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  1. That's just a tiny whisky-blister, or a small badge of courage.... I'd never mess with that little bruise.
  2. I replaced my 2014 Beta 450RS (first year with the Voyager) speedo cable in the first week of new ownership with a universal cable sold by TrailTech that fits directly to the unit "no jumper". In 2014 Beta used a short jumper cable to connect the OEM Beta cable to the Voyager unit itself, which can fail. The one TrailTech provided me was thicker than the Beta installed model, especially down at the sensor, IMHO much more stout. The picture I included shows the universal TrailTech cable, not the OEM version. It shows the overall length prior to the reduction of the cable at the top, seems much longer than the OEM supplied cable on my bike as it is zipped to an extra long front brake cable.....
  3. 1000 apologies......
  4. Awww, OK. Thanks for the clarification, that makes more sense. Possible different packing of supplies on that side? Bags can always play games similar to that. Yeah the plastic had really no responsibilities to that F-up. But I've found that the Polisport is a little more flexible, maybe = Weight/flexibility ??? I've found that the FMF muffler offers better clearance there to the plastic due to the size. Pack lighter on that side??
  5. Going to have to show a picture of your bike loaded so we can see what n why. I've smoked a turn signal on that side, but your outlet must have been pointing at the fender, possibly after your mishap the muffler got tweaked? I've run both brands of plastic and never saw this.... Gotta pic?
  6. Boano has some nice versions.....
  7. What year/model is your bike? FYI, listing what year and model you have in your signature helps others in helping with issues such as this
  8. Most of us have used the DynoJet products over the years, myself included. They have collected a fair bit of change from me and I always found their products to be bulletproof as far as reliability and easy to work with. I know they have been advertising this for the Beta FI'ed bikes, but nice to see now they finally released it for sale. It looks as if it "can" offer a great deal of adjustability, seems even more than they stated when first announced. This could be the ultimate tuning tool for your Beta FI system. Know anyone with a dynamometer? You already know I'm sure that dyno's do not don't always tell the whole story on how we want our bikes to run, but they get us very very close. Personally I've spent hours with 4 different bikes with the old USB PCIII's on the dyno, and hours with my old Aprilia RXV550 desert bike with the TuneBoy hardware and software on the dyno. I look forward in seeing your results
  9. Correct, on the 2-gear newer Beta models 2015+. 2011-2014 Beta's using the 3-gear systems is a slightly different game and 1 gear and its snap ring is a mother. Much less of a challenge to pull the cover on the older motors to get to all 3 gears and not deform the crapy snap rings
  10. I'd buy 'em soon, rumor has it that there "may" be some time before they re-order another batch, as I heard they are running low on inventory of the steel gears from the first batch and nothing is getting cheaper. They've raised their prices a while back on the first batch, I got mine when first advertised, and think they were $110.00 US, which was almost the same price as filling my pickup fuel tank with diesel, at a rip off fueling station, gotta put things into perspective. Granted the plastic gears are fine also, but ya gotta change them every so often. Which in the grand scheme of things is no big deal. Again mine came form Boano but in a sealed Beta factory bag, lol!
  11. I thought I could get away with just pulling the clutch cover, but one gear is next to impossible to get out that way. And those soft crapy snap-rings are a bitch. Takes an extra 5 minutes to pull the whole side cover and if you're careful the kickstart assembly lifts right out and goes back in just as easy.
  12. Glad you found the issue, as you have read many from folks here, whether it be carbed or FI they lose that damn thing due to its ability to F-up your whole day in so many different ways. Mine works perfectly though! It sits proudly upon the shelf all shiny and new keeping its bracket/hoses/screws company, I'm so proud of it! Canister?! Canister!? I dont gotta show you no stinking Canister!! Ok twisted Sunday morning humor......
  13. Correct/incorrect, anyone who wants their new DS bike run decent in any state as this sh*t comes on every new DS bike coming into the states now needs to remove this stuff immediately. No matter what state they all have it for DS bikes. Just many smart/caring dealers remove that stuff prior to letting their customers deal with the BS that comes with running that stuff. My smog stuff started collecting dust within 30 minutes after coming home for the first time, I never even went around the block with that crap from new..... Just saying
  14. Kudos to Beta for refining their suspension tuning abilities for the public. And since 7 out of 10 Beta's sold here in the USA are outfitted with OC forks I look forward in hearing how Beta's new suspension services work for the standard Sachs stuff. I've never subscribed to the mindset that one size fits all when it comes to shoes or suspension valving. Many here "can" live with off the shelf suspension and are happy and thats cool, just never worked for me. Like many I've spent my funds happily to achieve a level of control that gives me the confidence to ride faster and safer much more comfortably.
  15. ROFL! I've had at least one Ducati in the garage since 1993 and a few Husky's along the way, I can relate. Meatballs or Mammaries the Italian's do thing a "little" different