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  1. Evilfirbolg

    Bar diameter and GPS Mounts

    The exact same thing, and I did the exact same thing, then sometimes the screen gets screwy. I wack it one and it gets ok then it screws up again. Weird little beasty.
  2. Evilfirbolg

    Bar diameter and GPS Mounts

    Hows yer e-trex holding up? Seems the vibration is killing mine in a similar mounting place.
  3. Evilfirbolg

    RAD Hubs

    Well I just rebuilt my hubs yesterday and it was a breeze, they are running better than new. The folks at RAD were super helpful and got my parts to me QUICK. The new rear bearings they sent me were sealed, instead of open like the previous ones. They fit so I ran 'em. We'll see. I have totally abused these hubs and really love 'em. Highly recommended:thumbsup:
  4. Mine at last pic taking... Just the standard mods, that is a cut up stock front fender and a cut up MX fender out back. It is currently on my lift table recieving a UFO twin headlight that I've modified with two 50W Osram MR-16 bulbs, USD forks and triples from a '91 CR250, battery in the airbox mod and a podded FCR41. I bought it new January 06 and have put over 25,000 miles on it.
  5. Evilfirbolg

    How do you like your KX High Protapers?

    While yer at it get ya a set of these... http://www.dirtbikepro.com/ I used those with some TAG CR High bend tapers(they make risers for both bar sizes) and it made the most amazing difference. Whole new bike.
  6. Evilfirbolg

    RAD Hubs

    Just ordered new bearings and seals and they were just 30 bucks, not too shabby. Now to wank these destroyed ones out, should be fun.
  7. Evilfirbolg

    RAD Hubs

    I am running them. I just roasted the rear wheel bearings but it was my fault. I use my 'Tard as an adventure bike as well and I blasted all the grease out of 'em in a Mexican jungle and the trip back to civilisation killed 'em. Looking to rebuild 'em starting tomorrow so we'll test their serviceability. Look pretty straight forward. Other than that I have loved them.
  8. Evilfirbolg

    which fcr carb will work on an xr 650 L

    Yup, with the right head to carb adapter, jetting, etc. I did this. Parts from Sudco.
  9. I am running this carb on my gals SR and it was also way too rich on the primary jet. I think it had a 35 in it. I went down to a 30 and it is still too rich but acceptable for now. I am going to keep fiddling and let ya know.
  10. Evilfirbolg

    Built this fer my girlfriend

    She's a badass, been riding 20 years. Thought yall might like a peek... 10.5:1 Wiseco piston five angle valve job head with stainless valves and a bumpy cam vm36 Mikuni with a billet intake manifold to lengthen the runner hand fabbed megaphone pipe with a tip from a 'Busa Progressive front springs dual discs with a FZR600 M/C custom metalflake seat ala big time famous hot rod upholsterer Fat Lucky stolen flux capacitor(shhhh) This bike has brought out the hooligan in her and made her put her Monster up for sale(but she's keeping her XT, God bless her)
  11. Evilfirbolg

    Bar risers for the "L"

    I have been running the Dirtbike pro risers with oversized TAG CR hi bends for over a year and I LOVE that combo. From when I first got on the bike after I installed 'em I could feel a MAJOR difference in handling and comfort. They were also very easy to deal with and shipped very quickly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  12. Evilfirbolg

    SR500 Round slide carb swap, any tips?

    http://www.thumperstuff.com/SRXTTT.html Give Mark a call. He is always a load of help.
  13. Evilfirbolg

    Are all FCR41s created equal?

    I have a bud at a bike shop offering me a new FCR41, still in the box for 2 bones. Customer got it for a KTM and decided not to use it. I think it was originally sold to go on a SR500. Can I just jet and set this carb for my XR650L or are there different models of this feller that only work on specific rigs? I don't have it in hand or the #s off it and(as is obvious by me asking here) have yet to do any net sleuthing. Seems like it should work but somebody stop me if I'm wrong.
  14. Evilfirbolg

    Longest Road Trip on the XR?

    I did 1200 in 4 days. My girl was with me and she was on a XT225. Tough girl. I do 300 mile days all the time. We are planning a 600 mile two-day ride in July here in Texas. Calling it the Texas Chainlube Massacre. Don't have a website up yet but we got a silly myspace group started. Come ride with us... http://groups.myspace.com/TexasChainlubeMassacre