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  1. LRB

    chimney rock

    Which one? Chimney Rock is a very common name for many rocks in the West including Utah if you use google earth, you can drop a pin on a location and the pin will tell you altitude.
  2. A guy who likes to eat, drink, and be Mary?
  3. LRB

    Riding gear for noob

    After reading some of the threads on here, I’m seriously considering a neck protector
  4. LRB

    Energy Gels for Racing

    Apples are nature’s energy booster. You’d be amazed how much more stamina an apple will give you if eaten pre work out. If you want to add to that Karbolyn works great too. Stimulant free and just helps you maintain your energy without a sugar crash
  5. LRB

    Ashley National Forest - Perfect day!

    That looks like a really neat place! I haven't ever heard of it before. It looks like a great way to cool down after a long ride
  6. This is a really good article. The only thing I slightly disagree with was the recommendation of a CRF230 purely due to your height and not due to the quality of the bike. The CRF230 and TTR230 bikes are excellent but have a slightly lower seat height which may make you feel like you’re riding a circus bike since you are so tall. A 250 two stroke or four stroke with full sized frame would be great for you imho because you’d get more use out of the bike before upgrading vs a 125 two stroke
  7. The only time my EFI bike smells like fuel is when I spill it all over my bike.
  8. LRB

    Ashley National Forest - Perfect day!

    That cave is really cool! what is it called?
  9. LRB

    What supplements do you take?

    Absolutely! Quail are fast birds! Takes some skill to shoot them.
  10. Agreed. Rock the KLX til you feel like it’s holding you back. Then pick your poison on an enduro. I don’t think a MX bike is the way to go though.
  11. LRB

    90 day fitness challenge

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the scan unless your competition requires body fat loss vs weight loss. Bod Pod scans are also good and would be a good substitute for DEXA if you were so inclined.
  12. LRB

    90 day fitness challenge

    Here is my finaL DEXA scan. I lost 8 lbs before the first scan (stopped drinking soda) and then began eating right on the first day I had my scan in February. If you need help, I can share my diet. I obliterated the guys in my competition
  13. LRB

    90 day fitness challenge

    I guess it all depends on how you did it, I lost 34 lbs in 3.5 months and feel great. But I also did it right with proper diet and exercise. It was WORK but worth it. No miracle pills, fad diets, or gimmicks. I just ate clean, and worked out (cardio and weights). If someone is losing weight, they’ll learn that the gimmick of drinking a miracle potion is too good to be true.
  14. LRB

    90 day fitness challenge

    Yes and no. The way I understand it is that even overweight people can have a high RMR. But it also depends on a person’s overall size. My RMR is about 2200. But I go to the gym 5x a week.
  15. LRB

    90 day fitness challenge

    https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/calrmr.htm this is fairly accurate. A DEXA scan (you pay to do this) will give you even more info on this if you really wanna dive in