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  1. I have an 07 450 EXC, and have/had the same issues, I took off my kickstand and bracket and the bracket was bent, I bought a new bracket from (they carry OEM parts for KTM's, way cheaper than a dealership) and will update when I receive it. My bits on the frame look straight.
  2. Got a 2013 KTM 250 XC-W need some tire suggestions, I ride in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Yes I know those are very different areas to ride, but trying to find the best all around tires. Ride for fun, Muti-Day Enduros, single track, fire roads, gravel roads and some asphalt when going from trail to trail. Let me know what you like! I weigh about 200 pounds and am a senior rider and am an intermediate rider. Give me your suggestions... (Asking for my pops) Thank you...
  3. I have an 07 450 EXC and I'm over 300 pounds and this thing wants to wheelie all the time and it's bone stock. I pulls the front wheel up in the 1st 3 gears with ease either in the dirt or on the road. I'm all for power, but i don't think it needs anymore. All the guys I ride with, ride WR450's and every time one of them comes back from taking it for a rip says, man this beast just rips, its just clawing at the ground through every turn and straight away. I would call my bike anything but soft.
    500 miles so far and I am in love. Power from the top to the bottom. Bike is predictable and reliable. It feels a bit hefty when pushing around the garage or loading on the trailer, but when riding it feels pretty nimble. It's my first KTM and I don't think I will own anything different from here on out. Ready to get a set of Supermoto wheels and tires to do a little street playing every now and then.
  4. 1 review

    ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION Engine type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke Displacement: 449.3 cc / 510.4 cc Bore x stroke: 95/63.4 mm (3.74/2.5") / 95 x 72 mm (3.74 x 2.83") Compression ratio: 11.9:1 Starter/Battery: Kickstarter/E-Starter/12V 4 Ah Transmission: 6 gears / 6 gears wide-ratio Carburetor: Keihin FCR MX 39 Control: 4 V/OHC with rocker levers Lubrication: Pressure lubrication with 3 Eaton pumps Engine lubrication: Motorex SAE 15W50 Transmission oil: Motorex SAE 15W50 Primary drive: 33:76 Final drive: 15:45 (14:52) Cooling: Liquid cooled Clutch: Wet multi-disc clutch, operated hydraulically Ignition: Kokusan CHASSIS AND DIMENSIONS Frame: Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel Subframe: Aluminium 7020 Handlebar: Neken, Aluminium Ø 28/22 mm (1.10/0.87") Front suspension: WP USD Ø 48 mm (1.89") Rear suspension: WP PDS shock absorber Suspension travel front/rear: 300/335 mm (11.81/13.19") Brakes, front/rear: Disc brakes 260/220 mm (10.24/8.66") Rims, front/rear: 1.60 x 21"; 2.15 x 18" Excel Tires, front/rear: 90/90-21"; 140/80-18" Chain: X-ring chain 5/8 x 1/4" Main silencer: Aluminium Steering head angle: 63.5° Trail: Adjustable Wheel base: 1475 ± 10 mm (58.0 ± 0.39") Ground clearance (unloaded): 380 mm (15") Seat height: 985 mm (38.78") Tank capacity: approx. 9 liters (2.38 gal) Weight (no fuel): approx. 113.9 kg (251 lbs)
  5. Love my Enduro Engineering soft seat, mine is also the tall version of that seat which works great for me.
  6. Thanks for the responses so far, one response says too many variables.... So here is my riding exprience, style and locations I ride: Experience: Been riding since I was a kid, I used to be a fast intermediate before I had a bad street accident in 2013, I'm just getting back into bikes and decided dirt bikes (my roots) is where I wanted to be. So I'm probably a mid-pack to fast novice or slow intermediate. I'm 43, over weight and am not looking to get hurt so my style is reserved for now. My first big ride will be the 2 day Hooch ride in North Georgia which is hard pack, gravel, rocks, sand, clay and dust; if it rains then its mud and slick. There is also some road riding in that ride. Then I will ride in Florida the rest of the year till October when I go to North Carloina and do a 2 day ride up there in October. So I think I'm looking for an all around tire, but you guys know this bike better than me, it's my first KTM. What tires work? What tires don't? Really a 140 on the rear? This bike is going to be a rock throwing, trench digging, rut making beast. I cant wait...
  7. What is the best overall tire choice for an 07 450EXC? Looking for a great all around tire... Let the opinions fly
  8. Bike has 135 hours and right around 2800 miles.
  9. Picking up my first KTM Monday afternoon, it's a 2007 450 EXC, anything I should know, look for or address right away?