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  1. AussieJoe

    2010 kx 450 what have you guys done to keep this pig cool

    Try running a small fan straight off the ingition. The Injected KX's make bulk power and can run headlights without any mods. The only thing to be aware of is that you will need to turn the fan off when you go to kick start the bike (it wont start otherwise)
  2. AussieJoe

    Kxf 450 2012 lighting kit

    Guys, Remember the Fuel Injection system on the KXF is powerful to run any light without installing any thing apart from a light. The only thing is you will have to turn the light off when your trying to start it as the light sucks all the power.
  3. AussieJoe

    2013 KX450F Split Engine Cases

    Hi Mate, is there any known cause for this? I have never seen or heard of even on 100+ hour old KXFs? Joe
  4. AussieJoe

    2013 KX450F Split Engine Cases

    My friend (A Grade MXer) has taken his bike into the dealer to inspect oil leaks coming from the engine cases. Engine has been stripped and they have found the internal and external engine cases to be fractured. Info is being fed back to Japan for more info. Has anyone seen or heard of this? The only assumptions I can make is the following: 1) Continual landing of jumps with a chain too tight (although you would see countershaft seal damage i would have thought) 2) The chain has picked up a small rock in the sprocket and shock loaded the engine for a fraction of a second causing primary cracks which have gotten worse over time. Anyone with any info out there? cheers
  5. AussieJoe

    2012 wont start

    Sounds like the TPS to me. My mate did 3 in a season and was doing the same thing Probably worth getting your dealer to have a look
  6. AussieJoe

    12V DC for a 35w Xenon light?

    Hey D1 rider, I have a polisport standard headlight and bulb on my bike and couldn't find a LED bulb to fit straight into the socket. Have you had any luck? I think the fitting I have is a BA2???
  7. AussieJoe

    12V DC for a 35w Xenon light?

    Search for some topics in this section that I have put in on fitting headlight. I run a 30W halogen headlight straight from my capacitor wire. The 2012 and 2013 kawasakis are able to run anything you want without the need for additional an power source - this was confirmed and guaranteed by Kawasaki Japan In a mechanical seminar that my local dealer attended I too am thinking of now fitting a thermo fan on a manual switch. You will need to splice a wire from the capacitor (I think it's the orange wire?) and run it to a switch. Make sure u run it to a switch because my bike will not start if the headlight switch is ON. I need to turn the light off before I start it, then switch it on again.
  8. AussieJoe

    Finned Clutch Cover

    After smashing my brake lever into my clutch cover I am wondering if anyone has seen a clutch cover out there with cooling fins on it to assist with some cooling? Thanks
  9. AussieJoe

    2012 Chain?

    Stock chain and sprockets have done 20 hours with minimal sprocket wear and a little bit of chain wear. Keep it clean and keep it lube. This is by far the best set of standard chain and sprockets I've had. Keep it clean, and keep it lubed
  10. I accidentally washed my bike with a highly costic soap that has left a white film on my black rims making them look very dull. Has anyone got Any ideas how to clean them? I have tried other soaps, WD40, window cleaner, and car polish with no luck...
  11. AussieJoe

    2012 KX450F Skid & Guide Plates

    I have a works connection full bash plate. Well made, looks great, easy to fit and doesn't need to be removed again. I recommend them
  12. AussieJoe

    please help 2012 kx 450 light on when hot

    Might be a sensor... Or the ECU map plug I would be looking at the TPS or the coolant sensor
  13. AussieJoe

    2008 KX450F overheating

    Is it running ok? Doesn't seem or smell rich? It can be messy but undo a hose while the bike is running to check for flow. The water pump impeller might be slipping on the shaft slightly once it's hot... If u have a infra red temp gun, also check the temp drop across the top to bottom of the radiators to eliminate a severely blocked radiator.... Remember that a slightly blocked radiator core will potentially actually improve cooling because the coolant has longer to flow accoss the cores... Let us know what you find.
  14. AussieJoe

    2013 KXF450 fork blown out!

    Go back to dealer, ensure that they report it properly with photos back to Kawasaki. This was my exact concern with these new Air KYBs...
  15. AussieJoe

    please help 2012 kx 450 light on when hot

    Still sounds like water... Somewhere...