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  1. Wow, OK your requirements are, ummm, impressive From my last 5 DS machines and many in my riding club and riding all over the west from rocky mountain to sandy desert AND riding these bikes with many many many tire brands I'd say you're not going to have "all" your cake and eat it too...... 1. 90 MPH on the wet highway is always dangerous especially going around corners as "real" quality DOT off-road tires are focussed elsewhere. There are great tires for this kind of duties but you WILL suffer offroad riding aggressively. But you already know that. Hauling ass on a DS in the rain with real aggressive DOT offroad is serious pucker factor. Also with proper offroad suspension your bike will not be liking having the tires loaded hard on the highway, it will play games on you. 2. My old Husky 610 was heavy enough to offer stability but in the 85-90 world on damp roads it created a considerable amount of pucker factor, total understatement. I also had an Aprilia 2008 RXV550, totally tuned for 70-RWHP and have blazed it across the desert floor many many times in excess of 70mph and 100mph on the pavement, BUT wet roads never and I repeat never in raining conditions. 3. IMHO, there is really no real reason to go that fast on wet curvy roads on a DS, sorry. Ok, maybe I'm spoiled by having 6 motorcycles in my garage, but I pick the right tool for the right job. And most people that look forward in enjoying long healthy life should also think that way. 4. YET, not trying to be a dick, but some 65-85 mph running on the road preferably dry or damp and excellent offroad manners one might look at MotoZ DT tires, great street manners and killer offroad for your type of conditions. This tire has a DOT design, very very solid in desert/rocky conditions and very sticky on the street. Chris has also suggested some great tires also in his reply to this post. 5. But as always "balance" your tires, check your rims/spokes/wheel bearings carefully prior to installation, do your due diligence on all aspects of your machine. Lofty expectations are great, we all have them, just make sure they somewhat mirror some little piece of reality.... Enjoy! Mark
  2. Are you going to race it? then maybe if you can trust his (80 hour) world. If you're going to just ride recreationally then do not get bit by the lure of a cheap price. Winter is on the way and soon and lots of bikes will be available, I've already seen 300's in the $5.5k asking price world that were cherry with low hours. Many keep the take-off's to reinstall when ready to sell... KYB rear, hmmm. Ok, I guess. If you're gonna race cool, "could" be a good base to start with, otherwise I'd wait
  3. You gotta run the spark arrestor in a powerbomb! Then use new FMF packing. Then revisit this subject. The Powerbomb is a very efficient muffler, WITH the spark arrestor. But the packing after a couple of thousand miles goes away. I keep a couple of packs of their packing for both my Powerbomb and my girlfriends Q4
  4. I have the same EE guards Bought through Beta, and suffered the same ugly looking radiator, I will say at least for me it did not increase the temps that much. So I bought a new Mylers (fricking great) and pounded out the EE's from the damage. the EE's fit well over the Mylers, tight but well. Yes, there may be better guards, but not sure what fits the Mylers. I'm chalking mine up to a freak crash, for now as I dropped it a bunch before with never an issue. The Mylers is a killer rad, I would not buy a beta rad unless I had to, just saying.....
