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  1. Relay under seat was corroded
  2. I had been riding for 2 hours before quit starting , I thinking I have broken wire somewhere
  3. I have a 17 390 it cranks but won’t start , I cant hear the fuel pump priming but the 3 fuses under the seat check good , any ideas?
  4. Buy a double gun case , you can get both forks and shock in there and send to plus one performance, you won’t be disappointed
  5. I ended putting a slave from 350 factory edition (14or15) and Midwest lever on mine and it Made a world of difference i think the Midwest lever feels too thick so milled mine down so feels like a normal lever
  6. it bolted right up to the stock mount and i spliced into the headlight for power and spliced into the stock wheel sensor wiring
  7. I busted mine in a high speed get off ... I put on a trail tech endurance on the only thing I will miss from the factory POS is the low fuel light
  8. i ended up getting a 390 race edition and couldn't be happier with it, i really like the closed cartridge forks it finds traction like no other bike ,its a tractor
  9. I have a 16 300 and it works great I also have a 17 390 and the computer has been a problem since day 1 tried putting in a new battery and the cover broke instantly I would like to find something better that would plug and play that would have maintance timers
  10. as long they are his kids and they are minors, all of them. but once you are 18 you have to have your own membership
  11. If your parents join you would not be a guest , but they would have to go with you
  12. dayton dirt rider is your best bet , just have one of your parents join, they would just have to be there when you are there
  13. I bought a set of sm pro wheels from Ksr wheels in pa I don't have a whole lot of miles on them but no complaints I think they were 1100 for the set but don't quote me
  14. I have a new 17 390 re with just a couple hours on it and a16 300 re with about 50 hours on it and I can't say anything bad about either one . The 390 is my first 4 stroke but I had no problem adapting .. the 300re is the best 2stroke I have owned and I usually get a new one every 2 years The 390 has a little more handle bar vibration but that is the only problem Don't ask me to pick between the 2 yet Good luck on your choice Not sure your location but I am just north of Cincinnati , contact me if your in the area
  15. my dealer doesn't put any on the floor i had to order it , but i didn't do it thru byob
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