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  1. One thing you can do, and I dont think anyone has mentioned it yet, is to bring him out on organised trail rides. If you bring him to a ride with 200+ riders, trust me he will be comparing his gear to everyone elses there. Keep insisting on going to these large organised events and maybe he will see the baseline standard that everyone has.
  2. I hear you. Its bittersweet also that the SX season is starting. Hard to watch Nd not do. I try to occupy my mind with snowboarding or skiing. As for upgrades I got pretty well everything I needed last year. Even though my bike is only a 17 I still will pick up some pre-emptive parts for a top end rebuild so that when its time it doeant cost so much. Probably get a couple of the valves. I also like to regrease and give it a once over checking the valve clearances and all the bolt torques
  3. Husquire

    how does a throttle tamer work?

    There obviously is merit to learning to ride the bike without using devices as crutches, however as pointed out there are some good things about it as well. I started riding a little bit older and am a bigger fella, so a bike suited to my size was a little intimidating off the get go. instead of going through 2 or 3 bikes of a smaller size until I can handle a bigger one, i got the bigger one and used a tamer which allowed me to get suspension better suited for my weight without kill myself throttle response.
  4. Husquire

    Can Dirt Bikes & ATV Co-Exist?

    Because I am wanting the opinions of dirt bike riders about working with the quad community.
  5. I was recently approached by an ATV rep from their local club. We both have trails in the municipal forest and we were having a conversation about how me might be able to mutually benefit from each others riding clubs. Has anyone here had any successful working relationships with the ATV clubs in their area that has been a benefit to the dirt bike community? We have virtually identical needs in terms of riding, but obviously we reach an impasse what with us being able to ride double track (albeit not as fun as single track) and them not being able to ride our singles. Anyone have ideas on how we can share resources to help out both clubs? Things I had mentioned: - If we rent heavy equipment and operators, give the ATV club a head up to do maintenance at same time to save on float and initial steup charges. - Communicate for prevention of sale of municipal land for developments. - Possibly having a ride day for both sports at the same time. Have a demo day for both in one location. Any other ideas that you guys have or if theres something you have done thats been successful let me know! RIght now we dont do alot with the ATV club, if anything, and it seems wasteful that two very similar sports dont overlap on efforts more often.
  6. Husquire

    Watch SX online?

    Anyone know a good site to watch last years sx online? I tried the monster energy site but most of the videos dont work.
  7. Well you'll be more the welcome to come hit the trails with me when Orangie and I go. We vary what trails we take, so it it would help you with the different terrain. I entered my first races this past year too..
  8. Careful with a heat gun though, ive had it almost bake it in making it much harder to remove.
  9. Parked the bike after the great pines ride. Any chance of Ice in the forest and thats a deal breaker for me. Only my 2nd year of riding and I dont play around with ice. I rode last spring and hit a patch and went down hard. Not my cup of tea.
  10. Hopefully she spit it out first, or maybe he got 2 birds with one pitboard?
  11. Husquire

    Wide rear tire vs slim?

    Loves fats in the rear does he?
  12. Husquire

    Michelin starcross 5 tires?

    The Hard . Med or Soft refers to the terrain you are riding. The rubber is the opposite of the terrain. The Hard means hard terrain there for the rubber is soft so that it gives more and doesnt chunk.
  13. Husquire

    Michelin starcross 5 tires?

    Ive got the 5 med on my rear tire. Coming from Continental 50\50's though and a new bike so I cant help with comparison. No issues with it yet, and less wear then I expected after 1 full season with 2 enduro races on it. No chunking and it has seen some asphalt use as well. Did find it more difficult to mount then some other tires though.