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  1. I've seen you mention this a few times. Why didnt you just raise the forks? Lengthening your shock adjusts your swingarm angle which changes pro/anti squat. This really changes rear end traction and the way the bike finishes corners.
  2. The battery pack on the Alta is rated for 1000hrs and I'm told it is $3000 to replace.
  3. I kept my old mousses so I could do that if need be, but if I can get 6 months out of a set I feel like I got my moneys worth and will just replace them.
  4. I have been using a nitromousse in the front and an enduromousse in the rear for the past 6 months. I swapped them out today for a new set of mousses (went with Motoz this time because they were on sale) and wanted to post my findings. I chose the enduromousse in the rear because it is supposed to be a little softer and I primarily ride and race 1-3rd gear singletrack and harescrambles with lots of roots and rocks. The only time I go much faster is on transfer sections which are short. When both were new I did not notice that the enduromousse was really any softer, it seemed pretty average for a new mousse. Both mousses have performed well. I only lubricate them when I install new tires, which is about every 2 months. The interesting thing is that the enduromousse appears to have shrunk noticeably less than the nitromousse and still feels like it has life in it, whereas the nitromousse is too soft and shrunken to continue using. Next time around I will probably go with the enduromousse front and rear. This is with weekend use over a 6 month period on my 300rr, and as mentioned I rarely ride at high speed.
  5. The needle tip is not the first part of the needle to impact fuel flow. The needle sits down through the needle jet, as you open throttle it pulls upward through this orifice so the straight section lets fuel through first, followed by the tapered section. So there is no difference in the effect of the air screw with these needles vs stock.
  6. If you all start your bike up in cold weather and give it little throttle blips while it is warming up, do your hear the noise? I have a feeling that it may be unburnt fuel igniting in expansion chamber. There is a particular sound that this can produce that sounds like a literal hammer knocking against an engine block. If it is this condition, it should happen while the bike is warming up in cold weather.
  7. The thread about plastic alignment got me thinking about all the little areas where my plastics are not right. When I align my forks correctly, the front fender points off center to the right. I have two front fenders and both do the same thing. Do others have this issue? This is on a 17' 300rr RE.
  8. Yours is good. I will post a picture of mine tomorrow, the gap is so big the tabs for the air filter cover barely engage the number plate.
  9. I don't like how thin the lower frame tabs are where the lower subframe links attach to the frame. If I remove the plastic frame guards there are visible cracks in the paint from the tabs flexing.
  10. Is that seat a tall seat or oem height? Im about to order a seat concepts but not sure if I want tall or oem. How do you like yours?
  11. I have a 17' and the plastics don't align well either. I have replaced the plastics with polisport and they were the same way. There is a big gap at the air filter cover especially. I have had everything apart a bunch of times and it always goes back together with the same gaps, just the nature of the beast I guess. The fender edge should overlap the airbox (black piece) in the bottom pic.
  12. For 2017, Beta listed the 300rr at 224lbs dry. So if it lost 10lbs it should weigh 214lbs right?
  13. I think yamaha lists weight full of fuel. I was recently considering the yz250fx and they list the weight with fuel for that model anyway.
  14. Maybe with the ktm 150, but no way he could carry one of those heavy a$$ Betas.
  15. I have the guts stock height soft foam. I'm going to switch to something else because my butt sinks through to the plastic if I am not seated in the center of the seat. I weigh 190lbs for reference.