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  1. No disrespect, Nothing of what you’re asking is cut in stone.... If you’re truly interested, stop in your local dealership and talk with them, one on one. Looking for hard numbers on a 90 hour service will always be +/-. And yes Any service that requires a valve cover or extraction of oil filter should be done “undercover”. It ain’t a KLR.....
  2. Brand new super hot model, discount? Hmmm, You got a friend that owns a Beta dealership? Best of luck mate!
  3. Exactly, you knew going in that you are a large person and bought a bike that was setup for a much lighter person. If you do it right, the first time you will be MANY smiles ahead of the game. Buy a $20.00 dollar rifle shipping case and send off your stuff (forks & shock) to one the suggested suspension tuners out there that can solve your challenges and allow you to really enjoy and ride safer your new toy. Most of us have...
  4. Ben, glad you’re enjoying it so far. With my 450RS I use the clutch lever most of the time on the street as its so damn easy to pull, and so smooth in its engagement. Where it really rocks for me is off-road. Super tight and rocky single-track it fricking rocks! And just the pleasure of not needing to grab the lever I can focus on my riding technique. As I battle a lot of nasty deer trails. You will laugh to yourself when you take off from a stop in some nasty terrain and find you’re in 3rd gear and it seamlessly engages without honking or screaming. Actually I just ordered a EXP 3.0 for our WR250R so that bike can have the seamless ability off idle just like the Beta to smoothly take off without using the lever...
  5. Works good in muck, I’m running the 120 this time, ran the 110 prior. Pretty damn durable for me
  6. Let us know what ya think of the MotoZ Arena Hybrid Gummy. I’m loving mine on dry rocky trails the last couple of weekends @ 6 psi.
  7. I’ve spent the $$$.$$ for Cycra probends and they did their job well, yet like all of them they bend with enough abuse. My most recent new enduro bike wears Enduro Engineering handguards and they seem to be holding up as well as Cycra’s did on my last bike, and much cheaper.
  8. Been running the 3.0 for 2500 miles on my RS, just tore it down for a “look-see” still perfect well within specs. Love it! Though I would like a LHRB to complete the package.
  9. Opposing viewpoints is part of forums, everyone has that right. And most all of your “keyboard warriors” would say the same thing to your face, quite simple really. We all have our opinions and many from also 30 years worth of in-depth technical experience with carburetors.....
  10. Probably jinxing myself also, but for 4 years my Shorai in my Beta has been perfect, no charge, no takeout in winter, no disconnect, just nice trouble free battery.....
  11. Ethanol fuel creates lots of issues with carburetors, expect the diaphragm in your Kehin accelerator pump to delaminate after 3-4 years using pump fuel, mine did this spring, suggestion, keep a extra diaphragm in the garage....
  12. Yes they would as long as you don’t mind drilling an extra hole in your tubeless rim, lol! Most would say no just for that reason.
  13. Next time You Should Look up what Tubliss is before claiming it does not hold air, lol! OMG [emoji23] This product is designed for spoke wheels only....
  14. I know this is old, but did you find your problem? I have the same problem with my 2014 TE310....
  15. Have you found your problem? I have a 2014 TE310 and after a big jump mine has spark, a good spark, but the fuel pump will not activate. I tested the pump and it runs fine with direct power jumped to it. But when hooking everything back up and either kicking or hitting the starter button it cranks, but no fuel pumping to the injector. This bike is new to us, WTF am I going wrong?