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  1. I only say best because They are easy to come by and I have never had one fail.
  2. I bolted an old tie down strap to the top rear bolt holes above handles. Got the idea from another member here.
  3. You got that right! I’m very grateful to live here on CA. It’s prety much open off road riding everywhere right out my door!
  4. Since around the year 2000 I have been using nothing but Race Tech springs. I too have found the rates are very accurate. I have them measure the rate at the shop as well as my local suspension tuner. They always match up to what's marked on the spring. While suspension is a very subjective topic, it's important to test and see how it works. I always try show the measurements and do a lot of testing with different settings. Just wait until you bag up one of these beasts and have to get it to work good with the same springs on a 350lb vs 270lb bike. The best suspension purchase I ever got for my Beta is the quick adjuster. And also going out to the desert and testing all kinds of different clicker and preload adjustments. It's really too bad that some guys come on here and give out such misinformation with nothing to back up their claims. Lots of laughable statements like "it wont work", "Chris making foolish posts", and my all time stupid favorite quoting "Hooke's law" (this one always seems to make it into suspension threads).
  5. The numbers add up and it works. My Beta handles as good as most bikes out there. I do a lot of careful setup to get the suspension just right. My information comes from actual careful measuring and testing. Just making a typed statement of someone leaving a “number of foolish posts”. If you have to springs the same rate and one is longer than the other it takes more preload to get the same sag and rate during travel out of the longer one. Please don’t mine or anyone else’s word for it. Measure and come up with your own conclusions.
  6. Most would agree but they would be wrong. As long as the sag numbers are within proper range, the amount of preload makes no difference. OEM Beta springs are 260mm in length and will use less preload to get proper sag. Race Tech springs are 270mm and require more preload to get the right numbers. I was going nuts trying to get good static sag numbers with the long 270mm spring. At 10 mm or less, the static sag alway ends up close to 50mm regardless of weight of spring. Another thing to note is to set sag in the position you ride. For most of us it's when standing. This is an example of near perfect numbers. I weigh about 200lbs in street clothes. This is a 270mm long 5.8 spring with around 15mm preload. If I sit it really compresses the spring!! It makes for a really ill handling bike on the trails when sitting. Yes this sag tool is really nice!
  7. The transfer sections are actually faster. I did a road crossing for my club a few years back and the red bar experts were flying. I will say the hard rock sections have gotten tougher here in CA. The spooky parts are when the guys get off the ribbon to pass. I've noticed some of the clubs are not marking the mineshafts very well when laying out ribbon. And the rocks hidden in pucker bushes are unforgiving at Red Mountain. I'm happy I quit racing when I did. I never had the skill or balls to hang it wide open.......
  8. Oops
  9. The guy is a damn well rounded racer. Most extreme Endurocross racers do not cross over too well the Hare and Hounds. This guy is doing it and getting podiums. Seeing how he is from Scottsdale AZ I'm not surprised. IMO, Hare and Hound is at the very top of the food chain of difficult and frightening forms of off road racing. The average guy does not have what it takes to pin the throttle and hold it without crashing. Extreme enduro racing back East is very physically demanding and has it's own challenges with mud and trees. OTOH the courses have nowhere near the speed or dust as a good old desert race. I wish him well.......
  10. All models of Betas have always been sold in CA.
  11. Mine not only has a carb but it passed CARB standards. I don’t see the big deal? A 300RT can be easily plated in CA and it has a carb too.
  12. I believe one of the steel plates are thin on the Beta.
  13. Here you go, brakes and other parts as well: YFZ450R 14-18 are the years
  14. It's open. But for the good riding just take the offshoot trails to the East and ride Oak Hills. From Oak Hills you have a bunch of really cool single track trails that will take you to Big Bear via Silverwood/Lake Arrowhead. Word of caution is that you have to be very careful to not get stuck in a box canyon. There are 2 or three of those that you will end up hiking when you drop down into them. You have to have crazy climbing skills to get out or have a friend with rope/pulley. This looks easy but it's very off camber and will swallow a bike over 100' down with no way out. We were prerunning this as part of the hardways for the Ride For Kids in 2013. Just a very few handful of guys were able to accomplish this section.