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  1. I am up for riding this Sunday at NCMP 15 yr old Son will probably be with me. We normally park by SX track and plug into power. I have small electric grill and can bring burgers/dogs
  2. There were not many there yesterday on the trails. Most riders that go to NCMP ride the MX and SX track. Maybe 12-15 folks riding back woods.
  3. The trails were pretty good, little moist and a lot of leaf cover. Most of the deep mud ruts were avoidable, couple nice flowy sections with this current layout. Spent a good amount of time at the bigger hill limb section blazing a few new lines.
  4. We are headed to NCMP today Sun 11-17, will be parked up near SX track if anyone wants to meet up. grey trailer / white sequoia
  5. NCWolf: Sorry we missed you at NCMP. We were there on Sunday, got there a little late, parked up at SX track. (Son had to finish his homework first) One of the recent XC races cut a new route in the woods and it was pretty fun. Perfect weather and conditions.
  6. How are the trails at Lost Valley? That’s about 3 hour drive for us so we may have to plan out a weekend for that.
  7. We may end up at NCMP this weekend.
  8. There really is no comparison for trails. Brushy has 75 miles of trails and a lot of very challenging single track with big elevation changes. NCMP trails are about 8 miles if you put all of it tip to tail. It can be a lot of fun though, with flowy tight woods stuff, tree roots, some creek crossings, a few small hill climbs. Plus they have very good MX,SX, and intermediate tracks if you want to do both. Coming from Raleigh, we are 50 minutes to NCMP and 2:30+ to Brushy so for a Saturday or Sunday ride, we will usually go to NCMP. If we want to make a weekend out of it then we will make the journey to Brushy and stay overnight close to Taylorsville. Brown Mountain is also pretty great especially if you have someone that knows the hidden single track gems.
  9. Yes usually lock you in after closing if you are camping.
  10. We have a family membership. They usually will let us ride on Wed/Thur if we call ahead. We try to spend the night locally to get a couple days in
  11. Guys have a great time! Wish we could join you. Getting ready to watch Guns N Roses in New Orleans. All in the pouring rain
  12. They do have a food trailer next to the office at Brushy that serves burgers, hot dogs, bbq sandwiches, fries and tater tots. It’s usually open Sat/Sun but not always. FB message Tyler Mull to double check. If you are coming thru Taylorsville via Statesville There is also Big D’s country store and restaurant on the way on the right hand side off 64 just before the turn onto All Healing Springs Rd. They are open from 7A-2P Great Breakfast and probably could make you sandwiches or to go plates if you call ahead https://big-ds-diner.business.site/#testimonials
  13. If you need a new tire, they do carry Kenda Ibex’s and other good choices for those conditions. The prices are decent and they will change them while you wait for $25, Ask for Tyler when you arrive. Great to have a new tire when riding Brushy!
  14. Wish we could join. The family trail behind the office is a great place to start and get warmed up. It’s a 3 mile double track loop that gives you a taste of what the main #1 trail is like and how it is marked. All trails are one way. A, B, & C are the three “mountains”.
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