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  1. cdndrtbke

    Purpose of decompresion lever?

    It's pretty much useless.
  2. cdndrtbke


    Damn you Honda, damn you. You're still the best though
  3. cdndrtbke

    Newest pitbike owner!!!

    Oh, but I heard somewhere that new graffix gives you 5 more horses. Jokin...I know better than that. Thats why I'm asking about power hop ups.
  4. cdndrtbke

    Newest pitbike owner!!!

    Is there a way to get rid of that super restrictive air box and go with just a high flow air filter? Is an exhaust system worth the cash, or is my straight thru exhaust baffle good enough? Any thoughts on reasonable performance mods are appreciated. Thanks guys
  5. cdndrtbke

    Newest pitbike owner!!!

    Here are some pics of my new bike. I havent had a chance to clean it yet since I brought it home. The guys sold it to me dirty like this.
  6. cdndrtbke

    Newest pitbike owner!!!

    I just bought a 2005 CRF50 last night and I love it. It has a HD rear spring, performance exhaust baffle, billet top triple with bigger bars, skid plate, tall seat, and a billet gas cap. Any suggestions on power hop ups that wont kill my wallet ? Ride on.
  7. cdndrtbke

    SSR pit bikes?

    Has anyone had any experience with these? There's one for sale in my area and was wondering if it was worth my time to go and look at it. It's a 2004 and 110cc. Thanks for your help. Ride on.
  8. cdndrtbke

    Chain length for 14/48 sprocket combination?

    I run a 14/ 48 sprockets and have done it for years. I have never had to modify anything for it to work. If anything if will rub it down a bit, but then again, the stocker chain guide is crap anyways. I always buy a 520/ 120 chain and chop it down. I keep the ramaining links and the master from the old chain and them both in my tool bag in case of an emergency. It has saved me once before. I hope this helps dude. Ride on.
  9. cdndrtbke

    Ottawa anyone?!?!

    Right on, thanks for the tips
  10. cdndrtbke

    Ottawa anyone?!?!

    I am having a really hard time finding insurance thats reasonable in price. Who are you guys using ?
  11. cdndrtbke

    valve clearances with hotcam

    The site says Intake - .13mm and Exhaust - .15mm
  12. cdndrtbke

    valve clearances with hotcam

    you will need to adjust them to the new Hotcam specs which you can get from their site. Good luck
  13. cdndrtbke

    Ottawa anyone?!?!

  14. cdndrtbke

    sputter at at just off closed to 1/4 throttle

    You are dealing with the infamous XR400R "off idle bog" that is close to impossible to fix without buying an iCAT or a new carb.
  15. cdndrtbke

    Ottawa anyone?!?!

    Where's a good place to get insurance through ? I've never needed it up at my cottage where I normally ride.