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  1. I just revved the @#$# out of my XT600 to "get the carbon out" and try leaner jetting to get a bit more top end power. Well, it started sputtering after this. I got home and found low compression. Just got the head off and my exhaust valves hit the piston. I just found one bent valve. Where the valves hit the piston, they aren't even close to the cutouts in the Wiseco piston so I'm wondering if they even gave the right F'n piston. Recommend a place I can get new valves? Do you think anything else should be changed? I may just leave the piston in. I don't want to put a lot of money into the old girl.
  2. D.T.

    TT600 rebuild

    Nice! I just put a TT rotor in my XT, had to change the pickup also. Do you have an extra CDI for a TT that you don't need? The timing is different.
  3. D.T.

    New Here XT600 Electrical Questions

    You think $516 is high a price for a OEM CDI? Wait until you have to buy the stator assembly for the XT and TT's!
  4. D.T.

    1983 yamaha tt600 engine teardown advice

    I just tore mine down and the cases are a matched set. Can't swap 1/2 cases. You bought a new OEM one?? It's not too difficult, you just have to remember how everything goes together and it what order. Get a clymer manual.
  5. D.T.

    84/85 xt 600 help...

    Needs more fuel in the tank!
  6. Yamaha Part# 34K-17402-01-00 XT600 or SRX600 drive shaft needed. In good used condition. Sprocket tore up the splines. 2nd generation XT 600 motor parts considered also. Thanks peeps!
  7. D.T.

    Check out the new 2010 Suzuki PRICES!!

    WTH is wrong with this site?? Another kicker is trade in value. See how much you get trading your Suzuki in for another one...
  8. D.T.

    1989 XT600 Cutting out

    If the lights are fading in and out, it's the connector for the ignition switch behing the head light. Mine fried and the bike starting cutting out. Poor connection too many amps will cause it to burn up and you lose output from the R/R to the whole bike.
  9. D.T.

    Drum Brake Squealin'

    I'm having the same problem. I hate coming up to stop signs squealing. I just put new OEM rear drum brakes in my XT and I cleaned and de-glazed. Still squealing. This rear drum works more than adequate for this bike, but the damn sqealing... Anybody have any tips? If not I may have to look around elsewhere! What U think about this?
  10. D.T.

    XT600 Starting problem.

    I have found that the choke circuit is pretty lean or gets clogged easily on the 600's. Mine is a pain to start in cold (below 45 deg F) but starts well in 70+ deg temps cold. I put a TT manual choke on my XT because the cable choke didn't work very well with those fingers. Coasting enrichener diaphram/spring may need attention. Make sure the decomp cable is adjusted properly (and functioning!) too with .5-1mm play so the exhaust valve seats. Do the valve clearance check too, very important.
  11. D.T.

    Steve Mcqueen-74 CR250 add

    Wow, that's cool. Music started getting to me though..
  12. D.T.

    1987 Yamaha YZ490 What do you think???

    Make it into a Superbikers supermoto replica! Eddie Lawson rules!!
  13. I may make it. Do you need a AMA membership too? How about any trail stickers? Plus $75? Camping $$$? Uf da, that's expensive...
  14. D.T.

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Jeebus, nice Husky... They let those nice bikes into Wisconsin??
  15. D.T.

    XT600 Regulator/Rectifier in a XT550?

    Good stuff here. I got a single phase R/R off some other yamaha out of a junkyard and soldered my old connetors off of my bad R/R. Worked fine for years. I'm a DIY fan too.