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  1. Slide your butt back further and see if it makes it easier to use the rear brake. As your knee goes backward your toe goes up. Doing it without a foot on the peg is harder.
  2. You want to stay down as well as forward. If your head is over the bars but your body is stil upright then your weight is too high. Get your body closer to parallel to the ground. Weight lower and foreword allows allows you to raise your elbows and balance your weight through the pegs rather then pulled through your bars
  3. 100% confident that engine braking won't seize the bike. Never hear of or seen it happen, just heard people's theories trying to explain something that never happens.
  4. yeah but we're the ones keeping the tracks in business, so they build it for us. Some places have vet or amateur tracks.
  5. Tracks are going to cater to the guys two practice twice a week rather then the people riding/racing once a month. That's just the way it is. The barrier to entry into the sport is larger then it has ever been. Bikes are more expensive, you have to be better even at the entry level to participate. . As for jumps, usually having enough dirt is the issue. Putting a lump in the middle of a table isn't going to solve much. You need big piles of dirt, step up's are the safest but they can take a ton of dirt if you don't have natural features to work with. charging for spectators is lame. I practice way more often then i race, for the reasons you stated.
  6. No hour meter time is going to hold true.
  7. Could be lots of things, one thing I see with lots of people is they are uncomfortable hitting jumps high in the rpm's. you can get away with it easier on the four stroke a lot easier. People are scared of the 'powerband' - they don't want to hit the power band on the jump face. The power band is fine, you want to be in the power when you hit the jump so the bike will pull harder and you can jump further. What messes people up is when they hit the bike just as the bike is going into the power band and they get the change in power on the jump face. Rev it out further before the jump and the power will be more consistent, like your four stroke.
  8. Line choice. Your technique needs some work, but it won't matter if your not hitting the correct lines. Next time have the filmer get videos of your corners. You need to try to find ruts and berms to bank of off. If your going to take the corner flat you need to set up wider and use a broader arc. Be on the gas later, set later braking points and brake harder. Accelerate harder. You have lots of options for things to work on.
  9. Depends on the rut. Tight ruts hairpins where you pivot you want to be far forward. On faster ruts side to side lean and balance is more important then forward or back. climbing out to the outside is always a lean issue for me. If I lean to late i go strait and over the rut. If I lean to early I end up having to stand the bike up mid rut and climb out. It's all in the lean
  10. What's the track? I like to stay standing late, get my braking done early so I can be slightly on the gas as I enter the corner, still standing. I try to sit right around the apex, when I sit it's far forward I lay the bike down further leaning down with it. I 'bury' the bike but am getting hard on the gas at the same time as I make my exit so it works well and you shoot out of the corner.
  11. Stand up more. Sitting you get pulled through your arms, standing you get pushed through the pegs.
  12. Even if you are high in the rpm's on the jump face the panic rev will keep the the front end up more then if you chop the throttle and drop the front end
  13. Diablo Mx? There are two ways to control your body's balance in this situation. How far forward your Cg is rotated from the pegs and the distance your cg is from the pegs. If your already forward then try to keep your weight lowers. Lowering your weight reduces the leverage pulling you back.
  14. California

    video of me from Barona a few weeks back
  15. California

    Cahuilla Saturday