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    Love this bike, awesomeness in Italian hertiage.
  2. BruceWA

    Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring 2015

    Awesome ride!
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    Awesome ride!
  4. BruceWA

    BMW R1200GS (2013)


    Agile and great electronic package
  5. BruceWA

    BMW R1200GS 2013

    Agile and great electronic package
  6. BruceWA

    BMW R1200GS 2013

    4 reviews

    IDENTIFICATION Type: On-Off Road Warranty (Months): 36 Revision Status: Carryover ENGINE Displacement (cc): 1170 Engine Type: Flat Twin Cylinders: 2 Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke Valve Configuration: DOHC Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected TRANSMISSION Transmission Type: Manual Number of Speeds: 6 Primary Drive System: Shaft BRAKES Front Brakes: Dual Hydraulic Disc Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc TIRES Front Tire(s): 110/80 HR19 Rear Tire(s): 150/70 HR17 SPECIFICATIONS Wheelbase (in / mm): 59.3 / 1507 Dry Weight (lbs / kg): 461 / 209.1 Fuel Capacity (gal / L): 5.3 / 20 Seat Height (in / mm): 33.5 / 850 Number of Seats: 2 FEATURES Tachometer: Standard Digital Instrumentation: Standard Windshield: Standard
  7. OK, finally got a chance to ride in my new Rev’It Poseidon gear. The fit is almost perfect on me, the jacket fits exactly as it should. With the liner in I think there is room for my Gerbing’s as well, but didn’t try or need it today. The pants don’t fit as well as the jacket, but I bought the XL since it fit me when I tried it on last month at a nearby shop, but they were the regular length and were 3-4“ too long for my short inseam challenged legs. Should be able to also wear my Gerbing’s beneath them. The short leg length is perfect for me, they are a bit big at the gut or waist and if I lose much weight I’ll need to use suspenders. The finish is first rate, the seams, zippers and Velcro closures are very well done and show a real advancement in some of the other gear I tried on or considered. Others would do well to emulate this. My other consideration and was the Klim Badlands Pro and they are equal to the task as well. For me the final decision was fit. The Poseidon fit better that the BP, on me, the final call was I preferred the Rev’It and especially when it came to the pants, Klim doesn’t offer us inseam challenged folks an option. At least if you are as short legged as I am. Now to the ride…..the weather was 48-56 all day long and the elevation ranged from 700’ to 3200’, it was sunny and a light wind. I wore only my usual LD Comfort riding shorts and a t shirt as a base. I was warm enough for the 170 or so miles, but had the sun not been shining I would have worn a layer beneath the Poseidon gear. It is comfortable and movement was not hindered in any way. So I can safely say after my initial riding impression that the Poseidon gear exceeds my expectations and I think we’ll enjoy a long and enjoyable relationship. Anxious to see how it fares in the rain and warmer weather as well. Will update this when that happens.
  8. BruceWA

    gas tanks,

    ++1 on Clockwork tanks!! Zero issues with mine.
  9. BruceWA

    Best gas tank for 08 450 EXC-R

    Yes indeed, I ordered my Clockwork tank and have no issues with it at all. Excellent product and great customer support. :worthy:The fit is a bit tight, but so was the stock tank/seat. By following the KTM manual instructions for installing the seat it goes on with some effort, and has gotten easier to install each time. Wouldn't hestitate to but one again!!!
  10. BruceWA

    Clockwork tank

    Very nicely I might add:ride:
  11. BruceWA

    Clockwork tank

    Well after being delayed by my own stupidity:banghead:, finally got the correct fan kit and installed it today. Had been puting off installing the Clockwork tank until all the other mods were done, three friggin weeks:busted: The tank fits great, did have some frustration in getting the seat on:banghead:. So I took a break and checked the KTM manual.:banana:The manual clearly says to bend the seat in the middle when installing it, and it actually worked. You really have to bend that sucker up in the middle, then smack it over the rear bolt, it popped right on. Now its time to break in the motor and have some fun!!!!
  12. BruceWA

    Clockwork tank

    Good info Kevin, now we'll see how many requests you get for black. It says a lot to me that someone takes time to post on their products and address issues being bantered about, on relevant boards.
  13. BruceWA

    Washinton State plate question

    I think the older LC4 EXCs are NOT street legal, the RXC's were. Should be able to find one of those for a reasonable amount.
  14. BruceWA

    Clockwork tank

    Are you one of the "us"? Didn't get mine installed today, seems the fan I ordered needs some brackets to mount to, or its not the correct fan:banghead:.
  15. BruceWA

    Washinton State plate question

    Check into the Northwest section, lots of info there on whats going on in what is fast becoming the Republic of Kalifornia North!....but you'll be safe with a 07 or newer EXCR.