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  1. Can't remember if I posted it here or not, but here's my '09.
  2. I'd replace the brake fluid, at least, and maybe the brake lines, too. Grease the wheels, change the fork oil, make sure the clutch cable is good. Change the oil and check/adjust the valves,and you should be good to go. Replace both sprockets and the chain, if they're worn out.
  3. I did my brakes a while ago, and I used just a little waterproof grease.
  4. dualsport

    Clearly, whichever Jap co. makes a dual sport that can make good power at the right price point, they'll cash in, given that dual sports are not hot sellers here in the US. I once had an XR650R. It was an awesome ride. They have to address the seat height, among other things. I'm tall enough, but most people aren't. Note that the Africa Twin has a low seat for the design.
  5. dualsport

    I think Jap dual sports will go on, but they'll struggle to add FI, cats, meet emissions, and manage to keep the weight down while sitting at a certain price point. KTM dodges a lot of regs because they're not sold in big volumes. They're expensive and need more maintenance. If you want a high performance dirt bike with lights, and money is no object, they can't be beat. In most states, you can install a kit on your WR or RM or KX or CR, and also have a legal dirt bike for less than a KTM. If I just wanted to plate a dirt bike, that's what I'd do. The WR250R was discontinued. It was an excellent bike, but the Honda is cheaper. I still think that if Yamaha could give us a 40+ hp 450 version of it and keep the weight down, they'd sell like hotcakes. Any of the big 4 could do it. We'll see who goes first.
  6. Indiana

    Thought about it, but I won't make it.
  7. Neighbor kid had one. We rode the crap out of those, too!
  8. My other rides, in order. Dad bought the RM when I was 15. I was so grateful! I bought the rest of them. I never took pics back in the day, and I regret it. Only the last one pictured was actually my own bike. A 2000 XR650R with a California plate. It's still street legal today. I put black plastic on it because I didn't like red. I traded the NX for the Ducati, thinking I wanted a more street oriented bike. Big mistake. The NX was a gem. Had nothing but problems with the Elefant. Now I'm really happy with the DR. Probably the last bike I'll buy.
  9. Very cool bikes. I started out on "enduros," too, around then. Never cared for pure street. Almost all my bikes have been dual sports of one kind or another. Started out on one of these... Rode the crap out of it!
  10. Great deal! Gotta love the "Miami Vice" color scheme, too. Totally suits Florida!
    I bought a DR 650 that had the Powerbomb header and Powercore 4 muffler. It was just too darn loud for me. Replaced the Powercore with the Q4. Still a little bark to it, but a nice, deep quieter tone. Earplugs are optional now, not mandatory, and the neighbors seem to like me more.
  11. It's an '09 650.
  12. Put on the new skid plate.
  13. PM sent.
  14. OK.