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  1. Didn’t mean to sound overly skeptical, my bad!! I grind and look for way to save 24/7 when it comes to my hobbies/toys (Dirt&Street Motorcycles/Drift&PowerBoats/Alfa-Spider/JeepRubicon/RAM-CTD/FlyFishing/Labradors/Hunting) etc. etc. etc. So I’m constantly pinching coins and rubbing them together to squeeze a little extra out of each of them, lol!!! Packaging is a game I play on using only UPS for my suspension, pre-package my stuff so it can be returned in all the same packaging. Best of luck with your endeavors, seriously. When I started with that new clean-blank slate (2014 Beta 450RS-BYOB bike in 2015) it was daunting to get it correct for my needs, it took a couple of years. Though even today I do look at CC-forks, as I sometimes tackle big rock gardens and other obstacles that the OC fork in general struggles with, I toss around the idea of just exchanging my Sachs OC’s for Sachs CC’s. But for me at least the Sachs OC forks perform great on 85-90% of the trails I hit. Cheers! M
  2. Best of luck, I can only assume you are adding in some expensive shipping? What I do and others is buy a $30.00 rifle case at Walmart, package both the shock and forks, duct tape it closed and call it a deal. Ship ‘em! I’ve shipped this type of combo at least 10 times all across the country to different suspension tuners for street and dirt bikes with no issues and never fully insured.... I have OC Sachs stuff that Les tweaked for me, and have been digging them, a night and day comparison to stock Beta stuff. Yet I fully understand about CC inserts, and I’d love to have them too, except even after buying them, I still gotta have them setup for my type of riding. The dollar sign gets big quickly.... Enjoy, as spring is here!
  3. I think the Yamaha forks are an unfair advantage on this Italian princess, bad doggie!
  4. IMHO, ANY graphics for a 10 year old first generation RFS motored Beta would be a “score”
  5. I have one of those Orange ones that one of the folks here recommended to me a year or so ago. I turned the recessed screw counterclockwise in it bout 45 degrees and Plug n Play! Got rid of those funky huge silly Beta OEM stuff, yeah!
  6. Many here, dependent on the type of OEM foam when some cut it down and then re-staple the engines vibration transmits right up and through your junk. Making for a ridiculous torture rack/seat. I’m hoping you have the overall travel decreased by 2”, right?? As 2” suspension reduction and a Seat Concepts low seat should keep you out of the nose-bleed section. Best of luck!
  7. I’ll go back to my earlier statement. As reading through your posts, well, hmmm... You need springs, as you’ve been riding an undersprung bike for a while, which is very deflating as far as enjoyment, and can be dangerous. Now going back in forth about springs then going off on a tangent of insert CC assemblies, hmmm. Why not “call” Les up at LT-Racing on what it will really cost and what “he” can do for you? He has springs and is very reasonable in getting the Sachs OC forks working nicely. He is a pleasure to talk to and does help a lot of guys here. I’s say without spending time learning how to set up your own suspension and maybe getting it wrong, cut to the chase and get it done correctly, spring is here!!!
  8. Yet this new model does not compare to the old mountain hybrid. The Arena-Extreme Gummy is a completely different animal. Still it does need Tubliss to work properly as in low air pressure!
  9. I have both the Guts standard foam on the OEM base and cover, made a nice difference. Then bought a Seat Concepts, I’ve never put the Guts seat on again
  10. Are you inferring to the original mountain hybrid? If so many came to the same conclusion....
  11. If I remember correctly Get-Dirty cut off the early style rear/top mount and used stout hose clamps (2) each to attach the simple bolt on plate system, stupid easy and hell bent for strong. I looked into this back then as I was going to buy a 2012 520 but wanted the newer look. LOL, so I bought a BYOB 450 instead......
  12. It’s up to you whether you want the newer look of the IMS, of course you gotta buy the newer style side shrouds with the IMS. But it gives a ‘12 a newer look. Get-Dirty did a full how-to article in mounting the IMS new style tank. Or mount the Clark and get a little extra Juice capacity......
  13. Not this year, but next for sure. It’s been 7 years since I did that rocky ride. Normally I stay on the western slope of the Sierra mountains. But taking in a little riding riding on the eastern slope in the second week of April
  14. I’m presently on the road (field engineer) and do not have my notes on any of my bikes with me. Also the WRR for us is a spare bike..... I am 170, C rider all day, and a B in certain areas, I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe Ca....
  15. IMHO the Yamaha WR250R is a very nicely engineered bike. It was just designed partially by lawyers, build it strong and nothing will ever break mentality. I love every time I get on ours, which is kind of a guest bike for the ranch. There’s a inert sense of quality about it. To me its super safe, totally reliable and now mine has enough power to get out of its own way. My ONLY quiet issue is it now weighs 20 pounds more than my 2014 Beta 450RS.....