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  1. temporarily_locked

    Old rider - new tricks

    You’re thinking too much in absolutes. It’s not that you have to do these things all times or every time. 1. I squeeze with my legs when I want to place the bike. If I’m going strait and the bike is going strait and nothing is going to make it kick, there is no reason to squeeze. If I’m jumping out of bumps into more bumps or ruts or what ever, I’m squeezing the entire time. I always wear holes where ever my knee braces hit my seat or tank. 2. You can seat bounce with out pulling on the bars. You can seat bounce further by pulling on the bars, being harder on the gas and loading up the rear spring more.
  2. temporarily_locked

    How to crash?

    The name of the game is extending the hit over the longest period of time possible. Landing both wheels at the same time minimizes the time your suspension compressed before you bottom. When you go front or rear tire first, it extends the case over a greater period of time, making the impact less. Its situational dependent, go too nose low into a steep landing and it’s easy to break wrists. Land too back wheel first on a less steep landing and you can endo or loop. How much throttle, whether to try to pull the front wheel over or skip it off the top, or even drag the rear brake are all things you learn.
  3. temporarily_locked

    Hit a plateau

    Which tracks? Start practicing with faster people. Full Motos for endurance. Dedicate time every practice to specific things. Ride new tracks and places. I’ve never hit a plateau I couldn’t work through, but it did take a while some times.
  4. temporarily_locked

    Bike Kicking to Right

    Maintain or increase your lean as you go off the lip. If you go from leaned to strait up and down on the lip the bike kicks the direction you were originally leaning
  5. temporarily_locked

    The Terrain I Ride Keeps Whooping My Ass..

    Start riding Moto. It’s the best way to get faster.
  6. temporarily_locked

    MX cornering technique vs road riding turning.

    Weight transfer from acceleration and steering with the rear wheel is what your missing here. In Mx your going to use more abrupt throttle application. The rear wheel spinning Also slows the rear wheel to slide to the side under power, you use that to continue keeping the bike turning as you exit the corner. That abrupt throttle gets weight transfer to the back wheel which keeps the front light and prevents you from burying the front wheel. You stay forward on the seat to keep the front end down and do light steering. You probably weren’t on it hard or early enough
  7. temporarily_locked

    How to progress in speed

    If your riding a traditional vet track, so harder packed and generally tighter so second gear corners and sections and third gear on the longer straits. Hard pack so there aren’t really many ruts except for the occasional inside one. Focus on hard acceleration from early out of the corner, that is usually where people in your class are weakest. Everyone’s braking and mid corner speed are pretty similar. If you can get your self fully turned and wide open you will be faster overall then the people with slightly better corner speed but don’t get on the gas hard.
  8. temporarily_locked

    How to progress in speed

    what track are you riding? Switching up tracks and rolling some laps on the mains can help show deficiency’s. Break things down into individual parts you want to work on.
  9. temporarily_locked

    Jumping while turning

    The short answer is it can be, but it’s more complicated then that. For pros usually they have there foot off because it’s still off from having it out for the corner. It feels like it saves energy to stand by seat bouncing a little and the foot being off doesn’t really do anything. Weighting the pegs unevenly alone doesn’t cause it though. It’s that uneven weighting causing the lean of the bike to change up the face. You can have the bike kick out with the pegs evenly weighted or not kick out at all favoring either peg. It happened to me a lot as a beginner standing, weighting the outside peg while cornering into the face and standing the bike up
  10. temporarily_locked

    Jumping while turning

    Most issues arise from changing the lean of the bike. If your going to jump turning and leaning, keep the same amount of turn and lean up the entire jump face. Stopping turning and standing the bike up while going off the lip makes weird things happen. Usually what I do is throw a small whip so I can lean the bike a little extra once I’m in the air. It makes the back end swing out further but it comes back.
  11. You sound like someone who’s land would be fun to trespass on.
  12. Before you start ripping (with the tractor) get some stakes or cones and map out your plan and let them/you ride it. Start off using the terrain logically, up and down the hills, maybe an off camber. Turns right at the top of bottom of the hills, or longer runs up if you want to jump up and down. Ride it both directions and see if one way is better. once you have the basic layout then you start looking at where you want to put your jumps. Long straits into hair pins. Longer straits broken up with a sharp s. Tight radius, sweepers, corner small strait corner. Increasing/decreasing radius. If it’s set up for small bikes put the jumps on shorter straits close to corners to keep speeds down . You want straits long enough they can get the bike going and up to speed but not so long that they end motoring along too long in a strait line. More turns > jumps/straits. Maximize space but still keep laptimes reasonable. berms are time consuming for building and maintainence. Pick a couple good ones but look to use the terrain and keep them flat
  13. temporarily_locked

    Left Corner Q

    Your right foot won’t be on the peg when you are sitting. It will depend on when you go from sitting to standing. If you stop braking before sitting then you would probably get your foot back on the peg. If you are already sitting and braking when you put your foot out then you wouldn’t be touching your pegs.
  14. temporarily_locked

    Freestyle Bike Setup - Weighted Wheels?

    Yeah I think the spinning track probably has less effect then the spinning rear wheel. As for whips I don’t think anyone is adding weight to the wheels. You get more gyro from having the wheel spin faster. Hang time is also part of it. It’s much easier to throw big whips over a 90 foot jump then a 65 or 70 footer. I think you see that with the best whip comps too. Over time they have moved the ramps back. On Mx tracks the faster jumps are easier to whip on. Fast second or third gear jumps minimum. Trying to throw whips on slower vet track jumps that everyone seem to like are sketch
  15. temporarily_locked

    MX at 50

    I’m only 28 but it’s very area, track and event specific. I know I can range from back of the pack novice to front of pack intermediate. Seems like as I’ve gotten older people’s general attitudes have gotten better. Guys are out there for fun, and a battle is still a battle even if it’s just to not get last haha. Lots of guys who have been racing their whole lives along with guys just getting into it. Do some practice days you can get a good idea of where you stand.