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  1. Husquire

    Trails / tracks around gatineau Quebec

    If your closer, check out Larose forest trails. for me its only a half hour drive into the Gatineau hills from there, so probably closer then Limerick...
  2. Husquire

    Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Riders- New TT Club for us

    Join up on our club, I wouldent mind heading that way next year if you would be up for showing me around!
  3. Husquire

    Show me your 450/501 saddlebags

    Ive got a 350, but dynamics would be the same. Mounted a tool tube opposite the muffler using an exhaust hanger. Its been a few months, about 20 hours of heavy newb riding with plenty of spills and it hasnt budged yet.
  4. Husquire

    Pot & Riding

    I recently went on an organized trail ride with about 100+ riders and was surprised to see guys smoking up while on a break during the ride. As you guys all may know Pot is becoming legal here in Canada, though smoking and operating a vehicle is still driving while under the influence. What are your takes on ride tokes?
  5. I had a similar situation thing spring. I went to a skills development day, unloaded my bike (which is a 2017 and only had about 20 hour son it at this point) and try to start it up.... nothing, just turned over and not a bit of detonation. Tried to bump start it a few times, checked the fuel lines level etc.... Then when I was about to give up when I remembered one thing I may have not done... took off my seat, and sure enough I forgot to plug in the fuel injection.. plugged it in and it roared to life like it was mad at me.
  6. Funny I dont have any pics of me. But heres a pic of my bike. If you see me id like to say hello! My name is Kyle
  7. Static balance in my garage when in between rides. I bring a tablet out there with me and watch some netflix and just practice static balance. I made a frame to help with this as concrete floor is hard to balance on for a beginner, the frame is just 1x4 strapping in a square that the front tire seats in to give a bit of stability.
  8. To ride Limerick you are required to be a member of Bytown Motorcycle Association. This comes hand in hand with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders membership. The OFTR gets the bulk of the money. If you do enjoy riding there I highly suggest you get a membership, they are doing a ton of work there to make that trail great. This year they added gravel to alot of the low laying areas as well as building new bridges and trails etc. Not only does it fo for trail improvement but the association having and investing money into trails and municipal forests making municipal government more likely to let us keep or even expand our riding areas. You are also required to have at least a green plate and have off-road insurance. I have seen the police there twice this year checking for those. FYI BMA also hosts every spring skills development day training sessions as well as orientation rides that guide you through both limerick and calabogie. Worth checking out.
  9. The box idea may work though, at least people wont know whats inside to steal.
  10. Should keep you safe, at least until you hit San Francisco
  11. You got a welder, weld a frame to the carrier on the back and have a 1/4 inch plywood box to slide over the bike and seat on the frame you built. Label the box Feral Raccoons with Aids.... Should keep most people out...
  12. I've been doing some digging today to add any events in Southern / Eastern Ontario that we can ride in. Being the start of October I realize there is not much left for the season, but there are still a few options. Some of the local clubs seem to post only on their own schedules these events, so unless you go specifically to their pages you would never know about it. I plan to amalgamate all of these schedules into ours to hopefully make it a one stop shop for all the different events so its not such a hunt to find things. This is in addition to all of us posting our own rides for each other to join on. If anyone knows of any events in South/Eastern Ontario or Quebec that we can ride in, please post it!