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  1. Will that explain all I need?
  2. No I’ve looked, I don’t know where to buy one
  3. Bike is a 1997 RM 250
  4. I know the engine is probably seized but does anyone know of any walkthroughs/videos of how to fix this / or even identify exactly what’s wrong before I take it to the shop and get charged way over the normal price because I don’t know about bikes?
  5. thanks dude! wish me luck
  6. ill just get a manual and try my best :/ if i cant do it then it wasnt meant to be. ill just get the shop to do it. but like i said the guy will charge me for imaginary problems
  7. i have tools but im on my own on this one, my friends will maybe help me but they are even more clueless then i am
  8. Is this it?????
  9. Wtf i cant find that man! more holy shit but crap was more "user friendly" haha and yes!
  10. Holy crap that looks like a fun place to ride!!! i have a flat field!!!
  11. OK, so i found this do you think this will be ok? just need to find a seller in the UK
  12. Thanks dude!!!!
  13. this might come cross hella stupid but how did you change gears?
  14. you got a 250 at 15? man i have almost killed myself 100 times and im 20! but yea id love to learn everything there is to know about bikes!! the only thing im worried about is if i buy the manual in it is all techy techy and i dont understand it! i think the first thing i should do is try and clean the carb! but i need to find out what carb cleaner to get
  15. that sounds pretty awesome and nah, its just pretty much a open field with a little bit of the woods in it, i dont have a track i just ride around there a little part of the field that i use for a jump! my dad took a lot of dirt out of the back garden to build a big ass wall so i took it up the field to make a bigger jump but i havent got around to it yet