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  1. jumper12

    Take a look at this!

    Hone it.
  2. jumper12

    Stripped oil cap

    Try a left hand drill bit. Go slow, that may back it out. Drill through the center of the damaged plug.
  3. Thanks for the input and the photos. Think I'm going to go with the foot peg option and rear rack.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but I wanted to use the foot peg kit to gain a tie down spot for the bags only. Sorry for the confusion. I too just use the bars with soft loops to tie the bike down.
  5. I just picked up a 2018 390RR-S for dual sport trips in Eastern Oregon and Idaho. As the subframe is plastic, has anyone have any experience carrying Moose, Giant Loop Mosko type bags on this bike? I see that Beta offers a rear rack, is it ok? I also see that Beta offers a rear foot peg set up for this bike. Maybe I just answered my question, if you can haul some one that weighs 120 pounds on the back, I guess the sub frame should be strong enough for 50 pounds of gear. Would you advise using the rear foot peg option to provide any needed tie down spots? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  6. jumper12

    Glad I picked this bike!

  7. jumper12

    1990 DR350S

    Power-Barn has a great carb kit for the bike. About $450.00 for the carb, cables and throttle. Procycle sells a complete exhaust system. Very happy with my setup.
  8. jumper12

    Price check on ‘99 dr350s high mileage

    Lots of miles. Do a leak down test.
  9. jumper12

    CRF450L Media Ride - What would you like to see us cover?

    Ask why only a 2 gallon fuel tank? On a 450 that is at most 80 miles of backcountry riding.
  10. I would run it. I have worse from rocks.
  11. Do what everybody else does on this site and look for a used aftermarket part that MIGHT fit!
  12. jumper12

    Clutch Replace or not?

    Replace with new parts.
  13. jumper12

    Goodbye to My Trail-Making Companion

    Sorry man, tears in my eyes.
  14. jumper12

    1978 IT175 lower steering bearing race removal

    I learned this from a kid at the airport where I work. I had the same problem with a IT250. He made three short lines with a Tig welder and then I hit is with a large screw drive and it just popped right out. I sweated on that thing for 3 days until I asked someone for and idea on how to get it out. Hope that helps!
  15. jumper12

    Riding in the rain?

    I was born and raised in the Northwest. Got used to it at an early age. It is wet here all the time, if you want to do something outside, get over it.