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    Why does my wige get psychotic?

    You have to be a little more understanding that when you see that she's struggling a little bit because she hasn't rode in the last couple months, then she'll probably be frustrated as well. Most women, I won't speak for them all, but most don't like to be coached when they are frustrated. Maybe a little bit of encouraging would of been better, rather than the coaching??? When I think of myself, I'm quite stubborn when it comes to riding, I like to figure it out for myself. I don't care if I have to do it 20 times over before I get it right, the sense of accomplishment is worth it.
  2. DirtbikingBabe

    Need Help Choosing Bike for Wife

    I'm 5'2 and weigh 110 llbs and I have a CRF150, its the perfect height for me, but the weight is something I have an issue with. It weighs 216 llbs, so it's fairly heavy for me. If your wife weighs 95 llbs, I would recommend not getting the CRF150 and get something smaller like a 100. That way she won't get fustrated with the weight and enjoy riding more.
  3. DirtbikingBabe


    I have small narrow feet, I wear a size 6 ladies, sometimes a 5. So when I went looking for boots I found the ladies too wide also. Plus they didn't have the colors I was looking for, I wanted red & black boots. So I ended up buying kids boot, Forma Pro Jr. Boots, I think they are awesome and I love the colors. Here's a link if you want to check them out. http://shop.foxracing.com/ecomm/ProductForward.do?forward=product.pagedef&proId=5071&cid=58&cname=Boots&proNumber=05013&imgName=05013215F.jpg
  4. I just bought my bike and so did my boyfriend. But the only reason he bought one was because I was buying one. Women do have their own minds and know what they like to do for fun. Dirtbiking isn't just a mans sport.
  5. DirtbikingBabe

    I got my new bike - Thanks for the Help!!

    The CRF is a bit heavy, I'm really light, 5'3 110 llbs. It is a little hard to push and if it leans too far over on its side, I sometimes go with it. But I think with practise and if I build some muscle I will be able to handle it in no time. I decided I wanted the CRF because it's gotten a little more power and sits a little higher.
  6. DirtbikingBabe

    Gear for Ladies???

    Wow, I cannot believe how stupid it is when it comes to nice ladies gear. I just bought a bike and wasn't expecting it to be so hard to find nice gear...but it is. I bought a CRF150 and the bikes red, so I would like to get the gear to match. The only boots that I seem to find are girly colors. I'm looking for something red or black and maybe white. I'm 5'3 and 115 llbs, so I could go for the kids gear, but the arms and legs are too short. Is anyone out there the same size as me that can tell me what they are wearing and where I can get it? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
  7. DirtbikingBabe

    Who bought their dirt bike first?

    One day I decided to buy a bike and told my guy that's what I was doing. He decided he couldn't let me buy a dirtbike and not have one for himself, so he bought a CR250 and I bought a CRF150. Now we can ride together. Although his buddies do like to tease him on the fact that the thought of getting one only reached his mind after I decided to get one.
  8. When I was thinking of buying a bike a couple months ago, I came to this website and posted a forum and got the advise to either get a CRF 150 or a TTR 125. Well....I bought the 04' CRF 150 and am so excited. Picking it up tomorrow. As I have only ever rode a dirtbike once in my whole life.....this could be interesting. But I am looking forward to it. All I know is you guys can expect a lot of questions from me. Anyways, thanks for all the help, very much appreciated!!
  9. Hi, I'm new to the Forum and also dirtbiking. I am planning on buying a dirtbike in the Spring, and am so excited. The only problem I have is that I am getting different advice. I am 5 ft. 2 and a half (had to add the half in there, it counts) and I am 115 lbs. In the past few years I have only rode ATVs. The advice I am getting is to either get the CRF 150 or the TTR 125. I know I am short and it seems that I am limited, but I really want a bike that I won't end up getting bored with. It seems all you ladies right pretty big bikes, and I would really like any advice you could give me. I'm not scared of a lot of power, but then again I don't won't something that will overpower me and is hard to learn on. I do like the blue a little bit better than the red, but really it doesn't matter. Thanks so much. Stacie