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  1. RC_ichard

    New Drz400sm chirp at idle

    I was trouble shooting a similar sound on my DRZ, in the end i was lucky and used the wrong screw holding the mid-pipe to the frame. That longer screw made contact with the pipe and created a chirp type sound comming from the exhaust. One-of-many causes, but may want to check for things that are rubbing or could cause a similar.
  2. RC_ichard

    Wiseco's Two-For-Two-Stroke Rebate

    I think that tip is worth a shirt on its own, dont you? :P
  3. If you want, i can pick one up from Fastenal for you on my way out of the office today and mail it out tomorrow with my other packages - just paypal me the $3 (or so) for shipping and were good. My local fastenal guy will do anything to keep our company contract and will usually just give me one or two bolts/rivets/hangers/etc as a sample to test with, so since you only need 1 it should only cost you shipping. (And if your quick, i could mail it by EOD but that means like 1 hour since post office closes at 5pm and its already 3:30pm est) PM me if you need the help -RC
  4. Just go down to your local home depot or lowes hardware store and head to the fastener section. Bring the bolt with you so you can match thread patterns, and go to the metric size pull-out sections and look for the Metric Hex Head Bolt drawer. Once you match the thread pattern, just slide it back till you get to the proper length and BOOM - your set. I would just get a full threaded one and run with that, though they should have the half-threaded ones like the OEM if you search around. Make sure to get a 12.9 or a grade 8 and you will be set - i have replaced most of my DRZ bolts like this over the last few years. The other option for me is Fastenal since i have several stores close to me - but i think thats more NE Ohio kinda thing and may not be nation wide. Best of luck mate!
  5. Yoooo sup fealls! So as im wrapping up my '02 KDX200 resto-mod, i started to look into chain rollers to give another touch of color and uniqueness to my project and found a wide range of shapes and sizes that are available. My main question is why are there so many different types of rollers since they all do about the same job? Ive included a picture below of what im talking about, but it comes down to 4 idfferent main styles. Totally round (stock style) with a smooth 38mm OD Spiked/star shape design like the OEM ones on some of the XK models Smooth OD like stock, but with a raised bump in the middle of the flat surace Smooth OD like stock, but with a deep channel cut in the middle of the flat surface Though there are more small variants outside of the above, they all stem from the same core design outlined above. Does anyone know the reason for the various stypes, or are they just cosmetic? Stock for my KDX200 would be the smooth round ones - but open to other designs if they work better. Thanks! -RC
  6. RC_ichard

    2001 DRZ 400 good price or bad ?

    Thats about the ball park i paid for my 2001 DRZ400s that needed a total overhaul - Brakes, lines, cables, hoses, bearings, carb work, etc... but the engine was in good running condition. Do you have any pics of it? Sounds like you have a good deal on your hands, more or less depending on your location. My guess is its not 100% good to go, but even with some minor work at $900 your set IMO.
  7. RC_ichard

    Tire conundrum

    I personally run the D606 rear and the Pirelli Scorpion XCMH on the front and love the combo. They are a bit knobby, but still DOT approved and when you get into the mud and hill climbs it really helps over a more street oriented tire. Just my 2 cents
  8. RC_ichard

    Hesitation running quarter to half throttle.

    Awesome!! Great news and glad its running as expected! Now go out and RIDE!
  9. RC_ichard

    Hesitation running quarter to half throttle.

    By no means did i say that, simply provided some additional areas to check while in there that helped me and had not been already mentioned in the previous posts. That being said, sounds like hes moving in the right direction so hopefully it will be running good soon for him!
  10. RC_ichard

    Hesitation running quarter to half throttle.

    shes off the pilot and on to the needle at that point. Check for varnish on the needle right where it chokes the port - i had similar issues after letting ethanol sit in there for a winter and had the same problem. When i pulled the needle, you can actually see the tarnished blur where the varnish had stuck to the needle right there. Cleaned it up, reassembled, and issue was gone. YMMV - but hope it helps
  11. RC_ichard

    Drz400 cam chain

    I was not aware of a DID Cam chain for the DRZ. I just went with the OEM (over the weissco) and MCCT and never looked back. Two seasons later its about at the same spot the week after installing. Keep in mind you can swap the OEM DRZ and the Kawi KLX400 cam chain - just pick the closer and cheaper one and you should be set for a lonnnng time once you ditch the stock ACCT.
  12. RC_ichard

    Recommend me a boot

    Not that you dont already have enough suggestions - but i will say i love my Forma Predator Enduros. I got them on pre-order back when the 2017s were just about to come out. Over the year, i had an accident i lost a keeper and strap - which was replaced 100% at no cost no questions asked free shipping. Customer service is top notch, and boots are friggen awesome. If your running enduro, the extra grip on the sole really helps when digging out the bike
  13. RC_ichard


    Exactly, and these guys stand by their product. I hand one get damaged, they just sent me another no questions asked and told me to keep the damanged one for when i needed to beat on something or get it really dirty. Was stoked and a customer for life just at that!
  14. RC_ichard


    Yeah, kinda forgot about that. I was buying a set of the JIS drivers so was already getting a package anyways - but at $100 for a set of 6-7 drivers they are not cheap by any means. I will say the drivers are some of the best ones i have, especially with the teeth they put on the tip of the JIS ones and the added wrench point right by the handle.
  15. RC_ichard


    The driver should be fine if it moves free. IF your really worried, open it up and grease the ball bearing inside and the track so it moves freely. Next, i would just hit up Vessle and order some of the 8mm shank JIS and CrossPoint bits in a set so you have them for next time... well worth the ~ $10 IMO