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  1. 924rutsrider

    California Mammoth mx?

    Any one racing Mammoth this year? It's right around the corner! I'm all signed up and ready.
  2. 924rutsrider

    California Mammoth MX advice sought

    After 10+ years of having the mammoth mx on my bucket list, I am planning my road to mammoth. I understand how the qualification process works, and am planning on attending the Oatfield qualifier (if this is on the list for 2012). I frequently race mx, so I know the drill with racing. My question is with the logistics of racing mammoth. Where do you like to stay? I have fifthwheel trailer, however I'm wondering if that is the optimum route to take, or is it better to just rent room, condo, ect? I've heard that there is no camping at the track, and getting to the track on race day is a challenge. So what do you folks that have raced before do? How do you handle bike/gear storage? What are the pit arrangements? Can you camp in the pits? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  3. 924rutsrider

    Battery float charger-Harbor Freight??

    Thanks for your responses.
  4. Any experience with the Harbor Freight battery float charger? Does it work or is it junk? I have a small fleet of vehicles with batteries, the Harbor Freight charger is far less expensive than the battery tender. How about use on Honda generator battery? Thanks in advance for your response.
  5. 924rutsrider

    Is it too early to talk about Thanksgiving?..

    Spangler for us. Just east of the hill. Recovering from knee injury, so bringing the drz and taking it easy.
  6. Hauling the bike behind the cab is what I am going to do. I have in bed fuel tank, and a rack over the top will work perfectly. Great pics. Thanks for showing. PS Id like to see how you are getting the bike into the trailer.
  7. 924rutsrider

    Need a steering lock key? Look here

    After being rudely told by a Havens Lock and key shop here in Fresno that it just WILL NOT WORK, I insisted on him making me a key on a Ilco #SR61N blank, and it worked perfectly. I would have gone elsewhere, but Havens was the only shop in town that had them, and I needed one quickly. Next time, get one from iitreatedii and save the hassle from Havens.
  8. 924rutsrider

    What do you consider as Cheating??

    Having stomach stapled.
  9. 924rutsrider

    Need a steering lock key? Look here

    Very helpful. My local key shop was a dead end road until I saw this post. Thanks.
  10. 924rutsrider

    Need 2ea 40 foot containers

    Go with Dirtflea. The guy has dedicated 100's and 100's of hours to keeping our riding areas open. We all owe him a big shout-out (as Chad Reed would say)
  11. 924rutsrider

    People watch your trailer batteries mine got stolen!!!!

    Thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea that tweaker crimes like this happened outside of the Fresno area......
  12. 924rutsrider

    Gary Bang Harley Davidson rental????

    No replies to my thread as of yet, so I thought I'd update what i found for the record in case someone else has the same questions. I decided not to rent a mc from Gary Bang as they do not offer comprehensive insurance for the bike rental. My insurance agent said that unless you have a mc insurance policy on another mc, your auto policy will not cover. IF you currently have a policy on another mc, it will cover the rental mc. BTW, Gary Bang DOES offer PL/PD policies that you can purchase if needed. So I decided to skip the HD rental and just ride my DRZ instead. I hope this info helps future inquiries.
  13. 924rutsrider

    Zaca Saturday

    I'll be out there NEXT saturday, May28 if your able to make it. How did your first time there go? Cool track huh?
  14. Any one have any positive or negative experience with renting a bike from Gary Bang HD in Atascadero?