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  1. I know the 230 is slightly out of budget but I sincerely think you’d be happier with it. They are fantastic bikes and do great on the kind of terrain you’re talking about. Anything smaller, and I think you’d get bored quick and end up buying something bigger pretty quickly.
  2. Husky. Although im sure the Sherco is good, it’d be harder to sell in the states as it’s not very common brand to see here so I don’t think many people would be apt to buy it when you want to sell it off one day.
  3. Hats off to a dude that hunts with a spear. I’d say that takes a ton more skill than hunting with a rifle and more than a bow because you’ve gotta get super close and personal with your game. Dunno when the last time was one of you stalked a deer in the woods, but it ain’t easy! I know some people may call it savage, but in reality it’s gotta be more sporting than any other kind of hunting I’m aware of due to the skills necessary to actually harvest an animal.
  4. Holy mother trucker!
  5. In all seriousness, I have had two bikes with Trailtech Endurance II speedos installed on them and they worked well enough. Nothing special. I think that if I were putting one on a nicer bike like yours, I would have at least gone for the Vapor as it has some better features and the screen / display is larger so I would think it would be easier to read when riding.
  6. Have you looked at the Borat Speedo? That might look good on the bike
  7. The main reason people put covers on their license plates (the clear plastic cover) is to beat photocop. The theory is that it has a special reflective property that prevents the photocop from taking a picture of the plate to send the driver a speeding ticket or a ticket for running a red light. Here is another method people are using as well:
  8. Ok so it’s not a shut door but just requires some jumping through hoops. That’s less strict than I was lead to believe but it’s still night and day different from the States where we can get guns quite easily.
  9. Power wash it first. Get the mud and loose grime off. Simple green works great on a lot of greasy parts. Spray it on after you’ve let the bike dry a bit after the power wash and let it soak for a bit. Then start scrubbing it away with a brush (I prefer plastic bristles personally).
  10. You are right to bite your tongue. Fighting back makes things so much worse for my kids. Sometimes parent logic isn't logical. We have weird irrational fears at times and sometimes you've just gotta put up with them and know they aint gonna change. But I really think that if you got your dad to take a training course with you, he would likely get the itch to get a bike as well. I bought my first dirt bike a couple years ago and have had a blast on it. Since then I have bought a bike for my wife and a bike for my daughter. Now my three year old wants a bike... she cant even ride her peddle bike yet though lol
  11. I'm curious to know how the gun laws have worked out in Australia? I remember reading about a murder using a firearm a few months ago (cant remember the details) but the article essentially alluded to this murder being the first of its kind in like 15 years. Also, have you noticed an increase / decrease / no change in violent crime since the laws were passed? In my mind (and I may be wrong, but don't tell my wife I am admitting that), it seems that criminals are gonna be criminals no matter what. And they will find one way or another to commit crimes and use a weapon of one sort or another to accomplish their nefarious goals. For example, I know getting firearms in Europe is challenging in some areas and as a result stabbings and knife attacks are quite high comparative to other countries. What do you guys think about how things have changed in your country from a crime perspective? Also, (forgive the ignorant question) is anyone allowed to own a firearm? What about hunting? I was thinking about ranchers who have livestock in large open areas that may need to protect their animals from predatory animals like wild dogs. Just curious.
  12. Amen! This should be like motosport scripture to quote right here!
  13. Also, wrecking on a dirtbike can be a bad thing but wrecking on an ATV can be much worse imo. Those things weigh 3X+ what a bike does, especially if it’s something like a Grizzly or Rubicon.
  14. As a parent, nagging NEVER works on me. Proof of responsibility is the golden ticket for me. I’d ask if your parents would be willing to enroll you in a dirtbike safety course in which you can learn to ride and ask your dad to join you in the class to learn as well. Assuming they let you get a bike after that, NEVER act like an idiot on it. Especially in front of them. That’s a quick way to lose the bike for good.
  15. Nice! Ive got a few nice handguns like my Kimber Pro Carry II but don’t like to beat the piss out of them on the trail and the LCP seems to shoot no matter what, so I usually carry that on the trail. But I strap my Blaser on my back when deer hunting 😎