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  1. I ride with a Badlands Super-Day pack with a shotgun or rifle strapped to my back. The pack has a rifle boot that makes it easy to attach to the pack. I don’t think you’ll find an easier way to carry it without making some mods to a case to mount to the bike. this isn’t my pic but it should give you an idea of how it would work
  2. Riding up the Mirror Lake area is a lot of fun. The roads aren’t really challenging but they are very pretty during summer months this was closer to Oakley but gives you an idea what it’s like up there
  3. A kill switch may be a good idea too. Odds are if you are dumb enough to steal a bike, you’re prob dumb enough not to know how to get a bike running when there is a hidden kill switch on the bike.
  4. I have a steam cleaner like this that really helps clean the grease off: Just spray it down with a little degreaser 20-30 min ahead of using the steamer and it really helps get the crud off.
  5. Moral of the story. Tell your buddy his bike is busted and buy it off him for $100
  6. Changed my oil today. Good grief I have little oil spots all over my back patio and I was being careful lol
  7. Hardest thing to budget as you get older is time. Time is one thing you just can’t make more of. Something is always gonna eat up your time and take you away from things you are passionate about. Second. If you are passionate about something, then you are willing to make sacrifices on other things to make your passion a reality. In your case that could mean eating out less, or not buying new clothes, or not paying for cable tv...etc. where there is a will, there is a way. The chief cause of failure and unhappiness in this life is caused by trading what we want MOST for what we want st the MOMENT.
  8. I swapped my oil out today for 10w50 synthetic and it fired right up (was using 15w50). However today was about 50 degrees so that probably helped.
  9. Oddly I put the programmable ECU on my bike but never programmed it lol. I should probably do that one of these days....
  10. I’ve got a friend that just got back from two weeks of riding south to north in Vietnam. Looked amazing. Rode some dual sport looking bike, nothing I’m familiar with though.
  11. Cool idea! I don’t think it’d work on my specific skid plate, but now I’m gonna check!
  12. The Garmin looks pretty cool and I like that the topo is pre-loaded. But I like that the TT has machine specific features like engine temp and speed. Ultimately I’d like to replace my current cluster with something like the TT but right now it seems like neither Garmin or TT have made a love child that’ll give me the best of both worlds.
  13. Nice! If I could get mine to start consistently (doesn’t like the cold), then I’d have to join you! Safe ride!
  14. Nicely done! Cool drone footage too! i was down for Christmas but it was a bit cold to ride
  15. South Valley Motorsports or Plaza Cycle. But if you’re a KTM guy, then Edge Motorsports will be your choice.