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  1. got mine on e-bay from a m/c recycler , 115 bucks with front guards & brackets , axle was a couple bucks more. they were in perfect condition , all yz 125 stuff
  2. fastaway top mount ---- b r p rubber sub mount ,for the bars
  3. same thing here on the measurements , and feel for the ride. I've got the fast way rubber mounts for the handlebars, and was able to slide the tubes past flush about 1/2 inch . comes out o k . also I had to shim out the brake caliper , to center the rotor in the caliper . 2 stainless washers , easy . haven't ridden a ton -- got snowed out --. but so far, way - way- improved.
  4. well , after my x trainer almost spitting me off way to many times, I did this k y b modification to the front end. did the machine work myself to thin down the lower clamping section of the tube. sent the forks to my buddys bike shop and had him do all the valving work. one thing not mentioned is a lowering spacer needs to be added in the lower cartridge. other than that , was all pretty straight forward. all 2002 yz 125 e bay stuff. already have the fox shock in the rear. wow ,what a difference , the stock forks would just beat me up. this thing is a pleasure to ride now. great tip
  5. savy

    x trainer plastic

    really like the newer x trainer red plastics , is it all compatable with my 2016 x trainer with white plastic
  6. savy

    How often do you change your clutch and brake fluids?

    sure , I've used a syringe and sucked the fluid out , just like you mention. you can also push new fluid in. pushing fluid up is a great way to get air out of the system if needs be.
  7. savy

    How often do you change your clutch and brake fluids?

    the dielectric grease on all connectors was done first thing when bike was new. pretty much once is enough, unless connector is opened.
  8. savy

    How often do you change your clutch and brake fluids?

    grew up on two strokes , compression release era, and drum brakes, they sucked. moved on to modern four strokes , with disc brakes , great brakes and engine compression slowing down power. don't have to use brakes that heavily. back to riding modern two strokes , great bikes , but with little compression braking power , had to learn all over how to use brakes more heavily . which means a little more servicing of fluids. ride with a couple guys who did little service to there bikes, and watch them loose brakes on steep downhills ( 2 strokes) dirty brake fluid , and blue rotors. laughed at em ,and suggested to do a little maintenance , they do now. and son of a gun , there brakes are back.
  9. savy

    How often do you change your clutch and brake fluids?

    change brake and clutch fluids once a year ( middle of winter , I live in snow country ) also check and lube all rear linkage bearings and bushings , wheel bearings, steering head bearings , brake caliper slide pins . all lever pivots, cables , everything that slides-rotates-pivots. engine oil and air filters as needed . when I change a tire I squirt some wd-40 on the spoke nipple ends and give em a turn , no seized spokes. i ride a lot . and in a lot of wet. my bikes always run and feel new . never break down during riding season.
  10. savy

    Bigger gas tank - xtrainer

    here is what I did in addition to the larger i.m.s. tank. put on a spark arrestor muffler, so had an extra muffler. took the muffler apart-so ended up with an oval aluminum can- welded ends -one with a filler neck-one with a outlet- made a quick mount-tied it into the stock fuel hose with a filter and on off valve. it holds 1/2 gallon extra. so between the .6 or so of the i.m.s. and this I've got an extra gallon. plenty enough to ride all day. we put on normally with the guys I ride with anywhere from 80 to 100 mile days. sunup till sundown . for shorter rides , I don't fill it. its totally out of the way.
  11. savy

    Trials Crosstraining

    started riding trials in 1967 on a bultaco Lobito at 15. was one of the first Sacramento calif. p.i.t.s. members. if you want to really learn to ride a motorcycle --- ride trials. you cannot believe the riding ability it gives you. I ride a beta x trainer as my main all day trail bike---a Ktm 400 exc for long distance rides---and a sherco x ride , the closest thing to a trials bike. the sherco is my main play bike. I can entertain myself for hours up behind my house ( I live in a very rural area ) at walking speed. here is a great way we used to learn to keep our --feet up--. start your bike-warm it up-sit on it-lean up against something-have your buddies duct tape your feet to the foot pegs-pull in the clutch-have same buddy click it into gear-and away you go-its amazing how you learn to let the bike do its thing. it does show you how far you can go . of coarse it did suck when you finally found that point of no return. it was the sixties, maybe we were smokin to much ? seemed like a top notch idea at the time. I still love riding , and trials for sure makes it all an automatic reaction for your- balance-throttle-braking-body English-everything that makes a fluid ride. careful though-its amazing how you can destroy a motorcycle at such slow speed. bob
  12. the rear brakes on my x trainer seem to have faded away. won't stop. hydraulics work o k . caliper works freely. bled them . removed rear pads scuffed them up and same with rotor . helped a bunch, but after a short time went back to hardly any rear stopping. its spring time , lots of water and mud to play in. any better pads out there.
  13. savy

    2014 Sherco X-Ride 290?

    no problem getting parts. Ryan young trials
  14. savy

    2014 Sherco X-Ride 290?

    yes I have been out with trials bikes.--- most of, is a good way to put it. the x ride is about 200 lbs.so it is heavier than a trials bike. little different steering geometry. way more stable at a bit of speed. but its got a pretty comfy seating position. three times the fuel range. I rode trials starting in 1967. yikes ! all on bultacos . after they faded out. a whole assortment of trials bikes. I quit riding trials about 10 years ago. got bored with it.couple of the great things about the older trials bikes . they had seats, about a 60 mile fuel range. they were the best thing going for exploring out in the boonies. so the x ride is kind alike an older trials bike. but way more updated, brakes, suspension , reliability, clean running, i live in a rural area north of Lake Tahoe. and ride by myself a lot. the x ride forces me to keep my speed way down. I can entertain myself for half the day, and I haven't gone over 20 miles a hour and stayed within a couple miles of home. up and down creek beds, rock faces, logs, just one big long section. get one
  15. savy

    2014 Sherco X-Ride 290?

    I've had my x-ride for 4 years now. and tell you what , if you want a trials bike with a seat , this thing is it. its softly suspended, I'm 150 and 5-7. low geared in the bottom 3 gears , trials. 4 and 5 are spaced up higher. this thing is not fast, and not made to rip fire roads. it will bounce you off.but its unstoppable. if you stall it , you goofed up badly. but for nasty single track, make your own trail ,go anywhere, it is a blast. I added a spark arrester - added a little more skid plate protection - hand guards - tubeless tube set up - with Michelin trials tires - took off all the turn signal stuff . there was a problem with the rear tire throwing water and goo past the muffler into the air box area. what I did was, picked up a sheet of 1/8 inch thick silicone rubber sheet and made a splash guard that lays on top of the muffler and is secured to the frame from side to side with zip ties. it totally keeps the air box area dry now. I ride a lot of deep creek bottom wet stuff and have zero issues with water. the bike is stone reliable. and I ride it hard. the only repairs I have done is the radiator fan died. ive done nothing with the way it came jetted. also, it is not noisy, nice and quite. about 60 miles to a tank of fuel. I also have a beta 300 x trainer , another awesome single track bike , it will rip , up to a point. if I wanna really blast I take my k t m 400 exc. another way great bike. when I take the sherco out ,I call it going for a walk in the woods.