couldn't do it. I'd let off every time coming up to it. Pretty sure the only cure here is A LOT more jumping time and practice. There were some larger doubles that I was hitting on this track, but was scared to be revv'd too high in 3rd and would hit it with lower RPMS, not in the powerband in 4th. At 16yr old and on a CR125, i could hit big triples 3rd gear cracked all day... I Wonder if my balls will ever come back!!!! 6. Despite wanting to nail that triple, I feel I rode the track the correct way, not over my head and stopping when I was too tired. And not trying things I wasn't yet comfortable with... 7. Finally - get my fat ass into shape! I was soo dissappointed in myself that I couldn't run 1 full lap hard w/out extreme arm pump, which made me skip jumps b/c I coudln't hang on, use the front brake or clutch... wasn't cool Hope you all enjoy my story - I sure as hell had a good time even writing this just to re-live it!!
  12. Thanks! It's a 2003 KTM SR Adventure. It's already been a PITA maintenance wise - but it's sure fun for her. She's a just a hair too small for the 110's. Everyone I talked to said do NOT start her on a 2t... but the 'Adventure' model is pretty tame. it weighs like 90lbs and she hated all the 4t's - she said they were too big, bulky and heavy.
  13. I haven't rode since 2/24 I'm going insane! Haven't had a chance to test the new hand guards and skid plate out yet... Here's some pics from the last ride - didn't take many at all - too busy having fun riding Will get some time riding with the little one this weekend hopefully!! Will be the first time for her getting out of the yard... should be fun!!
  14. nice!
  15. Talk about incentive for the holeshot! If you don't holeshot, pull over, wait 5 mins, then continue... lol