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    I have a 17" front wheel from a Yamaha TTR 125 supermoto. The rim is in great condition and will easily fit 17" GP 125 tires. Width is 2.50 I don't have any other parts for the bike.


    Austin, Tx

  2. Thanks, everyone! This gives me a lot of hope! I'll give it a shot! Will be using it at tracks at 140 feet and 640 feet above sea level. might have to try some different jetting depending.
  3. Thanks! I have an FMF pipe, since i smashed the stock one. Any recommendations on cam?
  4. All, I recently purchased a 1984 Honda ATC 200X carburetor and have plans to put it on my 2002 XR100R with it's Kitaco 115cc jug and piston. I am running the stock XR100R airbox. I am planning to use a CR85 throttle and throttle cable. Has anyone ever done something similar with this carb? What pitfalls do I need to be aware of? What should I look out/plan for? Thank you!
  5. Hey all, i'm looking for a stock shock for an XR100 or maybe CRF100. Anyone have it laying around? will take it with any spring on it, though might pay more for a BBR spring. Thank you!
  6. I like my stock bars with a bar riser to keep them the hell out of the way of my knees (re: over 6' tall). I have a couple of these I race in Texas Mini GP. Are you saying under hard braking you had the rear wheel come off the ground?! What kind of front braked pads are you using, because I want some!!! Some folks are just buying a BBR spring and slapping it on the stock shock for el cheapo upgrade.
  7. Looking at just selling the thing and dealing with fuel stops. Thanks for the input, though! Totally made sense.
  8. So, I have a stock 2003 XR100R and I have been running it as an endurance bike. I also have an XR650L tank sitting around, and been thinking it sure would be nice to not need to refuel for a 4 hour race! Has anyone seen this done before? Looking at the hardware, it looks near impossible, but I was assured that it was a simple thing. Help?
  9. I just picked up a XR50 R and it has the rear brake on the left handlebar and I keep grabbing it, thinking it's the clutch. Does anyone have the stock brake setup they are not using? Thanks!
  10. I'm hunting around for a new rear brake cover and shoes for a 2001 XR100R. Wondered if anyone knew what years I could use for it? or if other bikes would fit as well? Thanks!
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