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  1. LRB

    Need riding buddy near cedar city utah

    I live in SLC and will be headed to St George for Thanksgiving if interested. I only know a few places to ride down there but am happy to have you. Im not an amazing rider and mostly ride for fun
  2. LRB

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    Loved the idea and hated it all in the same breath. Im sure maintenance was much more simple on them but hated the idea that taking the thing on a multi-day trip was impossible.
  3. Man I’m just never excited about their offerings. I don’t feel like they make a big enough effort to wow consumers and it’s a brand that you just kind of settle on. Kind of like Pepsi. You really wanted a Coke, but the restaurant only has Pepsi. That’s their slogan “Is Pepsi okay?” We don’t have Honda/KTM/Yamaha bikes in stock right now, is Suzuki ok?
  4. LRB

    Honda Broadens CRF Lineup with Expansive New-Model Launch

    At first I was glad to see some changes to the 450X but upon closer inspection, I don't think their upgrades were all that great. I think they could have improved fuel capacity like they did with the RX (how many threads do we see on how to carry extra fuel?), the lighting seems weak to me, and I am still unclear whether or not the EFI is programmable or not, and why cant Honda or Yamaha throw some nicer skid plates on and some hand guards (and even some nice aluminum radiator guards)? The closer I look, the less impressed I am sadly. I think it is a contender against the WR450F in a lot of respects though (more so than before). But I don't feel like the improvements just tilted the market in their favor either. I cant tell... does the 450X have a kick start or only e-start?
  5. The chief cause of failure and unhappiness in this life is trading what we want MOST for what we want at the MOMENT. 

  6. LRB

    Alpinestars TECH 7 ENDURO BOOT

    I bought a pair earlier this season and they are very comfortable. They seem well built as expected and have protected me from a few gnarly ankle hits. I did tip over on a rough trail and the foot pegs tore part of the plastics around my ankle, but I wouldn’t attribute that to a design flaw. Just dumb luck. I would recommend these to anyone.
  7. LRB

    Turning Stones vol 1

    Love your posts. So much beautiful country and a big heart to follow. Well done.
  8. LRB

    Octane Ratings: higher = better performance, right?

    Great post! It answered some questions that I've had for a while now. Well done