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  1. ^ Just did this with my 250 a few months ago. Didn’t bother with the straight edge part but made up for a good 3/8 of an inch with some prying.
  2. cooldudesmd

    CRF250l vs XR650l dual sport

    The 650L is (supposedly) only about 25 lbs. heavier than a drz. Does that make a difference to you? Idk. I’m sure it’s noticeable. I don’t take my 650L places where it makes a difference. I would definitely think you’re better off on the road with the 650 (or drz) than the 250. As for buying new, I wouldn’t when there are tons of used out there, both drz and xrl. That one is up to you and I can understand why you would want to buy new. I think the real things to consider are how often are you really expecting to ride over 55-60 on road and how hard you expect to ride off road. There’s a considerable gap between a 250 and 650 in terms of power and weight. Weight isn’t always bad, but definitely can be. Also, consider seat height as well. Good luck in your decisions/ purchase and enjoy what you get no matter what it is. [emoji1303]
  3. cooldudesmd

    Put 3.9 Acerbis on my 400s

    Nice looking bike (And tank)
  4. How much did you crank the strap down?! I like your ether use parameters lol.
  5. I have heard of guys doing a light ride and that helping to seat the bead before. Never made sense in my mind (the riding with an unseated bead part). Hopefully it works out (safely) for you.
  6. If you have a long hosed air chuck that will clip on and you can add air from a safe distance you could try adding a little more air, but you’re already pushing towards 100psi... you don’t want to blow out your tire/ tune obviously.
  7. It took 80-90 for me to seat a street bike tire and I felt that was close to dangerous. I would start with letting all the air back out and re-lubing the bead and wheel really well and trying again.
  8. cooldudesmd

    Can I drill into a head tube?!

    Those pegs you showed looked tough. Are they aftermarket? That case cover looks great, I’m pulling mine now to send your way. Lmao.
  9. cooldudesmd

    Replace or run it?

    I concur. Last pic seems to tell all. OP looks like you definitely need to pull the top end and reevaluate from there.
  10. cooldudesmd

    Thor MX jacket - what year?

    That’s an awesome find/ jacket!
  11. cooldudesmd

    Can I drill into a head tube?!

    Sounds good to me too. I always like the idea of having just a little bit of gas left somewhere in the tank, even after running out on reserve. It’s like a 2nd reserve!
  12. cooldudesmd

    Can I drill into a head tube?!

    How does it draw from the rear? Is there a vacuum operated pump or is it just gravity fed?
  13. cooldudesmd

    Xr650l Heavy Rider Suspension/Performance Mods Setup

    Haven’t made it out lately with the nasty weather and other life stuff. Hoping to soon. Ive been itching to go camping and will likely do so on the 650 soon. I’ve been keeping myself busy putting my street bike back together from last fall’s....incident lol.
  14. cooldudesmd

    Trail riding club or group in North Georgia

    Sub’d. I’m in North Atl but pretty much always head north from here for any riding, street or dirt. I’m down to meet up some folks for a ride.
  15. cooldudesmd

    Xr650l Heavy Rider Suspension/Performance Mods Setup

    Been on a ride lately Bakey?