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  1. Yeah my 86 xl600 came with it on the bike and its nothing special. i personally see them purely for just forestry compliance and nothing more.
  2. Ohh okay. So i decided to pull the motor and check the cam timing with the T mark lined up and the cams marks are spot on. i didn't take a pic of it but they were perfectly level on both ends with the surface of the head. Also after removing the engine i noticed the stator ground wire that screws to the block near the drive gear was half sheered off because who ever put it on basically screwed the magneto cover bolt right over it.
  3. Okay so im looking into this cdi he gave me. Apparently its an advanced timing one. Is there a chance its a bit too far advanced and causing spark while the intake valves are still open when its idling which would cause the lack of complete combustion ?
  4. Well i have it running and from what i've heard XR's only is a good place to have your XR/XL engine done. Maybe i've read wrong though. But its mainly just idling with the popping and stalling. When you open it up it wants to pick up speed and has a decent amount of power. Im just wondering if there is a lack of voltage when there is a lower rpm to generate enough spark to efficiently idle the engine. I may just have to pull the motor to check the cam timing. Im not really sure if i should get an OEM cdi or a better brand one and a new stator or not.
  5. Hey everyone, Okay so i bought a project bike for a cafe racer type build but my first focus is to get it running good. To start off the guy i bought it from said he was having a hard time getting it started and hes 61 so he didn't even want to bother with it even though he claims he just had XR's Only rebuild the top end after he had a stretched valve issue. He showed me pictures of inside the cyl and it looks healthy and still has the crosshatching as well as looking through the caps that allow you to adjust your valve clearance everything looks new and clean with no sludge. So i've started working on this thing and started stripping it down to where i can access everything. I cleaned the carbs which did need it. he also handed me a bunch of extra main jets for the bike aswell as two cdi boxes. One of them is an after market one and the other oem one. First thing i noticed is it is impossible to get the bike running with the stock cdi box. Plugged in the cdi box made by " electro sport " or something like that that says " XR600r increased " starts up. I spent awhile tuning the primary carb and playing with different jets etc. eventually i got it so you can rev it but idle it pops and wants to die. I did do some test riding and it seems to have pretty decent power but soon as you let off and pull in that clutch to let the idle go down it just pops and wants to stall. so far i have it dialed in enough to get it to start on about the second to third kick when cold with the choke in. I've had some people tell me to measure my stator which i did atleast from what i've searched on which wires to test i from ie black/red wire and ground. I get 114 ohms on it. I contacted ricky stators and they said it should be in the 300 ohm range and that its way out of spec if its reading that. But im not even sure if im reading the proper wires. I ordered a shop manual for the bike but until it arrives does anyone have any input ? Also i made sure the valves were in spec which i was told its .004 for intake and .005 for exhaust. I want to check the cams gear timing but im not wanting to pull the motor out. Thanks ! Kody
  6. I mean for radiators that are cheaper its not bad. Usually if you want larger tank radiators for better cooling for the most part you'll end up buying fluidynes which are 500 dollar radiators. I had them and they did work good... But yeah as long as it doesn't leak you'll be fine. Ebay has policy's that allow the buyer to get full refunds or exchanges if the product is not operating. So you should be fine. I have a pair of DPL radiators i'll try to take a pic of the welds on those. They are good knock offs of the fluidynes. They cool really good too.
  7. Im also currently on the market for a CR. I prefer however anything over the year 2000. I don't like the looks of most the CR's cosmetically from before 2000. I hear alot that the CR's that used the electronically controlled RC valve with the servo motor have problems. but at the same time i've heard that when they work, they work great. Im simply repeating what i've heard so i don't actually know. I've never actually owned a CR and i've only riden a Cr 125 once years ago and loved it. But ive primarily been riding 4 strokes for the last 14 years. Just wanna get an ideal CR that is a great bike. Personally the servo motor issue doesn't scare me. Im mechanically inclined and work on all my bikes and cars so i have a basic understanding of mechanical and electronic things.
