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  1. MIK310

    1988 XR80R advice

    Its sound pretty bad inside the head. You can tell its not running well and I have a heck of time trying to fire it up cold. Last I ripped it it was hot starting just fine. Now it will not even hot start at all. We had to bump start it all last weekend and I know thats not the best procedure on these bikes. One thing I might have left out, this bike is running at 6800 ft in Big Bear CA. I have cleaned the carb but can you guys suggest the proper jet setting / info / or setup I need?
  2. MIK310

    1988 XR80R advice

    Here she is!
  3. MIK310

    1988 XR80R advice

    The motor is actually not smoking at all. Last I checked I had 70PSI in the motor. I checked the lash valves like five months ago and just gave them a very minor adjustment. Cam chain has not been adjusted since I have owned it. I will like to purchase a rebuild kit but I'm concerned about getting the correct one. Might you have any recommendation? Thank you in advance!
  4. MIK310

    1988 XR80R advice

    I understand. But with limited knowledge of the points ignition system I’m not sure if I should do the rebuild myself. Motor is only making like 75 psi compression. I think it’s time.
  5. MIK310

    1988 XR80R advice

    Hey guys! I have been enjoying my 1988 XR80R for a few years now and it’s actaully the most ridden bike in my stable. I rescued it from a barn and brought it back to life. Sadly it’s really time for a motor refresh. I have the manual and the desire. But I wanted to see if you guys think I should do the rebuild on this old motor or get a new / used motor on eBay. I have no experience with the points ignition system. I am already down the rabbit hole on cost with this bike so I’m going to for any less expensive option. Any advice is appreciated, thank you in advance!
  6. MIK310

    Warp 9

    Hey guys, I just bought the warp 9 17"s and I cant get the front tire to bolt on. The axle is not long enough with the spacers. Warp 9 says the larger side of the wheel spacer goes into the rim and the smaller diameter portion goes against the fork. One spacer is longer than the other am I have found that using the longer one on on the bolt side and the shorter one on the brake caliper side appears to be the best fit. The smaller diameter of the spacer on the bolt side slides into the fork. where this meets the axle prevents the axle from seating far enough to reach the threads. Any ideas? Warp9 in convinced they sent me the correct spacers.