  5. There is a Mountain Hybrid Extreme and the regular Mountain Hybrid, no gummy on their website for the Mountain Thats why I say the ARENA HYBRID should be the tire to put Motoz back in the mix, now whether you pick the standard Arena or the Arena Gummy they are both such a departure from the 'ol MOUNTAIN
  6. This is the new tire, not the old beast
  7. NO, The Mountain Hybrid is a turd in weight and not as versatile, and and and. Classing the new ARENA HYBRID or the ARENA HYBRID GUMMY with the old beast is just not fair to MotoZ. The new Arena Hybrid I got in the garage weighs much less than to old worn out Mountain Hybrid sitting off in the corner, the sidewall "seems" the same as far as stiffness but the face of the tire is much more flexible. I'm waiting on new inner tubes for my Tubliss, dammit! I wanna run this thing!!!! The word mountain has to go
  8. There is an absolute ton of different bikes that you would fit, at 6'1" I won't get into a pissing match on "no replacement for displacement" thing. We have a bunch of bikes in our stable, carbureted and FI'ed. I love my 2014 Beta DS and our little 2008 WR250 DS, granted the Yamaha has a pipe/programmer/gearing/suspension and for a small displacement machine it sure is fun and dead reliable. It comes with suspension that is easy tuned, Yamaha reliability, ours is almost 10 years old and still has the original battery in it, but they need gearing/programmer/pipe, I love getting it sideways around town, when I hear the tire howl more that the motor a reliable fun bike..... I'm always surprised when i see ads for the WR250's with 30-40k miles on them, and running fine. My expensive Beta nor my last KTM would do that The Yamaha while narrow is still portly which aids in street stability, it weighs more than my Beta and I stripped a lot off the Yamaha. Yeah there are DRZ's which are nice BUT stay away from the Honda CRF250L (heavy/no power and lousy suspension for "real" off road stuff........ IMHO !!!!
  9. To make an assumption on what tire, don't ya think we should know the bike? As weight plays an important role. Also those are not normal DS sized rims, right? And decent off-road is subjective, how about what parts for the country you'll be riding offroad. Then I think you will get an answer you're looking for......
  10. Am I reading this right? Noticed it was hard to push the bike around in neutral? And you think its the clutches fault? If thats the case I'd be looking at the brakes or wheel bearings. Totally confused as I've had the Rekluse in my Beta for almost 3 happy years and never with the bike in neutral have I found any clutch drag. Now in gear, yes she demonstrates dragging pushing her around the garage or driveway. Also what RPM's is your motor idling at once warmed up and the the bike in neutral?
  11. To the best of my knowledge there is very little credible evaluations on either the Arena Hybrid or the Arena Hybrid Gummy BRM. Slavens in one of his evaluations stated that he was just starting to try the Arena Hybrid rear, and liked it but no solid review I've found. Being a MotoZ tire lover I bought the regular Arena Hybrid (non-gummy) for my winter/extreme rims to mate with a Goldentyre Fatty on the front. I wanted to buy the Mountain Hybrid front (80-100/21) but enjoyed the Fatty from last year. MotoZ does not have a tire that equals the Fatty presently IMHO. Though I should try their Hybrid 80-100/21. I tried the original Mountain Hybrid rear but did not enjoy the weight and the lack of traction in deep heavy mud But still I keep MotoZ IT's on my original rims, as I just enjoy the way they work for a DS tire and 90% singletrack. Where the IT's fail me is in big sharp rock stuff and mostly the front, as I feel the rim taking a pounding pretty hard, but I use Tubliss exclusively and low pressures and I'm fat
  12. The old one shows shocks, but the new one that only lists street stuff also talks about their off road shocks but make no reference to unique listings for models, yet thought it said contact Fox....... WTF? There still are online distributors/dealers offering FOX offroad motorcycle shocks on the web, that really does not make sense....
  13. WOW!!! That's really strange!! Wonder why they are still advertising offered motorcycles on their website, weird.......
  14. Some welders might, To weld out of the frame; I'd have to grind away the crack (in a vee groove), almost to the root of the internal thread, flush the hell out of it with acetone which means solvents close to the transmission so its clean, weld it up and then a post flushing would need to carried out. Then retap the thread, flies the flange straight again and yes, done. Honestly until it starts puking I'd try teflon tape, clean the outside and a little JB-weld over the outside area of the crack, then new copper crush ring (I'd prefer the same size in aluminum) and use a fricking inch pound torque wrench.....
  15. Yeah, while they are going through an update to their website, they are still advertising top offroad motorcycle riders there. And still talking about their dirtbike shocks. Granted they have a new push towards vintage street bike shocks, their listing for dirtbike shocks says contact them.... I believe its just a website updating-thing going on with Fox, as they are selling a bunch of them, and the Fox folks are capitalists