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  1. jscoot116

    XR70R Sometimes Won't Start

    I had an issue on my 79 too like this. Turned out it was the ignition coil. 50% of the time I would shit it off after driving and it wouldnt start. The other 50% is would cut out and die as I’m driving. Ignition coils are like 7$
  2. As the title goes, will crf100 front and rear fenders fit on my 2002 xr100. My rear fender is cracked and the front fender is crooked as the kid I got it from leaned it against something all winter putting pressure on the front fender. Will they bolt right on. If not, is it easy to modify? Thanks
  3. jscoot116

    WR250 Coolant passage misalignment?

    Husky left the main components of the WR250 motor untouched for decades. Minus a couple changed to powervalve and clutch cover and things like that
  4. jscoot116

    XR80 stock vs over bore

    Yeah I was debating between a xr100 or xr80 for my pit bike. I ended up getting an xr80 as the 100 felt just a tad more than a pit bike. Come time for mods- couldn’t find a thing about BBKs. I ended up swapping it with a 200cc motor and calling it a day lol
  5. jscoot116

    CRF50 noise/rattle

    Could be a lot of things. Make a video where it’s just idling. Can chain would be worn. Obviously first thing is check valve clearances.
  6. jscoot116

    2001 XR70

    Damn looks new
  7. jscoot116

    1999 cr250 identify

    N style
  8. jscoot116

    Little help please

    New plug. Also make sure your main jet didn’t fall out. Mine did after cleaning carb and not tightening it all the way and it showed similar results. Chinese carbs new are only 16$ and I’ve had no issues with them on any of my 100s
  9. jscoot116

    To sell or not to sell CRF110

    Once he outgrows the 50 but still isn’t ready for the 110, put the 50 motor in the 110. 2 bolts, unplug stator wires, disconnect fuel line, remove exhaust, and motor is out. Once he gets used to the size then pop the 110 back in. IMO
  10. jscoot116

    Question about oil in my motor

    Dude you’re fine. I’ve owned countless pit bikes and rebuilt countless pit bike motors. Honestly I just grab whatever is on the shelf. My local store has sales in oil every month. Last month was Pennzoil 10w-30 2 5 quart containers for 17$. This week it’s Castrol 10w40 for 10$ 5 quarts. Only rule I have is no synthetic.
  11. jscoot116

    Can anypne tell me what bike this is?

    Also it’s a semi auto. Meaning no clutch lever. Pretty much rekluse for pit bikes
  12. jscoot116

    Sprocket size for lifan 150/200?

    Thanks. Just ordered this evening
  13. jscoot116

    Sprocket size for lifan 150/200?

    I got me a lifan 150 and with heavy modifications I got it to fit in my little xr80. Not it comes to actually driving it and I need to go out and buy a front sprocket (size 420). I tried and the xr80 sprocket did not fit. Can anyone tell me or post a link to what size the sprocket. Thanks
  14. jscoot116

    Can anypne tell me what bike this is?

    That would be a taotao. I know cause of the long ass kick stand. There should be a little plate on the brake side swingarm that says it