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  1. According to an email Beta sent me, there was a mid year change to the fork valving, so you would need to know other riders build date to compare clicker settings. At 195lbs you will want to get heavier springs.
  2. True, but some people want to see an average guys perspective. Its just one man's preference. I know some guys that won't even consider a 2 stroke, just preference. BTW Zakattack races AA I believe. The videos always make people appear slower than they are. I have to believe he is fast because even the last place AA rider in our series is pretty fast.
  3. Not the best youtube channel, but this guy can ride the sh!t out of dirtbike and hardly gets any views:
  4. I recently fitted my 300rr with Flexx bars and noticed the brake line fitting would rub on the bars. I was pretty limited in what position I could run my master cylinder. I did a search on here and found that some people had tweaked the brake line fitting. Before I ever had a chance to try that I noticed I was getting a very slow leak around the banjo bolt which I assume was from the fitting being pressed up against the bars. I ordered a Core brake line off ebay (listed for 2015 300rr). The fitting on this brake line is bent a little differently and provides much more clearance. The line is also custom made to order so you get to choose the color of the different parts of it for a little extra bling.
  5. Jesse isn't really doing any better or worse on the ktm. Just goes to show that even at the pro level none of these bikes are the limiting factor.
  6. ground clearance and suspension travel
  7. here's a good review on Beta, no words needed:
  8. But I thought you guys said these bikes were only good in the tight technical stuff?
  9. I haven't tried the Sherco's either and to be honest they just really didnt appeal to me. I had read that the sherco 300 2 stroke had an aggressive motor, which to me was a turn off. The Beta seemed to offer something different from ktm, whereas the sherco seemed more similar to ktm. I will say that the 2 guys at the dealership I bought my Beta from (also a sherco dealership) both rode Sherco's. Different strokes. My brother prefers a Japanese 450 over anything. I had a 450 for all of about 3 months, wasn't for me.
  10. Yes, 17' 300rr race. Why?
  11. No outrage over the latest video? I thought it was the worst one yet. He is way off on so many levels.
  12. He says both bikes have open cartridge forks, yet he is riding the race edition (which he doesn't mention until the end when he says the model he rode doesnt have oil injection.) He should do a little homework before writing his review
  13. Never knew that. I have just mainly used rotella cause its reasonably priced and i know it works.
  14. 10w-40 motorcycle oil, which is what you meant I assume. I have used MTL and usually use rotella. I noticed no difference between the 2 and change it so often I doubt it matters.
  15. I do ride ktm and Beta and like them both. I also like both dirtbikechannel and crosstraining enduro stuff. I don't have a brand loyalty. You are picking apart Kyle and dirtbikechannel because he doesnt seem to like the Beta. But you've got to give the guy some credit for putting together producing some quality content. Not too many similar channels compare in terms of content and professionalism imho.