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  1. That's old news Bill. Most of that was already closed before the fire started. The single track gates have been locked since November. It is a bummer though.....
  2. What the heck is happening to the Beta forum? It’s a swarm of boneheads posting useless crap and wrecking the threads. It’s one thing to kid around but geez!! Give it a break guys.
  3. That's not far from the truth. Any motor vehicle bought out of state with under 7000 miles on the clock can't be legally registered in CA. They sometimes slip through but not often.
  4. And I answered the question. It can tour just fine. So you get blown around a little. This bike properly setup is more than suitable for extended periods in the saddle. Let us know after you have done multi day rides in the saddle. I'm giving true and accurate info based on what I have done with this bike. Another challenging but fun ride was the Iron Butt. Proving once again the capability of this bike: And my last big ride in Death Valley. I actually froze my ass off due to poor gear selection for this ride but it was still fun and the Beta did fine! Sure an adventure bike would be more comfortable. I remember the OP asking if the BETA is capable of freeway use. I can't help out if a few of the guys posting can't handle getting blown around or butt hurt because of road miles in the saddle. I'm by no means an expert. Just a everyday rider showing what these bikes are capable of.
  5. Newport Beach on the sand from the Wedge to the Santa Ana Riverbed, the desert, the mountains.
  6. Who needs rain?
  7. Buy the bike you want and go to your local CA DMV to get a plate. If you have AAA it will go more smoothly. Very simple procedure.
  8. I carry a small bottle of oil on long rides but it's not been needed. I rode 1000 miles straight with just fuel stops and it did not use a drop. Of course I was dumb enough to put 1000cc of trans oil and it blew out 200cc on my rear caliper, tire and brakes. It's important not to overfill these. I put in 800cc each side before Death Valley and drained out 800cc after 850 miles. I can't comment on how well the new generation motors are. I will tell you the 498 is very stout and reliable. I tried a windscreen at did not work for me. These bikes are not designed to be used with a windscreen. Of course some guys like them. Just not my cup of tea. For me the stock seat is very comfortable for under 100 miles. I have a Seat Concepts which extends the comfort to 300 miles. If you have to stand a lot on the pavement, that just tells me you just need to get a better seat. I use a Airhawk for any kind of long ride. A riding jacket and good helmet with goggles/faceshield is more than enough wind protection. A good set of "big Block" style tires is a perfect compromise for comfortable transition on street and dirt. And they last a really long time!
  9. It’s plated so it’s designed to be used as such. Maintenance is no more than any other bike. Just different. Plenty of displacement. It does a comfortable 80mph plus all day long. And go over 100mph at the twist of the throttle. I don’t need wind protection. I have car for that. I can change the gearing for any ride conditions. And no big 500 plus pound adventure bike is as capable off road. I can pick mine up and go anywhere, on any road, on any trail. I’m surprised how many guys are such wimps when it comes to riding. How about it’s a MOTORCYCLE. Just ride the damn thing. So what if you have a few hundred miles of pavement between trails. I get a laugh out of guys that truck their plated bikes to the riding areas. I have a KTM 300 for that.
  10. I don't agree at all. The Beta, while a compromise (all bikes are a compromise), will pretty much do anything pretty damn good as long as the milage for the ride is under 1000 miles. I have mine setup to do street and dirt. It weighs in at right around 350lbs. I just did a 100 mile ride to the desert and 80 miles of mixed service roads, deep twisting sand washes, rocks, nasty/rutty hills, ruts, etc with no drama. The biggest compromise are the spring rates, tires and stuff you want to pack. Unless you want to change springs then you have to decide how stiff you want the bike. I have mine setup all bagged up and still able to keep a decent clip in the desert. When it's stripped the springs are pretty stiff. I have just learned to live with it by backing off the compression clickers and preload on the spring. I can still get decent sag numbers. But it's still pretty stiff when made back into a dirt only configuration. How much crap you want to take on multi day rides. I've been tweaking my rides to doing hotel camping. Last one was a multi day Death Valley ride. Besides toiletries and clothes it's mostly tools and spare fuel. Tires: I run the Kenda Big Blocks. IMO you just can't go wrong with these!! Good for over 3000 miles and will do anything a full blown knobby will, just slower. They work really good on the street. In the dirt you just have to be mellow in the loose corners. Stripped for just good old dirt and small paved transfer sections. I overloaded it a bit for Death Valley. But it still worked really good!! You get to the hotel and can remove a bunch of stuff. Biggest issue is fuel. You need at least a 200 mile range for the back roads. I have done a 1000 mile Iron Butt, 850 mile DV ride and dozens of 300-500 mile day rides. The only limiting factor is my body. I start getting worn out at about the 300 mile mark in the saddle. With the Airhawk seat I can extend it to 500 miles but thats about the limit for me. I'm a older out of shape "C" rider. Anyone in half decent shape can easily do much more than myself. The 1000 mile Iron Butt was torture the last few hundred miles. As far as gearing my current 15/42 is a great setup for adventure riding. When in slow technical terrain, you can ride 2nd and even lug it in 3rd. As you see it above I was using 15/45 gearing. At 80mph it was a little buzzy in the bars. What has happened over the years is we riders have gotten entirely too shortsighted in what the body and bike can handle and still have fun.. I still remember when my dad had the Triumph 500 that went everywhere! It was dirt, street, touring and everything in between. I'm guilty of it myself. I'm actually looking into a Yamaha Tenere in the next few years. Of course with my skill level I know damn well it will be good for nothing more than fireroads and some mild rugged jeep trails.
  11. Holy crap Duane (HDR) you are right!! Guys who don't even own a Beta are trolling this forum. Too bad. It's kind of a drag to sift through dozens of posts to get any reliable info. I guess it's asking too much for these idiots to talk their bullshit in Town Square or better yet Jo Mama.
  12. I gotcha. I thought he was serious about being an expert.
  13. It’s worse than it appears. Those two were out of the dust on that section. Sometimes you can’t see past the front fender. Keep in mind these are full on pros singing that motor for 24 hrs except for fuel/wheel/rider change. Most of the GH course is very fast. And the section that runs backwards on the trophy truck track is insane!
  14. Well that's a clever way to get around the F bomb filters! My Wop language skills are not the best but I don't think either of them are avoiding each other.
  15. It's actually amazing that the 300 went over 60 hard race hours on the same top end!! Those babies are pretty much pinned during the 24hr races.