  8. I have 4 different helmets. I'll say personally i never wear gear thats conflicting with one another... like wearing fly gear with a troy lee designs helmet or like a fox helmet etc. Usually the companies that you can wear with just about any gear are bell, shoei, arai, evs and more. I have the FLY F2, the Troy lee designs 3x wardy, EVS T7, and AGV AX8 EVO The cheapest helmet is the EVS T7, its an alright helmet but the mouth piece sticks out really far which i hate. I like helmets that have a close mouth piece preferably 2 fingers away from my mouth. also the EVS T7 isn't the most comfortable its the type of helmet that feels like the foam inside it just never feels broken in. The TLD helmet is one of my favorites as it has very soft nice fitting foam and the mouth piece is close so it doesn't have that affect like the mouth piece is sticking out like its 20feet infront of you. The Fly F2 has a nice construction and feels very comfortable, also good mouth piece distance. One of the problems with it however is my SPY ACE goggles fit sort of snug in the opening so its sort of a challenge to get the goggles off sometimes. But overall i love the style and feel of that helmet and it has amazing ventilation. The last helmet AGV AX8 evo in my opinion is the best of the 4, its interior is super plush and soft and really good are moisture wicking. The mouth piece covers a large area where your chin and mouth is. And the opening for the goggles fits my ACE's nicely. It's light and feels like its one with your head. I personally love everything about the AGV. The italians really know what they are doing. Personally i believe you should set a price to start off. But also you don't want to cheap out. I prefer helmets that are minimum 200 dollars. If that seems steep that you can go with the EVS which ranges 70-80 dollars. It works but its not exactly the most comfortable. If anything save up about 200-300 dollars... look around for some brands you like and buy it.
  9. i understand its just not in my budget. If i were to sell my crf250 maybe.. But in general i don't feel like i need more power out of my bike. Going from my 05 250 to a 2016 450 was a huge jump. I will say id like to get an idea for maybe the future though. It would be cool to have another built motor. My 250 was built by procircuit top to bottom and that was pricey. Im not sure if his motors price wise would cost similar. but back then i paid about 4k to have my motor fully built. I messaged him on his FB page. no response. i'll try to message him on here.
  10. 0 reviews

    DESCRIPTION The all-new Quick Draw™ lens change system puts the midsize Ace at the top of the deck. In volatile conditions, easily slot the free bonus lens into place and quickly return to action without losing to Mother Nature's wicked ways. Available with the SPY Happy Lens™ Custom built from flexible polyurethane Features the Quick Draw™ lens change system Scoop® ventilation system Anti-fog injected cylindrical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection Free bonus lens Triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece Silicone-ribbed strap 100% UV protection Helmet compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet SIC (Superior Injected Curve) Cylindrical lenses that are injected to create a curved shape that provides better impact protection and high-quality optics
  11. I didn't read all pages.. But Is there any way to see the pics ? The pics seem corrupt. Mine is working fine but not firm enough. I know there is options for the GOLD valve by racetech. But are there any other options to make it more firm ? Personally id was thinking about using some shock fluid that some Hobby RC brands make. You can get some very very thick oil for shocks for hobby grade rc trucks. I would imagine filling this with a thicker oil would naturally make it more firm. Usually atleast in the MX world of oils and fork oil i havent seen oil as thick as oils that hobby grade rc trucks use. I guess to put simply i imagine the thicker the oil the firmer it will feel.
  12. I understand that, i just like to look at some form of website of the company to see examples of the work, videos, lists of parts and services they offer. Because i don't want to really inquire for a quote or anything because i don't need my engine built now its only got 13 hours on it. Im just curious on what he has to offer.
  13. Im searching up RHC motors and i only can find a face book ? I found a website that seemed to be the main website but it had no listings of products or like much information on quotes and what sort of services they offer. I just recently found out about RHC so im curious.
  14. Yeah i purchase many things on ebay both name and non name brand. I rarely have problems its just something that is nice because its usually stuff that i can afford compared to the websites that charge retail and only name brand items. I also have a pair of knock off protaper bars and they are doing great. I've crashed about 6 times on them so far and no bends. I got them for 45 bucks which is about half the price of the regular ones. and they are doing great. i do plan to buy some ebay levers that fold. and some ebay brand engine plugs
  15. Engine control unit. Its used in EFI (electronic fuel injection ) bikes. They are tuneable where you can add fuel and ignition timing.