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  1. Rent a 5x8 enclosed Uhaul. They have hook eyes in the corners, just don't overtighten on them, they're small. I do this all the time without problems.
  2. plant

    I don’gon screwed up

    try asking on xt225.com, someone should have some ideas there
  3. plant

    Removing Glue From Frame

    rubbing alcohol should remove it and doesn't hurt paint
  4. plant

    Dirt Bike Riding in TN? May be moving there

    I don't think the Nashville area gets all that much snow. Just check out the website to get the trail map (www.dualpurposetn.com). Text or call Dave the web site owner to find out the conditions, he's always very helpful. Its not single track but very interesting and scenic with some fun water crossings.
  5. plant

    Dirt Bike Riding in TN? May be moving there

    Serialize, check out Tennessee Dirt Devil
  6. plant

    DeSoto NF in Mississippi - Anyone interested?

    Going to be in Biloxi this weekend and we want to check out the southern part of DNF while down there. I'm not looking for rough single track because I'm riding with a passenger. Could someone please recommend some nice gravel roads, fairly easy forest trails, other points of interest we could check out? Many thanks.
  7. Have the same problem with my xt225 - find a piece of wood 2" or more thick, roll the back tire onto board, now place lift stand under bike. You may have to lift upwards a little bit on the bike while sliding the stand under if you need a little more clearance. Remember to have the board under the tire when lowering so you can get the lift stand back out.