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  1. Mark-us-B

    Silent Dirtbike

    Buy him a bottle of whisky, once a week as at 95 he won’t be there much longer. Dealing with old cranky SOB’s is a pain......
  2. Mark-us-B


    You obviously treat your toy well, but I’m reading some assumptions in your post. Some that I, after sending forks/shocks out at least 10 times in 15 years on a variety of bikes question your assumptions. 1. Some of the best tuners good on many major brands (miss) valving on Sachs stuff. 2. Sometimes even the best tuners make a mistake. 3. Bad torque settings on the pinch bolts. 4. Defective seal. 5. Foreign materials Snuck into a tube. 6. Overfilled fork..... Or as you imply, your forks pooped the bed. While yes, there are other great forks out there and many better in a lot of ways than OC Sachs, but there are some tuners/racers that can do great things with the OC’s. CC good, hmmm to some yes, to some no.... valving is not 1 tune fits all [emoji6] Yes, hard anodized coatings do wonders, but also for many forks. FYI, I had a set of Showa forks done by a company that most here would say is one of the top tuners in the country, a tube started leaking, I took it apart and found a small piece of shop-rag in that tube, poop-happens.... I flush my Sachs OC suspension every 75 hours, always black-ish oil Take a breath and have them looked at before steering yourself towards $1500.00 +/- forks
  3. So you had a bad seal on your air cleaner, ingested sand, continued to run it till it started acting up, ok we get it. Now ya got a wasted carb.... Live and learn
  4. Mark-us-B

    MY 2019 Beta RR-S Thread

    Suggestion; Tell this mechanic to tell the dealership to properly prep their new bikes to circumvent 90% of the BS happening to new Beta’s. From what I’ve read here for years with new Beta issues could mostly been nipped by proper setup from dealers. There are some really good dealers that do an excellent job in prepping their new bikes, those bikes you never hear about.... FYI, my Beta is 4 years old with 0-issues but my dealer DID a proper setup, just saying
  5. Mark-us-B

    200rr or ????

    For the 701 porker?
  6. Mark-us-B

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Your hyperlink does not open your ad
  7. Mark-us-B

    200rr or ????

    Since Wilderness was asking about the 2019 revised ZF/Sachs forks, which are now just being released in North America I find it very hard to understand how someone who does not own a new set or has been working with a dealer on their traits can even offer and constructive ideas on how they will work or hold up, total conjecture on their part, IE, 1A-BS.... And to the pontificating on something most know nothing about is silly. BTW, I own a newer set of Sachs OC forks and have worked on them and ride presently on them as of last weekend. I as well would like to know much more about them, yet I temper any thoughts until some of the excellent tuners and riders tuning the the 2019 ZF/Sachs forks have their way with them..... Just saying
  8. Mark-us-B

    200rr or ????

    Total conjecture 1A, since you have absolutely no hands on experience we shall all take your words as a Fart in the Wind.......
  9. Mark-us-B

    Beta quality slipping?

    Sorry this sounds very far fetched. Was this an authorized dealer? These four stroke DO NOT JUMP timing. Sounds like someone adjusted the valves and set the cams wrong. This smells really fishy......
  10. Mark-us-B

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Very cool! Are they the same width/offset/steering stops as Beta?
  11. Mark-us-B

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Looks nice! What tripleclamps are those?
  12. Mark-us-B

    stock 16 4t exhaust weight vs FMF

    I passed on a Leo full system way back when because it had a carbon fiber end tip. I’ve cracked them before on another bike. The most vulnerable part of a muffler being carbon for me is a no go.
  13. Mark-us-B

    stock 16 4t exhaust weight vs FMF

    I switched my OEM muffler for a FMF PowerCore 4, seat of the pants of holding both in each hand I’d say 1-2 pounds, header pipe =0 decrease. Beta made changes in the muffler starting in 2014 freer flowing, more efficient or so their reports said. I’m running the powerbomb and the powercore 4 and it’s slightly better in power, at the expense of noise.... stock header & muffler is something I’ll keep due to the noise thing, and really you can run the OEM muffler with the powerbomb if ya wanna.....
  14. Mark-us-B

    To Beta or not to Beta

    There are many reasons why Beta makes a 350, 390, 430 and the 500. The honest questions you need to ask yourself; 1. What’s your primary types of trails you ride? Super tight wooded single track, wider desert trails, fire roads, Jeep trails, or? 2. Your physical size, over 32” inseam & over 5’11” or shorter in both respects? 3. How much asphalt riding do you expect when not on dirt, back J Roads or freeway stuff? IMHO, these are the questions I’d ask myself before picking a certain displacement of Beta 4-stk...And did 4 years ago. For over 12 years I’ve had 6 prior DS motorcycles, mostly open class machines. But I live up in the mountains and do not like freeway riding my DS bike anymore, as IMHO I’m tired of smoking/wasting expensive tires on the freeway, and I don’t need to due to my zip code and I got a pile of street bikes in my garage. I ride asphalt back roads and rather tight single track trails so I prefer to stay at or under 55mph, but cruise at 35-50 mph on the road (tires last a lot longer) and enjoy all day on the trails. Those big DS bikes I used to ride would wear me out like crazy on super tight trails as a 500 feels like it weighs 40 pounds more than a 250 DS bike after a few hours even if they both weighed the same. But I’m a 5’9” 31” inseam rider. I’m a decent “B” rider, and if I was buying a new DS bike I’d have a hard time picking between a new Beta 350 or 390. Bigger ain’t always better, just sayin......
  15. Mark-us-B

    Hard Enduro/Trials Gearing for Big Bore 4 stroke

    All true. While I knew the gearing I wanted with my Beta I bought the Supersprox in 50 tooth couple of years ago and it’s still okay but I wanted lower and bought a dirttricks in 51 tooth. Luckily enough I can use the same chain for both 50 & 51 w/ a 13 countershaft sprocket.... I’ve run the dirttricks prior on my crf450x and got over 3.5k miles out of it, which for me was incredible, as I could toast an aluminum one on that Honda in less than 1500 miles I think the dirttricks is lighter than the Supersprox...