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  1. Just wandering, I was originally upset that the previous owner had removed the oil injection as it seemed like one of the Ore attractive issues, however I recently found out it has to be removed to use a Lectron, so that seemed like a reason to leave it off.
  2. Why are you removing the injector? Are you getting a Lectron ?
  3. Hey man thanks for the info. The previous owner told me he ran 60:1 and from what I had read and opinions here, I was thinking he was crazy/ what have I bought. Good to know 60:1 is what beta recommends. Since it’s basically the same engine, I’ll start off with this ratio. Thanks !
  4. Im much more on the plot plot side, If opinions are as varied as Mathew mentions above your comment I will just go with whatever the bottle of oil i buy says, and then proceed with what you suggested. Thanks guys
  5. oh no..... So theres no official beta guideline for this ? I looked on the manual and found nothing. Whatever is standard will do lol
  6. Hi all, As the title states i have bought a new to me 300 xtrainer 2018, but the previous owner removed the oil injector. What is the appropriate oil premix ratio for this bike? Thanks
  7. Hey Mr OZDRZ! I'm a YUGEEE fan of your videos ! Best Enduro content on YouTube by far! This is the first time I hear you mentioning the race editions on a video of yours ! You mentioned it being good for begginers as well ? Do you think the race editions can be made as plush and forgiving in the slow technical spots as the standard one for a rookie rider ? I ask because there is a 300 race edition coming to my dealer soon but no standard version ! Thanks for all these great videos and please keep them coming !
  8. Any chance it can haul a 200lbs man up a nasty hill without being on the pipe or having crazy momentum ? Eg. An intermediate minus rider ?I'm just wondering if the newer tech in this 150 make it truly a 200 xc w replacement, or if it will lag on torque and luggability?
  9. It really does ! Thanks. Im surprised that the aer fork is less sharp, given that that bike is part mx bike. Would you say the TE is for sure the more forgiving of the two in nasty trailriding for begginers, as the marketing and the forums would make you think ?
  10. Great post! I was looking for a new bike that could lug amd was light, and yesterday i tried the tx300. I was blown away by its lightweight, ease to pick up from a fall, nimbleness, insane torque and luggability. The only thing i didnt like was that when sitting down i found the rearshock quite punishing. So far my issue seems ultra lightweight and harsh ride, vs slightly higher weight amd plush suspension. Since you have had both of these bikes, could you clarify if the ride on the tx rear shock can be set as plush as on the te ? On the other hand is the extraweight of the te felt when you are picking the bike up from the ground ? Thanks!
  11. Tame sounds good... does it have any bottom end power ?
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