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  1. @theBIGnaud
  2. i have a rm250 and the clutch has been acting up since i bought it. i will go up a hill it will rev higher than it should be moving. i went to ride and put it in gear and wouldnt move i adjusted it and it would move a bit and ride ok but still sliped. some one told me it was the clutch plates but id like another opinion...
  3. Ok my 2003 rm250 is not starting I was riding for 10minutes it stopped I replaced my fuellines,spark plug and I think it's something else when I kick it for a while gas comes out of overflow hose so is it flooded or what.....
  4. first of i own a rm250 and im not riding a &%$#@! ass yamaha or honda
  5. is there a way to adjust or somehow get you throttle were u dont have to twist it as far cause mine is about to break my wrist lol
  6. is there anything i can use for my clutch cover instead of buying a gasket
  7. yea i like listening to music will i ride till i get a face full of dirt and my headphones are in my dam head lol ill look for one of those cubes
  8. dos anyone no were i can get two headsets to talk to my buddy while we are riding (mics)
  9. motorcycle superstore
  10. if you ride in alotta mud and slick places shinko is the way to go
  11. ive tryed out and it still dosent work
  12. what will it do if it messes up the jetting
  13. good point but i live
  14. ok thank i got another question? will it hurt my bike to run it without my slip on shorty pipe i had it ziptied on and i blew it off and been ridin with it off?