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  1. Mark-us-B

    New Chain Time

    Yeah, I ordered a RK MXU, and a new IM in 51T. I’ve been pleased with the IM I have on my RADD wheels tough as sh*t for sure. Giving the old SuperSprox rear the boot
  2. Mark-us-B

    New Chain Time

    Ok team it’s time to purchase a new drive chain for my trusty 2014 Beta 450. I’ve been pushing the old one way way too long. Though wanting to keep a narrow one on it, I remember someone a while back suggesting a RK GB520MXU. Any other thoughts?? Ordering of course new 13/51 sprockets this weekend also... Thanx!
  3. Mark-us-B

    Notching basket

    Wow, you guys are tough on your clutches... I just pulled my EXP3 apart for the third time in 150 hours and even with the Rekluse my basket is barely notched not even worth talking about. I use the clutch lever a lot even off-road as its so flipping smooth and allow the auto aspect for the deep woods work. I’m running 13/51 gearing from day 1. Maybe low gearing and smooth clutch shifting is making the difference?
  4. Mark-us-B

    300RR massive vibration from footpegs, do you get them?

    Boots DO make a big difference... I have 3 pairs of boots I still wear, Forma Terrain, SG10, Tech 8. Forma = super vibration transfer Garne = super vibration insulation Alpinestar = medium vibration transfer All great boots for protection, all decent for comfort but the Garne SG10’s for its vibration insulated quality for me is #1 Your issue could be as simple to cut down your vibration as a new set of boots or a gel insert?
  5. Mark-us-B

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    I tried drinking the Transoil kool aid for a few changes, but shifting with the ReKluse wasn’t friendly. Switching to a mixture of 50/50 of Transoil and Rotella synthetic it got a lot better. Now I’m out of my stash of Transoil I’ll be switching to try the Motorex to see how that shifts with the Rekluse. Though I’m still going to use the Motul 300V for the motor, as always shown me no wear and clean motor in my Ducati’s, old school I guess.....
  6. Mark-us-B

    thinking about getting a Beta 300RR race have ?

    If you’re anywhere close to the demo day in Oregon, sign up ASAP, really. The insight it will bring you will be invaluable to rule out, or in towards a Beta. [emoji1303][emoji1303]
  7. Mark-us-B

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    Blanket statement pertaining to Motul? Which oil from them did you try?
  8. I’ve always been a purchaser and user of Twin Air’s, yet decided to try a Funnel Web filter which I like. The sealing surface “seems” to be thicker, slightly. Yet during this change-over to the Funnel Web I started using UNI foam filter oil (non-aerosol) which is easy to over oil the filter, but trying to squeeze out all extra juice as much as possible. Yet I sense the Funnel Web does create a very very slight richness to my carbureted 2014 Beta 450, possible just the choice in filter oil don’t know. I’ve used this same oil years ago on my Twin Air filters also and never saw any differences. No biggie just an observation.......
  9. Mark-us-B

    Boano Italy

    Glad to hear it. I know from my dealings with them that their prices are fair and parts are excellent they are very quick in shipping to me. And from their North American distributor, Sierra. Many here think they gotta buy Boano stuff through Beta USA, not true....
  10. Mark-us-B

    New Xtrainer Issues

    I hope all aspects are taken care of from your dealer, the first time. This is not a complicated machine, many of these items have been covered many many many times by the press and many dealers. I do take pause in the challenge of BETA-USA to grow their base/network and support the #1 person, the buyer of these machines. Yet time and time again there are some dealers that just “Gas n Go” mindset mentality. Which hurts every dealers future business, everyone of them. I know my dealer really took his time to give my bike a really good once over prior to handing it over to me. And because of that I think it netted a very loyal customer, and I will go back and buy another bike from him. Best of luck with your dealer.
  11. Mark-us-B

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    2 pages in and now we know that the OP actually wants to build a Hare Scrambles machine out of a XTrainer, and still have a machine that can do deep woods with total competency. Best of both worlds. I know I always get solid XTrainer insight from wwguy, as his exploits are well acknowledged here for his kind of riding, which happens to be the types of trails/terrain I play in. I’ll mirror many of the comments here so far in stating there is no perfect bike for many different kinds of riding/racing. And BTW, I want a 2-stroke, and I keep leaning towards a tweaked XTrainer for how it fits my kind of riding, yeah! Honestly all the best in your decision moving forward !
  12. This is done a lot with those that modify the KYB SSS forks to fit Beta’s and some of the folks doin this race all the time on those Beta bikes. I have a pair of KYB’s to do this mod for my Beta, these forks are super thick wall in the upper triple clamp area.... Not to worry....
  13. Mark-us-B

    Trade xtrainer for 300RR ?

    Well if. Owned a perfect (paid for bike) that I liked like the XTrainer and wanted better suspension and was going to dump it for a 300rr, most likely I’d take a bath upon selling it, then I’d buy 300rr and have to set it up suspension wise for me, somehow that sounds like a lot of $$$$.$$ not a bad way to go but would be pricey Or I buy a Ohlins shock and the dual cartridge inserts, roughly spending $1800.00 for the set.... but I keep bikes for a long time if the bike “fits” my needs, and amortize them quite well..... Everything costs money, just depends where ya going to spend it.........
  14. Mark-us-B

    10w-30 in Beta 300rr

    If it was my bike I wouldn’t worry. I use lighter weight oil in my transmission than the recommended weight. (Playing games with my Rekluse) (combination of Motul trans-oil and synthetic ATF) Beta loves it.......
  15. Mark-us-B

    Check the marks on your forks for me

    Nope, not for me. IMHO those grooves to me on many bikes as accurate as the marks to adjust our rear wheels, lol!