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  1. AJSB

    Zip Ty RED alu parts quality ?

    ....and what's your Company , Zen Keller ?
  2. AJSB

    Zip Ty RED alu parts quality ?

    Thanks,,,,darn....no decent red....
  3. Hello everybody Can you tell me how good or bad is the tone of RED of Zip Ty Racing anodized aluminum products for Husqvarna ? Are they really red or like many others, kinda of pink ? TIA, AJSB
  4. AJSB

    Beta 2010

    Dont think so, new beta engine has diferent head for sure and the cases are not that similar.
  5. AJSB

    AJP maintenance & tuning by AJSB

    Yes, they are lighter and with real suspensions (i'm talking of course the Pro versions), NO USA importer for now but i heard that there was a US company that contacted AJP but still in a early stage. I ride for now a HVA but i also rode one of those to try....it's a very fun bike to ride, very easy to control , very short and low with low center of gravity....you can have fuel tank full that you won't feel it at all...Pro suspensions are excellent. Good brake but the rear one is a bit too sensitive but you get used to it and learn to use it (similar to what happened with my HVA).
  6. AJSB

    AJP maintenance & tuning by AJSB

    Yes, i'm a AJP dealer here in Portugal, I don't know but i can check with AJP if there is anyone trying to be an US importer... The bikes are Euro 3 approved so, that shouldn't be a problem....the new 250 (PR5) is EFI.
  7. After a long way away i'm returning to TT I rethink ed this thread after rediscovered the limitations of TT.... I noticed several PMs asking for help with the Portuguese AJP motorcycles so i decided to help.... I made in another forum a thread in Portuguese about modifications ans maintenance of the AJP motorcycles....the page is here: http://forum.motonline.pt/forum_posts.asp?TID=35623&PN=1 Even in Portuguese there's lots of typos....i will try to clean them up and organize text to check if babelfish.altavista.com translates correctly so people of English language can easily read it.....i will inform when the typo revision and reorganization is over (but then again it will never be 100% over because that page is under constant updates).
  8. AJSB

    2009 Tc 450/ Te 310 !!!!

    Some points about the TE310 (and one about the TC450): 1- Steel valves !!! YEEEES !!! That alone will be a selling point for sure 2- Lighter frames by 1Kg compared with the 2008's !!! 3- Don't like tail_light/number_plate_holder ...no problem, PoliSport makes a nice one with led's and street legal 4- Headlight mask design and super small headlight is nice but i might prefer the mask in black (but maybe white is not that bad, let's wait for it in real life)....let's see if Cemoto makes the mask in the right color Update: the light mask actually is nice in white 5- Wave disks are nice but i way prefer the Galfer design...easy to fix 6- The TE310 is what many want and will sell like hot cakes Ohhhh.... ...and if there will be in display any 4S '09 HVA in my store, it will be that TE310 for sure
  9. AJSB

    Found AGIP 10W60 oil...

    Huskys i sell and recomend AGIP 10w60 which i sell for 8€...OTOH... I have a customer with a Honda TRX400EX with a 440cc kit, Hotcams camshaft, BigGun revbox,etc. and he buys me AGIP Master SuperTurbo SHPD 15w40 which is a oil that i sell for 12€ each 5L and was designed mainly for heavy (turbo)diesel trucks and also approved for light (turbo)diesel and even has gasoline API SG approval...he swears by it !!! He says that he doesn't notice no lost of power, clutch works perfectly and engine doesn't spend any oil...
  10. AJSB

    ECU / ibeat Experience?

    ibeat homepage ?
  11. AJSB

    Floating front disc recommendation?

    Galfer it's what i recommend....front and rear Much nicer than the ones from Braking,etc.
  12. AJSB

    Question about oil system on '08 TE's

    This was discussed in previous years...no it's not a dry sump, don't ask from where HVA got that idea
  13. AFAIK, it works but i wanted to know everything else besides it
  14. What's a step stool ? TIA, AJSB
  15. Im curious about how small in height someone can be and still can ride a HVA 250/450/510 '05-'07, so, for the height challenged that ride one of those, how tall are you ? TIA, AJSB