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  1. Open public lands are going to continue to go the direction they are currently going. More and more people confined to less more beat trails. The secret stuff is all ok though. The places you can’t find but have to be shown. Screen the peeps you show. Build your own trails. Network with like minded people. You get out what you put in.
  2. I have a 2015 with 80 hours on it that I’m tearing down to put and piston and cam chain in. I wish I could afford to just sell it and buy new.
  3. Moving the pegs back doesn’t change much. The bikes cg stays in the same spot, the pegs will be further from it. That only effects the rotation of the bike when it pitches forward and back like over a jump or in whoops. The effects aren’t noticeable because your bars are further from the cg making those inputs better for leverage in rotating the bike. How acceleration, braking and gravity/jumps interact between bike rider and contact points are all still the same. It’s done for rider preference.
  4. Brake tapping is for small adjustments. Its not something you need or will get much effect from on those size jumps. What you should be working on is trying to soak up the lip with your legs. Soaking it up with your legs also gives you added control in adjusting the pitch of your bike. As you absorb the lip with your legs you shift your weight forward. You won’t be able to jump as far but you will be landing front wheel first. And that is what’s key. It’s much better to jump a little front wheel low, so you can rev before landing, bring the front up a little before landing on the gas. Just start off slow and play with letting your rear wheel come up and your front drop and landing front wheel first where ever you can do so safely.
  5. Forgot to say your corner speed looks great. Widen your lines and you’ll be there
  6. Your riding in the right part of the rpm range. Your line choices are preventing you from carrying more speed and going faster. Click fourth if you can down any straits. If you arc those sweepers more you might be able too use fourth it’s hard to tell
  7. California

  8. Stay standing later and when you sit, sit far forward on the tank. You use a lot more lean to turn, but it doesn’t work unless you carry speed.
  9. It definitely can but once you get the feel for how hard to tap it’s not an issue. If it does stall just land on the gas and bump start
  10. I never use my clutch when brake tapping. I can cover my clutch when jumping but don’t normally.
  11. Your actually doing it right. Feet should stay positioned with the ball of your foot on the pegs, switching to the arch when you want to brake. You can anticipate when you need to brake, so the movement can be made before the brakes need to be applied
  12. Slide your butt back further and see if it makes it easier to use the rear brake. As your knee goes backward your toe goes up. Doing it without a foot on the peg is harder.
  13. You want to stay down as well as forward. If your head is over the bars but your body is stil upright then your weight is too high. Get your body closer to parallel to the ground. Weight lower and foreword allows allows you to raise your elbows and balance your weight through the pegs rather then pulled through your bars
  14. 100% confident that engine braking won't seize the bike. Never hear of or seen it happen, just heard people's theories trying to explain something that never happens.
  15. yeah but we're the ones keeping the tracks in business, so they build it for us. Some places have vet or amateur tracks.