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  1. Another thing to consider is chain slap. It may have already been mentioned but chain slap can sometimes sound like a knock.
  2. You are a grown man, why are you wasting so much time on this? Why do you have such a boner for tearing this guy down? It almost seems personal. I see your comments on his videos also. Should we be concerned for Kyle's safety? I told people I didnt like my Beta after my first ride. After a couple more hours on it I loved it. Opinions can change.
  3. cash rules everything around me (CREAM)
  4. I can see doing 12 months at 0% on a credit card and paying it in a year, but doing a 3+ yr loan on a dirt bike is kind of crazy. Once the excitement wears of your gonna be left with a beat up 2 yr old bike that your still paying on.
  5. I filed down the sharp edges of the forks guards and it stopped wearing those metal rings on the forks.
  6. Interesting. I dont know enough about the subject to argue, but it would seem that if there were established thresholds where cavitation would likely occur, Beta or sachs engineers would likely have been aware of this. In any case, Im happy with mine.
  7. Are you saying the valving is causing major cavitation? What is terrible about the valving? I can't find any faults. Believe me, Im dying to find a reason to get Ohlins forks to go with my shock, but I have no complaints about my CC forks. Also, the valving is updated on the CC forks for 17'
  8. Im 185ish naked plus 25lbs gear and run .46 front and 5.6 rear. Weight is not the only consideration for spring rate. Faster riders will put more load into the springs with higher corner speeds, harder braking, etc.
  9. I don't see how his skill level plays into him asking for or receiving support. He is selling entertainment, and apparently he is skilled at that because he does have a following. Just like an artist who puts out music for free and asks for donations. I think you should donate because you have obviously been entertained, you must have posted at least 10 times on the subject, which means your also watching his videos.
  10. try this: unwind the collar completely, then wind it down until it contacts the spring. Then go 5 full turns. Then posts your sag numbers. At your weight that should put you in the ballpark.
  11. well theres the issue. you need to measure the length of the spring unloaded and then again with the collar screwed down. so if the spring is 250mm, then you add preload and it measures 240mm, you have 10mm preload.
  12. You are measuring incorrectly. Wth 20mm preload its not possibly that you have so much static sag. How are you figuring 20mm preload?
  13. You are confused about what a tolerance is. If the spring was 10 percent off, it would be OUTSIDE of the tolerance. No company would stay in business if they had a policy of shipping out springs that are 20 percent off. Of course mistakes are made. Racetech Faq says 5 percent is industry standard.
  14. I had to stop after you claimed the typical tolerance is 20 percent. So I order a 5.0 and I might get a 6.0 ? Thats ridiculous. 5 percent is more of the normal tolerance.
  15. I have seen a number of foolish posts by Chris that demonstrate he struggles to understand preload and sag.