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  1. Any of the weird "off brands" that you've never heard of but periodically see in the classified ads "For Sale: mint condition Mergleborhn 250cc Flukenborkht enduro. Only 7 hours on it!"
  2. I’m not actively screwing with the scammers. I just keep getting texts from them. Some are obvious like the one above. Others take a little time to figure out
  3. Ultimately I am hoping that starting a thread like this will help people spot a scam and not lose money on anything they are trying to sell. We all work too hard for what we’ve got and to have someone try and steal from us makes my blood boil.
  4. Here is a text I got today after re-posting my ad. Since I live in the US, a phone number like this is very out of the norm and highly suspect. It astounds me how quickly these lowlifes pick up on new ads to try and scam people. They literally texted me within about 2-3 minutes of posting my ad online.
  5. I ride a WR450F and feel like my bike is too heavy. 270lbs is a lot lighter than what you’ve been riding but man, some of those 2T bikes look like feathers compared to my bike. Not trying to sway you but a KTM or Husky or Beta would be even lighter than the WRs.
  6. So the dealer says that I can install a low wattage non-DOT light on the bike without upgrading the stator so I think I’m gonna give that a shot too.
  7. Since you are mostly going to do woods riding, the WR250F seems like a better solution in my mind. As was mentioned, you can swap the ECU (which is pretty easy) and then tune it up to a more aggressive bike when ready. It’s a fairly inexpensive part and will Be an easy upgrade when you are ready for more power. Both are good bikes though and you wouldn’t be disappointed either way.
  8. I find it odd that there aren’t more bikes of this size. After all, Asia’s population isn’t that tall nor is South America’s. Both of which would use smaller bikes as their main form of transportation.
  9. I respectfully disagree and also agree. They do a fine job with play bikes. But nobody really makes a quality built bike of that size that has great suspension, performance parts, etc that isn’t a motocross bike. The 125s available are ok put around bikes but I wouldn’t call them much more
  10. Itd be awesome if the Husqvarna TE125 was the size of the TTR125. itd be so nice to have a small framed enduro with all the bells and whistles of a higher end bike for the vertically challenged rider.
  11. I wish the 150XCW was a little smaller framed. Im working on a custom TTR125 for my wife as a result that should be delivered this week. But if a KTM/Husky was an option, you’d better bet that those would’ve been seriously considered.
  12. Here is the scammer’s response: He must have an open relationship to have a wife and a lover lol
  13. Ok, so here is what I sent him last night. Its interesting to not that I’ve never been to Houston where this person claims to live and I made up two places that I’m pretty sure do not exist in Houston:
  14. Not yet. Trying to come up with a funny way to get him nervous and to admit he is scamming me.