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  1. Lahms

    Solenoid swap 2019 250f ?

    The 250F is the trail bike, so thats why he thought you were talking about it.
  2. Lahms

    250RX Spark Arrestor Options?

    If you are just looking for spark arrestor caps, the pro moto spark arrestor end caps will do the job. Just put in the insert if you need it and take it out if you dont. As in regards to compatibility the 19 R and 19 RX are the same. On RockyMTN they have the listing for the 19 R so those will work. I wouldnt worry about remapping the ECU, if you arent chasing every little bit of power. I wouldnt worry about it. If it was a full exhaust system, like what I am doing on my 19 R. Then I would spend the extra $100 on a remap since I would be spending close to $1000 to get everything from it. The RX mapping has already bolstered the bottom/midrange which is what the yoshi is designed to do on the R. Its expensive bling on the RX IMO
  3. I remember reading somewhere on the 2018, just doing the full system yoshi and ecu remap for it was extremely helpful on the bottom and some midrange. Im sure it will help the 19 as well because of the throttle body change was the biggest thing they did to help the bottom.
  4. Yes, I also like the look of them too also. Lmao
  5. Well I guess Ill do that. Ive found the inserts online, $35 an insert. Having a full exhaust system is better I think than $250 S/A end caps.
  6. I am looking to get an exhaust in the next couple months. Do they have spark arrestors in them? I do like 3 trail rides a year and would like to not have to swap exhausts because I will have my ECU remapped with it to get the best power gain from it.
  7. I had a 230 and within a couple months. I outgrew it. I didnt ride tracks with it just fast trails and such. You will be changing the oil, oil filter, and air filter much more often. The airbox is fairly closed up on the 230 so barely any dirt gets in there. Valves on older bikes give people problems but new valves and keeping an eye on them is important. Its crazy what even a 15 year old 250F can do compared to the 230. Id say go for it, but just be diligent and cautious when looking for a used bike. Have money to rebuild it. And keep up the general maintenance.
  8. Lahms

    2019 CRF250RX or 2020 yz250fx

    Sold my 17 250 SX for a 19 CRF250R. Better bike for me. Easier to go faster and longer. Suspension is just better and doesnt require a bunch of mods to make it comfortable/usable.
  9. Lahms

    2018 CRF250R questions

    Some of the 18 bikes were not recalled because they were not sold it seems. IMO if you can, go for the 19. Better power, no clutch problems, and black wheels too! The 18 has so many unknowns/problems.
  10. Lahms

    CRF250R for woods?

    My 19 250R feels decent in the woods. I do prefer the 250 2 stroke in the really tight woods. For how low the RPMs it can run at, less engine heat, easy to move the bike side to side. Other than that, I love the 250F.
  11. Lahms

    Oh just another 09 Crf250r that won't start...

    If you have to bump start it, usually its because you need to adjust valve clearance. Carb tuning might help it, but probably wont fix it.
  12. Lahms

    Throttle cables

    Its bound up, if it works fine one way, then doesnt the other way. Try to find the most direct route to your carb/throttle body.
  13. Lahms

    What happend with the broken yamahas?

    OMG A BIKE DIDNT FINISH THE RACE?!?! Had to be estart and thats it! Some of you guys are ridiculous. Stuff breaks and engines fail.
  14. Depends on the tire itself. Dimensions and compound. Some tires go on really easy, others make you work for it. I would replace all the bearings, wheels, linkage, steering stem, swingarm bearings. Fresh coolant would be a good idea. You will have to flush the system when the new radiators go on. Maybe new spark plug? Im sure you can find an old stock muffle on ebay.