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  1. Looking to up my game on my knowledge of 4t engine building and repair. What resource books do you guys suggest?
  2. supercross

    Alright I get that. Pardon my ignorance as I only just started watching MX a few weeks ago. Is there not similar injuries on other machines and is this more a pop culture creation? Is there like, yellow fever, gang-green, pumpkin poisoning, or white walker?
  3. supercross

    What is red death?
  4. Yeah Ive already looked into it, its not the simple plug and play, its a full on wire system I have to install into the hatch if my vehicle by removing the inside panel etc. Was hoping to try and avoid this and use the battery powered bolt on lights.
  5. Just picked up a 4X8 open deck utility trailer. It has the required lighting and wiring attached, however my Rav does not. The law requires a red tail light and a white light over the licence plate. Has anyone tried using battery powered LED lights for these with any success? Just thinking this may save me the hassle of installing the wiring tow kit in my vehicle (its not the simple T connection, requires opening the rear hatch interior panel etc.)
  6. 1) you cant just go by the tongue weight of the hitch, the hitch I bought has a 500lb tongue weight limit but my Rav4 is only 150 lbs. So go by the weight limit your vehicle specifies. If you overload with the carrier you are not simply overloading by the amount of staight up extra weight because the carrier sticks out farther then the hitch you are actually copmounding the weight. You are essentially making the lever longer that you are loading on one end. The result of which can be loss of steering response especially when wet road conditions and loss of braking power. 2) the carriers themselves can be weak and break. The cost of a decent hitch carrier is about the same as a used utility trailer on craigs list. I would recommend the folding trailer as it can stow away easily.
  7. +1 on the thinner layer of plastic sheeting between the cover and the foam. I also just bought a seat concepts seat and this came with it, I installed this as well.
  8. I also beleive he has a year membership for around $200
  9. What Ive done and what works the best is this: My wife and I own a home as well. We pool all of our money together and pay all bills, renos, appliances maint. On cars etc out of it. We each then get an allowance, the exact same amount as each other each pay. Shes not allowed to comment on what I spend my money on and vise versa. No complaints to be had this way.
  10. How many times do you guys shim before you get new valves\ seat job?
  11. Oil flowing out of the dipstick hole also can be from the bike being too hot when you check it. It should be warm but if too hot will do as you say happened. If you let this happen you run the risk of having too little oil and damaging your bike. Sounds like you should have a gander at the service manual for your bike, will tell you everything you want to know about oil changing it.
  12. Judging from the fact that your friend eats on leftover construction materials, sits on a fold up chair, sleeps on a towel and has a farret, offer him an 1\8th and a pizza for it or $50 and I bet he goes for it. As for the bike it looks chinese to me as well, which may not be a bad thing if youre looking for something disposable and cheap to just go have some fun on. Looks likes theres been at least a few miles on it so its not a lemon out of the store and unless its been sitting for a long time you should still get some use out of it.
  13. I keep my phone in my backpack. I have on a pair of Monster blue tooth headphones that let in 50% sound inward. This allows me to listen to music, hear other bikes coming and answer\redial last call with the press of a button on them. I figure if I ever crash this would ensure my phone stays safe, and I wouldent have to take my backpack or helmet off to make a call in case of back\neck injury.
  14. Looks like a penny to me.