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  1. Hi Guys ! I would like to know if someone have experience with a 06 KXF-450 with a 4 speed trany for supermoto use. I would like to have your input. How it goes, is it a big handicap to use a 4 speed, wich mods do you sugest, wich size for rear wheel etc. thank's !
  2. Shwantz34

    IM in love with my new KX-450F

    I just bought a brand new left over 2006 KX450F . My second ride Tonight and Wow , i'm very Happy with it.I D'ont have hamered it, right now,( break in period),but i realy like the handling of the bike, the way it feels in the air and the way it goes in corner.It also have a very good engine. Good low torque and very good mid range, i don't know for now for the top end, but i'm pretty sure that it have some good power there too. But anyway i realy like that bike ite awonderful machine !
  3. Shwantz34

    06 KX-450F Piston

    Thank you for the reply Munroe, i will order a Wiseco and enjoy my new rides.
  4. Shwantz34

    06 KX-450F Piston

    Hi guys ! I would like to know wich is the best Pistons that i can used to replace the Original one. I just bought a left over brand new 06 model, and i don't want to take any chance with the original. Can i used an OEM 07 model ( does it corect the problem). I read the thread about those piston, but i'm a bit confused about wich piston will be the more reliable. I prefer oem than Wiseco, bt if its better i'll go with Wiseco or other. Please let me know.
  5. Shwantz34

    New info, check it out

    Hi guys ! Thank you very much for this thread. I just bought a brand new (Unsold) KX450F 2006. I have only 41 min on the bike right now, but after reading that Excess silicone sealant blocking oil scavenge pump screen. I decide to check mine. Guess what. It was bloked about 1/3 of the surfaces. thank you very much for the information !
  6. Shwantz34

    cant find aftermarket gear lever?

    http://www.sunlineracing.com/products/catalog.aspx?id=5&type=category Sunline do good one too for less money
  7. Shwantz34

    Considering leaving Blue for Yellow?

    I have both of them in my garage (1 YZ-426 ,1 YZ-426/450,and 1 RMZ-450 05) 1st i can tell you that my RMZ , is awsome in the corner if you compare with the YZ front end pushing. Suspension wise The RMZ is smooter without botoming. The RMZ is very easy to ride fast for a long period.For Me my RMZ fell a lot lighter. ANd on the jump it feels great. I also realy love the 426 , its a great bike and you can't have a better bike for reliability. I would say for motocross: RMZ , supermoto YZ-426/450 ( 5 speed) ,for trail riding yz-426 bigger tank,5 speed,reliability. For motocross the RMZ is a more modern bike and it feel like that.
  8. Shwantz34

    Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

    i don't think anybody does it. The oil plug on the RMZ is realy different from the other models, and because we are not a big crowd i don't think that somebody will do it. I have check for this magnet plug when i purchase the bike in September, and at the time nobody was doing it even Yoshimura , wich run hand in hand with Suzuki. But if somebody track it please let us know. I would realy like to have one. Its even more important on the Zook than on other model beacause the oil strainer are inside the case with no acess to clean them ( 05-06).I recheck and nor Dubach or Moose make it .
  9. Shwantz34

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Wow very nice shot !
  10. Shwantz34

    Which Bike is better?

    If you look for reliability i would go with the wr.
  11. Shwantz34

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    For the black tank try Clark Manufacturing . They do about any color you want.I bought one for my Yz and they are good quality product, and not to expensive. http://www.clarkemfg.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CM&Product_Code=1472
  12. Shwantz34

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Very good lo0king in white. Who make the plastic ?
  13. Shwantz34

    Thor Foece Helmet ?

    thank's alot for your comment ! that's the information i was looking for.
  14. Hi guys ! I'd like to have your advice about The Force Helmet from Thor. If you got one , have a friend who got one, please sent me your coment. Is it a good buy ?
  15. Shwantz34

    05 to 07

    I have had this lower rod bearing issue with my 05 RMZ about 6 week ago. The problem seems to be a poor quality bearing,and not an oil starvation. The oil screen have lots of debrit in it ( bearings particules) but was not clog. From my odservation with my parts in my hands is. The bearing begin to desintagrate, the debrit are throw in the cylinder by the rotating crank,then the debrit are squiz beetween the piston and the cylinder witch cause the cylinder scratch. The result for me was. 1 crankshaft,1 piston kit, 2 complete oil pump and cover a gasket kit.I also change valve spring,cutter,valve retainer,cam chain,cam chain bender spring all preventive change.I also change the 4 gears on the ouput shaft because they have at some point +or- rounded dogs( abuse by the ex owner). I order a 06 crankshaft. They are exacly the same as 05 exept for the big end bearing.I will also put a 07 cam chain tensioner when i will be sure that they fit ( witch i'm pretty sure ). I have bought this bike used in September, and the bike was looking clean and well maintained. I realy love the bike. Its the best and easiest bike i have ride on a motocross track. I'm also pretty confident that with the 06 crank shaft in it + a brand new motor ( all new parts everywere) i will have a blast for a long time. I have race GSXR in roadracing for 15 years and never have a failure, so i have a good confidance in the Suzuki product.Some times it apens on a first year bikes. I have seen the guys who sold me the bike at the racetrack and i'm pretty sure now that the break in and maintenance of my RMZ have been haverage at best.