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  1. try this: unwind the collar completely, then wind it down until it contacts the spring. Then go 5 full turns. Then posts your sag numbers. At your weight that should put you in the ballpark.
  2. well theres the issue. you need to measure the length of the spring unloaded and then again with the collar screwed down. so if the spring is 250mm, then you add preload and it measures 240mm, you have 10mm preload.
  3. You are measuring incorrectly. Wth 20mm preload its not possibly that you have so much static sag. How are you figuring 20mm preload?
  4. You are confused about what a tolerance is. If the spring was 10 percent off, it would be OUTSIDE of the tolerance. No company would stay in business if they had a policy of shipping out springs that are 20 percent off. Of course mistakes are made. Racetech Faq says 5 percent is industry standard.
  5. I had to stop after you claimed the typical tolerance is 20 percent. So I order a 5.0 and I might get a 6.0 ? Thats ridiculous. 5 percent is more of the normal tolerance.
  6. I have seen a number of foolish posts by Chris that demonstrate he struggles to understand preload and sag.
  7. I think most would agree that anything over 10mm is too much preload, static should be 30-40, and race should be 95-105.
  8. I did, I called Stillwell. They said once they are sold they won't be getting any more. Beta has developed valving for ohlins, it makes more sense to me to get the shock that Beta is supporting. Thats how I ended up with the ttx rather than the fox.
  9. I was told they are no longer making them except for the xtrainer.
  10. I just put an Ohlins TTX shock on my 17 300 race. The shock is awesome, exceeded my expections. I haven't had any issue with my sachs cc forks luckily, havent even revalved. Just resprung and they are great. The ttx shock allows me to charge much harder through roots, rocks, and my nemesis acceleration bumps. Today was my first race on the shock and Im sold. Now of course Im curious how the ohlins forks would perform, but Im not in any rush because like I said the sachs are treating me well.
  11. They have all the Ohlins stuff up on BetaUSA now. $1099 for the shock and $2899 for the complete forks. You still have to buy springs also.
  12. The anodizing on the 2018 Race Edition forks looks identical to the previous years from the pictures Johnny Depp posted in the other thread.
  13. 2017. Supposedly a bolt was too short so not many threads ran into the case. I read on another forum that later 2017 models were updated to correct the issue. Im a little cloudy on the details cause I read it awhile ago, but theres some pictures of it and details on ktmtalk.
  14. I use Cannon springs in my forks. They are a smaller company and from what I can tell they have great quality control and measure the spring rate before they send it so you are getting the rate you paid for. I have heard stories of other brands being off by as much as one size, meaning your 5.8 could really be 5.6. I always use my weight ready to ride (with gear and camelpak). Afterhourscycle is a good resource and he can get you springs as cheap as anybody and will provide guidance.
  15. I would say the opposite is true, for some reason most on the forums assume the manual is rich for every bike. The beta manual chart is pretty lean. Im not sure why people want to run so lean. Kelsey, at RK Tek, told me he personally runs 38p and an n8rh needle in his 300, and thats at elevation. You know the JD blue needle a lot of guys love? It has a very fat starting diameter, I think I measured it to equal like a G diameter. Im not sure why you would starve the bike of fuel and oil. Honestly, I can throw a 35-42 pilot, any needle I have (J-H) at 3rd clip, and a 162-168 main and the bike will run fine. Its just a matter of testing to fine tune whats best.