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  1. OldDD

    08 tank on an 05?

    Yes, goes straight on but it hold 1 Litre + less fuel...
  2. OldDD

    CRF 450X Suspension Comparo with KTM

    I spent more than $2000 trying to compensate for the KTM WP fork internals and linkless rear and tried every suspension tuner known to man in Europe and The US and never got my old 450EXC to ride rocks, roots or any stutter bumps / trail trash. I was a definite Orange guy and it took me a lot to move to Honda but boy I am so glad I did. I spent $200 on the 450x and just could not believe a bike could be so good across such diverse terrain. Trust me - The twin chamber forks and pro-link suspension cannot be beat. All you need to do is ask any suspension tuner which is biggest revenue generator is and there's your answer
  3. OldDD

    CRF450x Front End

    Many thanks Guys - I'll give your suggestions a go...
  4. OldDD

    CRF450x Front End

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to alter the geometry of the 450x to take some weight off the front end? My suspension has been revalved and sprung for my weight and I am running 100mm of Race sag. I am totally happy with how the suspension works but have never been able to get the bike to turn with confidence (front tucks/understeers/washes out). The situation was improved by going to a D756 and running 16psi (min) pressure and I have since managed to ride around some of the problem by sitting as far back on the seat as possible (or leaning back when in the standing position) but feel a fix to this problem would totally transform the bike...
  5. OldDD

    CRF450X v. 450 EXC

    I have owned 3 KTMs - '02 520EXC, 03 525MXC and an 04 450 EXC and never considered a Honda until the 450x came along -The XR just was not an option for me. I had only minor issues with these bikes as far as reliability is concerned although they do have a tendancy to shake loose nuts and bolts and the build quality / electrics varied wildly from machine to machine. The bikes all needed a LOT of maintanance - A real labour of love. The biggest let down was the suspension which is downright abismal. I tried many many suspension shops all of which failed to deliver a package that would allow me to win races. I bought a 450x last March 05 and all my problems have vanished. You are just starting from a higher point in the evolutionary scale. I will only consider a KTM again when they admit their linkless system sucks and change it, switch from WP suspension units for twin chamber 21st Century units and improve the build quality - The bikes really do start to look second hand after very little use....
  6. OldDD

    JD Jet Kit with no airbox mod on the X

    I have the JD kit with an unmodified airbox. I too did not want to hack up the airbox. The bike runs well but has a rich spot due to the Acellerator Pump at the bottom but not enough to cause a bog. I may get the Boysen cover to try it out - You can only see this on the dyno..
  7. OldDD

    First Ride on CRF450X

    Guys I got my 450X on Thursday last week, fitted the sump/hand/rad guards and and installed the JD Jetting kit. I set the suspension as per motorsports-networks recommendations and went out on the bike after running it in on the Dyno. I ride VERY rocky terrain and my first impression was the bike seemed a little hard. I took 3 clicks of compression out both ends and BAM! The suspension is the best I have ever experienced - Out of the crate it is better than ANY after market kit available for the KTM (which is what I had previously).The bike rides better than any other machine I have owned. It turns so well and inspires so much confidence in the front, has enough low down torque for 4 gear muddy hill climbs and enough power to hoik the front wheel in the first 4 gears. A truly awesome machine!
  8. OldDD

    450X Jetting - Looking for some suggestions

    My45Thumps Can you confirm the type of Fork Oil - Manufacturer and weight you use to add the 3cc?? I know it is the standard stuff but no-one seems to know what spec the standard stuff is!