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  1. That’s what I said a month ago! Post #4.
  2. tchetek

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    Or 800 lbs.
  3. tchetek

    2001 crackly rattle noise help?

    Have you changed fuel source/quality, elevations, or ambient temperature decrease? Is it jetted close to lean? I’ve read about yz’s and detonation described as the sounds of shaking marbles in a can or a rattle. But have not experienced it myself.
  4. Is Mt , Montana. Their is a great fabricator in Alberta. Npp. Or Neil’s power performance . Does really nice work. And it will be like 1/2 price when you convert to our funny little dollars!
  5. tchetek

    Gas Can - Premix & Straight Gas

    Chain saw can but the oil side is only about one gallon.
  6. tchetek

    Power Jet #40

    A crisp yz250 can lift the wheel with only throttle input. It can also loop you over on your ass. Final drive tooth count on the sprockets also affects this.
  7. tchetek

    Do I need a new bottom end?

    I don’t know what these Allen’s look like but if you won’t break stuff, I have had good luck driving an oversized torx into stripped Allen’s for extractions. It’s already fawked. If that fails the Welder usually works great as it heats it too!
  8. tchetek

    Kx65 Adult ridden pitbike?

    I’m 5 11 and 160. My boys kx65 will still lift the front wheel when I ride it around the yard.
  9. I was thinking “stop hitting it with a hammer” was a wise statement! Engines don’t need hammers.
  10. Yes. Longer bolt and small socket instead of the washer on the pushing side so it’s easier to hold from spinning.
  11. Build a puller with a long bolt and appropriate sizes sockets. Use a socket about the size of the pin to push the pin and a large deep socket on the other side as the cavity/spacer to pull the pin into.
  12. tchetek

    Just took a quick garage pic of my 07 YZ250

    It says 07 in the title! My guess would be 2007
  13. tchetek

    2002 Yamaha YZ 125 Top End

    That’s the point.
  14. tchetek

    01 kx65 mid range power

    I rebuilt an 03 this spring. Started with stock jetting. Was a bit rich for our location. One clip on the needle widened our power band a fair bit for us. Was gonna experiment with pilot and main, but it’s been running great all summer so stopped wrenching and let the boys burn fuel! Check your jetting. Check your plug. Compare to stock. Our bikes stock except we gave the 2 stage reeds a try.
  15. tchetek

    My yz 125 is ticking

    Where exactly are you hitting down with this test?