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  1. Bamster

    2006 200 xc fork seal replacement question

    Josh. The Manual is vague. Urrick I did that and it spins freely, just don't go anywhere, don't seem to thread out.
  2. i am having an issue taking these forks apart for seal replacement. The threaded compression part on the bottom of the fork leg just seem to spinning and not coming out of the leg. Is here something I'm missing ? See photo for part in question.
  3. Bamster

    pics of tough situations

    Narrow boardwalk over a swamp to great trail with nice climbs.
  4. Bamster

    Fanny Pack or Fender Pack?

    If you are an aggressive rider and hang your butt out over the rear fender in whoops. You will soon realize a fender pack full of tools was not a good idea.
  5. Bamster

    KTM 200. Another is it the right bike for me

    I switched from a big bore WR to a 200 xc in 06 and never looked back. The only place I miss the WR is on fire roads. The 200 doesn't beat me up in the tight stuff and I am less tired after riding. The power on my 06 was a bit of a light switch in stock form but with jetting, Hard parts FMF pipe, a 9 oz FWW and adjusting the powervalve to open a little later. It really gained some mid range which was almost non existing before. These mods really helped in technical hill climbs where it was hard to keep the rear wheel from breaking traction.
  6. Bamster

    Motocross to woods

    I third that. And would like to add that a Fly wheel weight would also be a good add on.
  7. Bamster

    Best motor for single track?

    After more than 30 years riding tight single track, I have come to the conclusion that more power = less handling. I see some young guys out with stock 450 MX bikes in gnarly trails and just shake my head. I rode a buddies 2011 250xc with a recluse and must say it was sweet. I love my 200 but a setup like his may be my next bike.
  8. Bamster

    2 Stroke Powerband

  9. Bamster

    Best motor for single track?

    I went from a big bore 4 stroke to a 200 2 stroke. I ride mainly tight single track and i could not be happier. I'm faster and not nearly as tired after riding.
  10. Bamster

    single tracks

    Hawaiian single track looks cool too.
  11. Bamster

    Uphill Turns, With Roots

    Put a flywheel weight and a gnarly pipe on your bike and stuff like that will get allot easier. Experiment with jetting to get better bottom end. Your current Moto set up was not meant for that
  12. Bamster

    single tracks

    Canadian single track. watch part2,3 and 4
  13. Bamster

    Off road tire choice

    I have used the IT's on the rear many times when they were cheaper but I can get Michelin s12xc for less now. The IT worked well and did not wear out quickly. The front totally sucked, it is a rear tread design on a front tire. I should have known that can't be good. I only used the IT once out front many years ago ,for one ride. The Maxxis si is a better front but I will stick with the Michelin M12 up front. Some day I will try a trials tire on the rear.