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  1. v303x

    Broken Teeth

    The same thing happened on my '05 EXC. There's a new gear that supersedes the stock one. Any competent parts person should get you the right gear. Simple install. Cheers, David
  2. Bottom line, if you tow heavy loads then diesels are the way to go. Unless you heavely modify a gas engine (superchargers, injectors, chips, etc.) you will never get at least 550 ft. lbs. of torque out it, stock. And that is where diesels shine. You can run the numbers and financially diesels don't make sense. Yes, you get some money back at re-sale. However, hook up a load and gun it. You will be convinced. I have a '99 F350 PSD 4x4 CC SRW SB. Besides the door locks not working, blown speakers, a speed sensor and driver's side leather seat a bit grungy (from my sweat), it has been a great truck with no problems. Cheers, David
  3. Oh BTW, In Florida, to be street legal you need only a horn, headlight, mirrors and insurance(Progressive) (info from AMA website). So you can add brake lights, turn signals a bit at a time. So you can save some money by doing your own DS kit. I only use mine on the roads to go from trail to trail. EXCs seats are harder than concrete so is not very confortable for road use. Plus there's no cush drive, and lack lubrication on 5th and 6th gears at very high speeds. Cheers, David
  4. Give Motorcycle Enthusiasts in Spring Hill a call or if you can go there even better. Ask them point blank what is their best OTD price, as if you are ready to plop your cash. That's what I did. I got quotes from ktmTalk, they were good but I wanted my EXC plated and thus still had to pay for sales tax and such. I paid $7500 OTD (plated) a year ago for my 525EXC. The best price I was quoted from ktmTalk was $6900+shipping to FL. Then I would have had to hassle with plating it (not easy) and still pay sales tax. Good luck! Cheers, David
  5. v303x

    CRF 450 needle in 06' 525 exc

    I put a Kawa KFX250 needle on my '05 EXC. Makes it run a little richer than stock w/o the price of a JD Jetting kit. Cheers, David
  6. v303x

    Just some riding pictures.

    Nikon D70. Cheers, David
  7. v303x

    Bavid Bailey Designed CRF450

    1986 CR's looked like that. I was going to buy a 250 for $2200 OTD but I got a left over '85 CR500 for $2000 OTD. Brutal power!! Cheers, David
  8. v303x

    whats the best oil

    Shell Rotella T or Chevron Delo 400. Use it on everything in the house, except my Jetta TDI which uses Synthetic Rotella. If these oils are good for diesel engines, then they more than enough for KTM. Use/pay what you want! But that's what I am using. Cheers, David
  9. From places we use to ride 10-13 years ago: 1. Kennedy Meadows - Awesome!! 2. Hungry Valley, single track into Los Padres NF 3. Johnson Valley 4. Dove Springs/Jawbone 5. Ridgecrest/Red Mountain 6. Ocotillo Wells 7. Stoddard Valley - way too many rocks! 8. Lake Isabella/Dome mountain - not many trails. Cheers, David
  10. v303x

    Dual Sporting a KTM 525 EXC

    A cush drive hub and an oil cooler like this: http://www.joeracerproducts.com/ktm-oilcooler.php Cheers, David
  11. The last time was at CES was in '93 and we had passes from Clarion that we got from a friend of a friend. Vendors, exhibitors, buyers, etc. get passes. Those are in turn passed around. It is not difficult to get them. Anyone connected with industry, HAS to be there and they want to show you their stuff (TV, electronics, movies, entertainment, cell phone, sound, etc). It's big thing. I can't recall if you can walk up and buy tickets. I remember we had to sign a waiver for my 3 year old son (now 16) to get in. He had a ball. I still have the videos, including the XXX/Adult industry displays!!! Cheers, David
  12. v303x

    How can I get a TAG?

    When I bought my 525exc back in Feb '05, I told the dealer to tag it. If I had not told him it, he would have just gotten a regular off road title. He said it is very difficult to get it tagged once it has the off road title issued. My dealer was Motorcycle Enthusiasts in Spring Hill. I would recommend you talk to folks at Granny's and see what they can do. Cheers, David
  13. v303x

    05 450EXC Suspension

    Call Enduro Engineering and ask what type of springs you need for your weight. Start from there. I just got springs and I am happy with my setup. I just ride trails (sand). Cheers, David
  14. v303x

    Toyhauler Photo's with Truck

    Awesome! For 23K! Look at it another way, if you loose your job you can become a long haul trucker for a while. Added bonus: lot lizards! How much are the taxes? Cheers, David
  15. v303x

    525 Exc, 05 Or 06 ?

    Don't forget radiator guards! They bend really easy. Cheers, David