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  1. Nystrom7

    Where’s the 19 450’s at?

    More horrible light att the stone wall [emoji4]
  2. Nystrom7

    How much oil in 2019 KX450

    From the manual. I think i put 1 liter in it, feels better.
  3. Nystrom7

    Where’s the 19 450’s at?

  4. Nystrom7

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    crappy pic but thats my 16
  5. Nystrom7

    '16 KX450 - Rear End Bucking Anyone Else?

    I mean loosen it, try a half turn or so and see how it feels.
  6. Nystrom7

    '16 KX450 - Rear End Bucking Anyone Else?

    More high speed compression calms down the rear. Its worth trying.
  7. Nystrom7

    Kawasaki KX450F 2016

    Great bike
  8. Nystrom7

    Kawasaki KX450F (2016)


    Great bike
  9. Nystrom7

    Who has 2017

    About engine blow up on 2016. I have not heard of any, but can only refer to mine. I got 90 hours on my 16 and changed the piston at 84, Everything i could see looked new in the Engine so in my opinion they are very durably. Bike still feels and look very fresh so thats why ill wait for a 18 instead of buying a 17. Only mx riding and changing air filter after each ride and oil every 5th hour unless its Winter then i change oil every other ride.
  10. Nystrom7

    2016 front fork conversion kit? or and good setting?

    well i never said i didnt like it it just didnt make any major difference in my opinion. I soften up the midstroke but i had problems with my suspension on hardpacked tracks. If i had it at the ride height i prefer i felt smal chops when the track was dry/hard it also slammed in the landings. If i soften it up so it felt good in landings it was nearly impossible to ride it was way to low in the stroke.
  11. Nystrom7

    2016 front fork conversion kit? or and good setting?

    Ive tried a few stuff on my 16. Revalved with glide kit and Tac R. I removed the tac R system and put a k tech spring kit in it that i will try out with 10 nm spring . Also going to try a Technical touch KYB kit
  12. Nystrom7

    Help identifying piece found in oil screen

    Check if its a piece of the cam chain guide if it has one? its right below the camhain. I know the 2006 250 had problems with them breaking. I changed it on my 06 when it was new. But again it was a 250.