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  1. Link http://www.ultimatemxhauler.com
  2. I'm thinking about buying the Ultimate MX Hauler to carry my bike, instead of using the trailer all the time. Does anyone have one and would like to comment on it? Ps. It will be going on the back of a Jeep Wrangler. Ron
  3. RonO

    video cameras

    I use Pinnacle Studio 7 at home. At work, Imovie and Idvd on my Mac.
  4. RonO

    video cameras

    I've used this one. Helmet Cameras My camera rides in my camelbak backpack. So far no problems. Ron
  5. RonO

    Pricing on 450 cam?

    Anyone have better pricing on the 03 450 exhaust cam? I called Bob Tacy's World of Cycles, they are up to $153 for the stock cam. For that much the Hot-cams auto-decompression cam is looking good. Thanks, Ron
  6. RonO

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Anyone getting a good deal on the Yamaha Cam. Bob Tracy's is now up to $153 for the cam. For that price guess I should buy the Hot-Cams. Ron
  7. RonO

    New bike hauler!

    Gotta love the Jeeps....
  8. I've been using bike-line.com a division of Markel Insurance for the last 2 years for my WR426. No problems so far and a lot cheaper than State Farm that I have my car through.
  9. RonO

    Muffler Insert

    Just returned from a ride with the new insert. (Had to go get a new WV Inspection) The bike runs much better with the insert than wide open, I'm still running stock jetting. It's very easy to snap into a wheelie now from low rpms. Mine didn't seem to want to do this with a wide open exhaust. Also, I had a high end miss that is now gone. I'll test it more Sunday. Ron
  10. RonO

    Muffler Insert

    I might actaully get to try mine out Sunday. Supposed to be 65 here Sunday. Wooooooohoooooooooo, spring may be here.
  11. RonO

    Muffler Insert

    Just picked up my insert. They've finally made it to WV. Dealer had to call Yamaha to get a price on it since it is not in any book yet. I'll try it out once the weather breaks. Too much snow and ice still here. Ron
  12. RonO

    Muffler Insert

    Nice pics.... Now only if mine would ever show up at the dealer. I've been calling them every day. Nope not here, nope not here. Try tomorrow.... damn
  13. RonO

    SNOW DAYS !!

    Looks like no riding for a while here. 24" as of this morning. Snow snow snow Need warm weather
  14. Just came from Wheeling Cycle. 2003 WR450 sitting on the showroom floor. 304-233-2453 888-500-2454 Wheeling, WV