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  1. Most people are using Warp 9 for their aftermarket wheels. If you’re concerned on the weight, give them a call, though I’m sure their unsprung weight is close to OEM. I got lucky and bought a set of RADD wheels used, but new they’re $1900.00 a set But if they’re Warp 9 is too pricey then you might just buy a rim and spokes or stay on the porch....
  2. Maybe they're not exactly the same bike. since the California bikes have a specific state sticker. maybe something else is specifically California. do all 50 states require a charcoal canister and smog recirculation piping? I think your thoughts are correct.... I know my California model had both, charcoal canister and recirculating smog system. To keep mine in proper condition its sits happily on the shelf, for the past 3 years.....
  3. Why do you think SeatConcepts charges what they do? They are much more than a pretty cover. They’ve spent a long time perfecting their foam for different applications. I’ve wasted time in the past on using OEM foam, shaving tweaking it to look pretty but tingled my @$##&==% worthless endeavor Since then I’ve bought 2 SeatConcepts “low” versions, one for my Beta and one for my WR250r and never looked back!!
  4. Don’t cheap out, buy the Polisport, you do know that their plastic is a lot stronger, right? And the OEM plastic cracks really easy, I’ve been field testing the Polisport, no pun and it is much better..... The last thing I’d want is standard OEM plastic again. I had new white and then went to red. I have red dirt where I live and it Loves white plastic, lol! Not!
  5. JD jetting does not guaranty anything, yet I do like his needle. The accelerator pump is a biggie, especially for the 450. The Beta 450 motor for me at least needed as much tweaking as a pumped crf450 to get them to carburate properly off of idle. Also IMHO your second sentence spells needing carburetor tweaking and gearing, having it choke in first gear all the time, just sayin.........
  6. Sounds like the carb on the 450 needs a little love! It should never flame out easily. The 450 loves to rev quick off idle, at least mine “did” and I believe quicker than some of the new 4-strokes today, I toned down the snappy feelings on mine. But IMHO it takes jetting, throttle-tube and gearing. It took away a little snappy-crap off the bottom but the mid/low to mid -upper never suffered from my tuning and the top end runs killer. Easy fix really. Mine runs like a mountain goat, never dies on nasty steep rocky single track just lugs through it all.......
  7. That thing is a virgin, I'd let her get used and abused
  8. I know I and many here generalize sometimes, especially when it comes to silicone coolant hoses for our Italian princesses. And yes there are some excellent well known brands and yes over $200.00 a set. We have all seen and heard that some the older vintage silicone hoses from Ghina explode or burst, yet some Samco have also. So yes security says buy a well known brand, yes absolutely. But my set from Ghina with the elimination of the dreaded thermostat allows my 2014 Beta to run so flipping cool, of course in conjunction 1 Mylers radiator and their 1.6 cap, I doubt it will ever get hot enough to burst a line. It might fill the overflow tank once or twice a year, BFD!! I guess my long winded rambling is that the NEW products from Ghina are damn good stuff as we all know these little darlings should not cost in excess of $200.00 and should be no more than $75.00. And if you're brand conscious then buy the expensive stuff, or maybe try the new products form Ghina.
  9. No kidding, many companies with much deeper pockets than Beta. IMHO, I believe about 10-15% what they say in general about some brands, and many accessories....
  10. MotionPro has a leak down tester that will fit. Honestly I would not open it unless its out of spec and you can prove it via the numbers. Your perceived loss of power could come from a slightly dirty carb, or a failing spark plug.
  11. After you get your stuff from Stillwell ask 'em how many Fox shocks they have in stock. Curious minds gotta know as Fox has recently stopped selling their single shocks, or so I've been told...
  12. I "had" a leak that looked very similar to your photo, I was going to watch it for a while and one day after cleaning the bike I gave each of those 3 bolts that hold the slave cylinder on just a very slight re-tightening, my leak went away, never to appear again. I swear mine looked identical, it never showed a leak around the slave just all over the countershaft area. But I did install the dirt tricks domed washer about the same time, hmmmm.....
  13. Even though Catfish does not have his 520 any longer, i believe his was somewhere around 400-450 hours and still running well. He may voice in on the subject. I'd do a leak down as previously stated, and of course check your valve clearances which I would assume you have already done. Though IMHO, if not raced it should last close to 10k before I'd think it "may" need a top-end as long as it got regular maintenance and you keep a good clean well-fitting air cleaner in it.
  14. The terminology of a "LINK" the device to lower the rear suspension covers a very large range of devices, some a 1/2" some up to 3". And not all hamper or hinder a motorcycles suspension. To really get a good idea for one for your specific application a very good option is to talk to experienced suspension tuners. My take away from 2 top suspension tuners that I've talked with, located on the west coast that work on only dirtbikes say that a small decrease in seat height (1/2") does not hamper most dirtbikes suspension with linkages, and many times can aid certain bikes. I consulted my tuner on the FastWay guard/link for my Beta prior to ever purchasing one, and after a few slight adjustments to my shock its a win-win for me Yet a LINK that offers more than 1/2" "can" create many issues, like the Kouba 1.5"-3" links. Only your suspension Guru knows for sure
  15. I'm interested since I work in Portland every few weeks, springtime?