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  1. So maybe you can get yer buddies here on TT an employee discount? 😎
  2. Very cool. Is the moving map thing a downloaded map or is it tracks that you had previously ridden and it remembers them? I’ve been looking for a helmet cam to record some stuff like this and it looks good. Would you mind maybe taking some pictures of your mounting setup? Easier to copy someone’s design than redo it from scratch! thanks
  3. Ok, that’s some cool tech you’ve got there! What camera/app/mapping setup are you running? I think this would be valuable on the street as well, in case of knucklehead behavior from cage drivers.
  4. Did my 1 hour oil change on my 18 500exc yesterday. Forgot to take pics of the magnetic plug, but this is what wiped off of it. Feeling ok about it for now.
  5. Perfect. Not sure my body can do much more than that anymore.
  6. Morning thought... what kind of range should I expect from my 500? My old XR400 (which I just sold last night 😞) would go over 100 miles of desert riding on the stock tank. I realize this depends heavily on the type of “trail” one might ride, but...
  7. Yeah, it makes sense to close that.. wouldn’t want some dirt bike to start a fire... 🤣
  8. I was planning on riding the “bar ride” out of Rowher last weekend, but my buddy flaked, and he’s the one who knows the route. From RF north to Lake Hughes for a burger and beverage, then return. About 40 miles each way. Maybe this Saturday.
  9. Nobody?
  10. That’s a clean looking setup, Steve. I like the way that works, and the fact that it still has the legit DOT blinkers. I like to give the Man as few reasons to hassle me as possible, and I KNOW one LA area motor cop who pulls people over for the little ones and writes tickets. I had to buy the skid plate, and went with the plastic one. Thanks for the offer for the aluminum plate though. Put that thing on eBay, and get your money back!
  11. A few decades ago, when I lived in Santa Barbara, I used to take my XR into the mountains north of town and ride out both west and east Camino Cielo. After a while, both turned to dirt fire roads, and one could ride to Solvang if going west, and lots of fun dirt roads/trails if going east. Anyone know if this is still the case? I live inThousand Oaks and am looking for rides that aren’t too far away. Thanks, Curt
  12. Ok, that looks more like my style of riding... not the “funnel” or whatever that friggin rock pile mountain I saw on another post! Where is this spot?
  13. My old bike a PIG?? Well, cmon now... ok it’s underpowered and overweight, leaks gas and is hard to start. What’s not to love about that?
  14. California

    I’ll ride up the fire road from the other side and meet you at the top with a cold beverage.
  15. California

    Yeah, I’m not that good a rider... that looks like work to me, not so much fun. Curt