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    Bad ball joint--seriously!!!

    A friend had the “Ream and Run” procedure done here in Seattle, WA at the age of 44. Just a metal ball and your natural socket I believe. He’s mostly into heavy weights and not Moto but this article is worth the read at least. http://www.orthop.washington.edu/patient-care/articles/shoulder/ream-and-run-non-prosthetic-glenoid-arthroplasty-for-shoulder
  2. dirtfreek

    Yz250 Engine noise after oil change

    I owned a YZ250 for 10 years and it always sounded like that.
  3. dirtfreek

    215 YZ250FX backfire

    Is the screen under the air filter removed? Ive read elsewhere that screen is for backfire prevention.
  4. dirtfreek

    How’s My Jetting? Plug Pictures Included

    Second jaguar57
  5. dirtfreek

    YZ 295 is Killing Me- hard start, any advice?

    Got my PWM on my 99 dialed in just to prove that it could be done. Hard to start with my right leg and Swiss cheese knee but easy to start with my left leg. That’s a story all it’s own. 45 pilot, JD jetting needle (blue w/clip on 3). 168 or 170 main. AS 1-1.75 turns out depending on the day to get the highest idle. This chart is priceless.
  6. My current favorite ramp as well. Used to use a bike stand for a step with my old single rail ramp.
  7. dirtfreek

    2017 250FX

    As a first step I plugged mine into my charger to see how much juice was in it. It was completely charged in 10 minutes. Next step is cleaning all the appropriate contacts and getting Di-electric grease in there. Found a couple connectors on the wire harness that were pretty filthy. Cleaned those as well. Trying to eliminate any areas that might prevent the bike from firing.
  8. dirtfreek

    2017 250FX

    Yes, extra juice is always a good thing to have.
  9. dirtfreek

    2017 250FX

    It’s cheaper than the kick starter kit, I like the idea.
  10. dirtfreek

    2017 250FX

    No auxiliary items using the battery. My ride time may not be enough to keep it charged? Lots of stops and starts while riding as I am riding with some beginners that get stuck or fall and I am constantly shutting it off and re-starting it, could be running the battery down? Had to push the bike a ways last ride to find a decent hill, then it was super slimy and muddy, needed to be bump started in third gear.
  11. dirtfreek

    2017 250FX

    Thanks for the battery recommendation. My battery terminals were not quite snug to my liking so hopefully that will help. Still need to test it but I will be looking at a better battery for the future as well as a kick starter kit.
  12. dirtfreek

    2017 250FX

    Yes it acts as if it’s dead. In my mind since I just bought it off the show room at my dealer, as a NEW bike back in October, I’m the first owner, the battery should be good but I realize that may not be realistic. I’m going to pull it out when I get time and go have it tested out. Then make sure it is snugged up properly. My understanding is that these lithium ion batteries just quit when they’re expired? Lead acid might be a better choice down the road?
  13. dirtfreek

    2017 250FX

    In 15 hours of ride time, I have had two separate incidents in the middle of a ride day where after a brief lunch break, the bike will not fire up. No sound and no lights on the battery and fuel indicators either. Since I currently have no kick starter, bump starting is my only option. Once I get it going that way, the starter works flawlessly the rest of the time. Trying to discover the root cause of this problem. Also buying the kick starter kit as well.
  14. dirtfreek

    Cleaning dirtbike plastics / graphics?

    I use WD-40 or Bel-Ray bike cleaner and a terry cloth towel or brush to get in the scratches
  15. Owned an 87, loved that bike. I’d buy that restored one in a heartbeat.