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  1. You came here asking for advice. At 18 with an attitude like yours, you'd be out of my house and figuring all this shit out on your own.
  2. Nope. With 3.55s and pulling a TT, I'd have to drop into 4th in some of the mtn passes to keep the boost spooled, and that kept my speed down a bit, but it was no problem keeping the EGT under 1250°
  3. Easy - it bolts on using the existing bumper mounting holes, plus two new bolts through the side of the frame.
  4. Nope, I stuck the Banks intercooler on it so even with the limited airflow, my EGT's don't get over 1000. The camper doesn't add any drag so the truck only knows it's there when it's time to stop.
  5. My shit is On Any Sunday meets the Beverly Hillbillies
  6. Chorbelt

    Living near Walker Valley or Belfair

    Hey - thanks for the offer. I definitely prefer Taneum nowadays, but I live in Everett so I usually head to Walker.
  7. Chorbelt

    Living near Walker Valley or Belfair

    I pretty much always ride alone, but it's been probably close to 10 years since I've been to belfair; good to know about the tweakers and other other crap going on down there.
  8. Chorbelt

    Living near Walker Valley or Belfair

    Yea, all that lowland stuff looks alike. My point about the GPS was that if you still find yourself riding in circles, run out of gas and can't get back to the truck, and then spend a week cold, wet and "lost" in the wilderness, well, you'd probably be better suited for less demanding activities.
  9. Chorbelt

    Living near Walker Valley or Belfair

    $100 bucks for a riding buddy? That's a BF. If you get lost with the GPS that are available now, you really don't have any business straying too far from the couch.......
  10. Chorbelt

    Honda XR650L 1994

    It's paid for......
  11. Chorbelt

    Honda XR650L (1994)


    It's paid for......
  12. Chorbelt

    Truck Bed Tent

    I'd like to send this: http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/rvs/4673106472.htmla To these guys: http://www.ujointoffroad.com/ and complete my plan to be living in a van down by the river...
  13. Chorbelt

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Aloop tank and seat and a new front fender from a CRF250 Wish it would quit douchin' so I could take it for a spin.
  14. Chorbelt

    97 XR600R carb replacement?

    I've seen FCR's on EBay with a "buy it now" option around $200. If u go that route, don't forget budgeting for a Boss adaptor and jets.
  15. Chorbelt

    Ok I have a 41mm FCR. Now I have some ?

    D0T-C0M's was a NCVT needle, 158 main and a 42 pilot.