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    Camp with bikes and toy hauler, baseball games, supercross, kids, bulldogs, family stuff.
  1. giantmike

    Hollister this weekend 20/21?

    We are going up Friday evening.
  2. giantmike

    Hollister ride Saturday 3/10??

    You sound like me, even the mikeg part, thats my name and initials too:thumbsup: Anyway I am intermediat skill, but have ridden for years. I am riding Hollister Hills March 24th. Too bad the dates dont match.
  3. giantmike

    lookin for riders

    Me and my boy are going to Hollister Ca, Friday MArch 23, camping that night, riding all day Sat, and maybe a putt Sunday. I have a co-worker and his friend and his son that is supposed to go too...I am not certain they will all go, but me and my boy will for sure. We are NOT too cool, that is for sure. We trail ride and he likes to track ride a little. RMZ 450 and a KX 100 if you are interested in meeting up.
  4. giantmike

    I have had great luck with my rmz450 have u?

    Bought my 05 new, ride trails only, but rip it up now and then. Change oil every 3 rides or so, adjusted the timing chain one time, it was a bit loose, just do the regular stuff, and have never had a problem. However, I do have a leaking fork seal that is puking just a little. knock on wood, but this bike is a beast and its been very good to me
  5. giantmike

    who are these people at CC last weekend 10-21

    They were really grey aliens, dressed to look like rock hounds. Listen to art bell and you will understand.
  6. giantmike

    07 RMZ 450 rear fender

    Mine dresses straight, but an 05 that was right next to mine dressed a little to the left. Really, same shipment, but some guy bought the other one with the fender hanging a little to the left.
  7. giantmike

    Clear Creek - 3/25,26

    Yep, Saturday was rainy until about 2 or so like someone said. Took the kids out just on the main road past all the staging areas, and had the step daughter abandon her ride and left me to figure out how to get it back to camp. She really threw a fit! Someone in a 4X4 gave her a ride back to camp, she wouldnt even let me hike her back. The rest of the kids tuffed it out back to camp. Anyway, I tried Indian hill a couple times, made it about 2/3 up, and flopped over. One of the 16 year olds that is friends with my son made it up a few times. It was mushy and wet all the way up. I made it up Sunday, although it was still pretty slimey. I just ended up Sunday, which was really nice out, escorting the kids and wife to Idria about 4 times. The downhill to the main low road to Idrea was slimey still, but they were on a quad, and I had a blast on the RMZ in that stuff. Bob, you wouldnt have got much riding in at all Saturday, but Sunday was cool. Quite a mess for me to clean up over the next week or so. Those kids will be helping! I cant coordinate but 1 or 2 family trips a year to riding areas, and I'll be damned if the last 2 were crappy weather Everyone is in school sports, dances or whatever, its hard to make happen, then it rains! Whaaa....lol
  8. giantmike

    Clear Creek - 3/25,26

    We will be at Oak Flat, the kids and wife and 2 bulldogs. Spending the night, and may check out the HS. Never raced one. Do they do it every year about the same time? Sounds more my speed vs. that crazy enduro stuff you do...
  9. giantmike

    Pastana Attempts RMZ 450 Backflip

    Ummm, didnt see him in the finals, so he must not be running fast enough to hang with the top 20....He's a trick rider, not a speed guy. He aint got what it takes to win a race.
  10. giantmike

    Piglet C Class winners get...............

    Forgive me for my Enduro ignorance, but can you wipe your ass with a jart chart?
  11. giantmike

    06RMZ450 oil question

    Me too...Only Penzoil 10W40 for 15 years in any and all bikes I have every owned. Never ever once have I had a problem related to oil. The RMZ loves it, the RM loves it, the XR, KX, RT LTZ...all of them...Total BS to spend mega bucks IMO on oil. Use a good grade oil with all the requirements of oil and your fine. Synthetic Blahhh..
  12. giantmike

    Skid plate???

    Really? Not me. Change the oil hot and it shoots all over its own frame. would have been much smarter to place the drain hole facing down instead of sideways...RM250 drains straight down. Much cleaner.
  13. giantmike

    RMZ450 is it to much for trails?

    Thats what I use mine for. Just trails, dont race the thing, except vs. the boy once in a while. Its great for trails IMO. Not too much at all, yet more then you will ever use or need most likely.
  14. giantmike

    RC on top

    No, I dont like him because he bitches and moans after every race he doesnt win. Go listen to him whine and call Tadesco a chump in the post race interview. He then says it would be nice to let him, Ricky and James race without the others to get stuck behind. Funny, how James and Ricky manage to get around and race out front. He's not even talking about lappers, he was whining about the 4th place rider Tadesco. Guess he expects since he won a tainted championship 3 years ago, everyone other then Bubba and Ricky should let him pass...The guy is a jerk.