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  1. GopherPride23

    Silverwood? Arrowhead?

    Will be cold but shouldn’t be snow. I live in the area.
  2. GopherPride23

    Best place to ride in the southern deserts

    Hey I am curious when you say "Apple Valley." Ive camped and ridden stoddard many times... what other place to ride and camp in that area are you talking about? Thanks!
  3. GopherPride23

    Riding from dove springs to the Piute Peak

    any update on the piutes, trails, and if that area is open?
  4. GopherPride23

    Is a FE350 ok for a new dirt bike rider?

    I agree. I also have a 350. Great bike. Actually is relatively tame stock from the dealer. As you advance as a rider you can start upgrades that will really bring the bike to life. Plus, the 350 is a good enough bike you wouldn't have to get a bigger bike later.
  5. GopherPride23

    First Bike

    Good advice above. I don't think you can go wrong with any of ktm's/husky's 4 stroke, street legal bikes 350-500cc; even the 250 is a capable bike. I own (all husky's) a fe250 (my 12 year old son and 60 old dad ride it), a fe350 (my primary bike), and a 500 that my bro rides. All bikes are capable and fun, and though I might get some criticism for this comment, there isnt a lot that separates the bikes performance-wise. Yes, the 350 has a bit more power than the 250-- but my 350 has almost the same power as the 500. IMO, only very advanced riders need to be so picky between the 350, 450, and 500. One thing I can say regardless of size you get-- DEFINITELY get the plated KTM or Husky. I live in Arrowhead full-time and ride in many of the surrounding mountains and deserts and can't imagine not having a plate.
  6. GopherPride23

    Best trails in Gorman/ Hungry Valley?

    The green circles on the trails are beginners. Stay off the black.
  7. GopherPride23

    Best trails in Gorman/ Hungry Valley?

    Great place for a beginner. Here’s the map: http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1200. Go on the easy and moderate trails. Tons of fun! I use this place to teach my kids to ride.
  8. GopherPride23

    Dirt bike lights

    I’ve added a small led bar on my fender and led lights in my handguards with no power issues. 2016 fe350s
  9. GopherPride23

    Eastern Kern County Onyx Ranch SVRA

    Yup, the picture is misleading. The “onyx ranch” area is the jawbone/dove springs area. Super fun though but definitely mostly desert. I haven’t explored it enough yet but it is lots of fun to ride AND you can get up into some hills/mountains out of dove springs that are really fun.
  10. GopherPride23

    Goldentyre GT333....... I FOUND THE TYRE. FINALLY!!!

    How do I buy a set?
  11. I just got back from a week camping by lookout mountain with the family in our toy hauler. Most guys dislike mammoth On this forum but I love it. I guess it depends on what kind of riding you like. Yes, there are areas of sand/pumice. Yes, there are areas that are whooped out. But if you like two track and fire road riding in a beautiful place you will have fun. The thread linked above has great info but I can cut you to the chase a bit. Stop at the visitor center and get the OHV map. Pay the $3 they ask for for the color version. A map and phone/gps are a must. It’s easy to get lost with all the intetsecting trails. If you want to avoid the sand and whoops ride away from the 395 in the hills. Most of the sand and whoops are on the main trails that are near the highway. Get up in the mountains away from the Hwy and you will have a blast. There is a “mammoth to June” trail. Start there and then split off on other trails that look fun. You’ll quickly find fun trails. Don’t stay on the main loops (marked with green markers) these are the heaviest used trails and have the most sand. Use other parallel trails and explore. If you get off the main routes you’ll find fun riding. This was my third trip up there for riding. My favorite area is lookout mountain and north of lookout mountain. The trails are harder packed and there is marked single and double track you can find that will be marked on your map. PS: tons of drift smoke right now from the fire near Yosemite. Kind of a bummer. Maybe it will be knocked down by the time you go.
  12. GopherPride23

    Johnson Valley Questions

    Hello all, I’m a newb to JV. Will it be too crazy out there Memorial Day weekend to take my family?
  13. GopherPride23

    Dirtbike Lake Silverwood May 2, 3rd

    I don’t have a garage so my bike stays down the hill until the weather is good (which is soon). Hoping to have it up here by May— weather permitting. I’m open on Wednesdays and frequent the silverwood and arrowhead trails.
  14. GopherPride23

    Riding Hesperia off Summit valley rd--legal?

    Not legal but I haven’t seen much enforcement. Stay low profile, ride at off times, and you’ll probably be okay.
  15. GopherPride23

    WTB RV Deep Cycle Batteries

    Real world experience: just changed my 2 12v batteries on my toy hauler to 2 6v golf cart batteries. Had it out in the desert this last weekend for first time With this new set up.. Wow what a difference. My 2 12Vs would be dead every morning If we had to run the heater. Now we ran the heater for hours and hours, watch movies, I left lights on and still had plenty of power in the morning.I do have a pretty have to be solid solar setup that charges them during the day as well. Wish I would’ve done this a long time ago. Make the change spend the extra couple bucks you won’t regret it