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  1. Very nice bike Bob. Happy for you!
  2. california

    I hear that. I have to say you have the holy grail of off road worthy adventure bikes. That 690 while not a lightweight pure dirt bike, is a very capable off road machine that can still peel off the miles when needed.
  3. california

    You can read my review of the bike here:
  4. california

    When I was saving for the bike I had plans to go on more of these rally's with XLADV like I did last time. It's really easy to sit here and think you can take one of these beasts to a Jimmy Lewis course then go for it in sand mud and rocks. When I rode out of the dealership and made the first turn out of the driveway I realized it's not gonna happen!! All these "adventure bikes" are very huge and heavy. And I'm almost 60 years old. Not to mention why in the hell would I want to trash this bike. I have all the "Starbucks" guards, skid plate, Barkbusters, etc. these are for the just in case moments or tip overs. I also have a set of knobby tires ready to go on for fire road travel. I'm with you Bryan on being honest with myself. I'll be making every effort not to get in over my head with this bike. Funny thing is it's easy to forget how heavy these beasts are when rolling. My plan is to have this bike for day rides short touring rides.
  5. california

    It's very heavy. First time I put it in gear I made the decision it's not a dirt bike!! OTOH, it will be really nice for some jeep roads. I plan on laying it down on the lawn and practice my dead lift skills before venturing on the two track dirt roads.
  6. I have come to the realization that my body can't take the pounding in hard core terrain anymore. It's gotten to the point of no longer being fun. I'm more into really mellow trail riding. I also realize that my Beta dirt bike is tearing up my body when doing anything over 300 miles on a day ride. Last year doing a multi-day 850 mile ride to Death Valley and back was damn brutal!! So I started saving in 2013 for a new type of bike. Just picked it up last week. Got a smoking deal!! Here is my one day path to a great shopping experience: Tenere &fr=xnewinventory#unit-details-gallery-heading What a bunch of BS!! It was nothing but a bait and switch!! Screw that dealership. They did not even have the bike. Bastards still don't have it !! Offered to sell me a 2018 for 14,000 plus fees. I can’t stand being lied to. I ended up calling Berts Mega Mall and speaking with the young sales manager Jordan. They had a standard 2017 Tenere new advertised for 10,999. I told him I was a cash customer and if they could let it go for my price OTD. He told me he would call back in a few minutes and give me a price. Came back with a price texted to me OTD complete ready to go. He said if I get the cashiers check and text a photo of it to him, he would have the shop do the PDI (pre delivery inspection) and have it ready for me when I get there. The story gets better. After I had the check ready to go and texted it, I get a call from the “adventure bike specialist”, telling me the bike advertised was a used model with 7000 miles on it (it was an honest clerical error and has since been changed on their website). They had a new 2017 ES (electronic suspension) model he would offer to me at the same price!! HOLY SHIT!! I asked if he was kidding me. Nope, full electronically adjustable suspension brand new for the same price!! What a smoking deal!! Carol and I got to the Mega Mall and were greeted and treated like a king and queen. Full on air conditioned lounge with padded couches and chairs and coffee bar. Simple paperwork to do. I had at least 4 different guys walking me through everything!! They even had it ready with a full tank of gas, and a pigtail for battery tender. Before taking off I had a really nice young man come out and go through all the features and make sure I was comfortable riding away. I highly recommend this shop. Check this out. Fully electronic suspension!! This is the full blown top of the line Tenere!! I did not even consider one of these because of the cost. This is the very best Tenere with every single feature you can imagine!! Heated grips, cruise control, adjustable windscreen, LED lights, three different traction controls, unified braking, two ride modes (sport and touring), the list goes on. This is A LOT OF BIKE!! Just got finished putting a bunch of cool goodies on it. This is the fanciest bike I have ever owned in my life!! After putting the Helibars "Tour Performance Kit" and IMS Adventure II footpegs it transformed the ride. No more numb hands, sore butt, hurting knees, etc. PURE COMFORT for mega mile day rides.
  7. Well I finally did it!! It's official. I will say there is no way in hell this bike will do much more than a jeep road with me on it!! Even then I'll be mounting some knobby's. Yes Brian these big adventure bikes are freaking massive and heavy!! Overall I love this bike. It's a mile muncher!! Way better than my Beta for 300+ mile day rides!!
  8. WOW!! Yet another reason to not off road in restricted areas. I have a feeling there is much more to this story than what we or the media are speculating.
  9. Right on! Jeff is a really cool dude. He will take care of you. Best of all he knows bikes and actually rides!!
  10. california

    I told you the SPOT tracker worked! After her offensive tweets she sent Tom Arnold a check in msg. He got it instantly!! Tom was so excited he decided to take Roseanne back. They had a great time and consummated the reunion. Thank you SPOT for letting me make a spot for my ex hubby in my life!!
  11. california

    FWIW, the SPOT works perfect for the areas I ride. It even has good coverage in places like Kennedy Meadows, Death Valley, Gorman, etc. I'll be upgrading soon to the new one. I rode in the Mojave National Preserve a few weeks back at a rally. My SPOT worked flawlessly the whole weekend. Showed the tracks and check in's were immediate. Choices are always good! Whether you have the In Reach, SPOT, or SAT phone. It's all about safety and personal preference. I was just posting a new option for someone who might be interested in upgrading what they have or looking for a new device.
  12. california

    I see we have the same old crusty group here.
  13. california

    Hi there guys. I have been a happy SPOT user for many years. I spoke with a rep a year or so ago and am really happy I took his advice and signed up another season. I knew this was coming out. I just did not expect it this soon. It's on my list to replace my Gen 3 with. Last season I wanted to go with In Reach but was not impressed with the high cost of messaging and no insurance for air lifts/SAR. As anyone knows the cost of a SAR or airlift can be in excess of 100,000.00 easy. With this new setup you get insured through Lloyds of London for 2 SAR/airlifts per season, 300 msgs, and SOV (save our vehicle) for about 300 bucks per year. Great price for a decent product that can save your life.
  14. I never once said RC was not talented. Very good rider but taking steroids as well. Just another Lance Armstrong. Difference being he never got caught. Love him all you want but don't comment on something you have no clue about. I have seen many friends who were body builders go down the road of drug enhancement to boost physical strength and get that extra edge. It's just a fact of any sport. Now go grab a can of Red Bull and drink up!!
  15. You might think of trying a different bend. I have a really bad right wrist with horrible range of motion (navicular bone). I find less sweep in the bar bend really helps. A simple test is to roll your bars forward. See if that helps. I cannot imagine any bike without Flexx Bars for me. I guess if you can find a Flexx Bars bend you like it would work. You can always use the stiffer inserts for more feedback. Call up Fasst Company and see what they have for you. All those guys ride and can really hep getting you the right bend. After you choose your bend have Jeff (Jeff aka Bolt) order them for you