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  1. thump t dump d

    Leatt Customer Service

    How much is your kids neck worth? Count your blessings
  2. thump t dump d

    Wash riding pants?

    Excellent point
  3. thump t dump d

    Wash riding pants?

    I wash mine when they stand without me in them
  4. Hey, I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time
  5. Who has a upper and lower torso? Just asking [emoji3]
  6. thump t dump d

    Honda CTX1300 2014

    Honda asked this bike to do alot crusier,bager,sport tourer. It does it well
  7. thump t dump d

    Suzuki DR250 (1992)


    Good bullet proof beater
  8. thump t dump d

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2006)


    Laugh out loud fun bike. Constantly having to reign my old butt in.
  9. thump t dump d

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2006

    I am a big fan of this bike. It is very predictable and durable. Never lets you down, typical Japanese reliability. Very capable off road although not comparable to a modern purpose built dirt bike. As enduros go a excellent comprimise. Also a very inexspensive bike to own , maintain, and outfit.
  10. thump t dump d

    Suzuki DR250 1992

    Awsome bullet proof beater, can be a little hard headed about starting at times.
  11. thump t dump d


    Put together for my daughters first bike.