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  1. The Creature


    I don't think they let mullets into Canada
  2. The Creature


    The doc will advice he doesn't get his shit pushed in by coopy for at least 4 weeks and no strenuous butt work until it gains its strength back
  3. I bet Kenny feels like a big bitch after that one, what a blow to the ego. That little guy just smoked him on the last lap, gave him the shooter, then went home and plowed old girl, oh my!
  4. Kenny keep switching from Showa to kyb there is obviously something wierd with that chassis. I got friends who ride Honda, I keep trying to tell them what shitty machines they gots but nobody believes me?!
  5. Go ahead and reserve the creature man a space on little douche coops grundle I'm moving in! That look back with the six shooter? Whaaat?
  6. The Creature

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    What does the traction control do? Is it just different maps? I rode a new one and she felt real hooked up I said oh my my
  7. The Creature

    1990 Team Suzuki - Mullet Militia

    Every once in a while u need to sprout a mullet to show them little bitch boys who's the man around here. I had to cut mine off tho, it started to collect things from the forest and look like a god damned hippy beaver tail and I couldn't have that...
  8. The Creature

    Sheheen In for 2019 Commentator, the Pro Forum Can Rejoice

    I watched a flat track race that Ralph hosted and found out Ralph really knows his shit when it comes to flat track, I was shocked! Ralph was dropping heavy knowledge! Dude must be from middle America lol. Anyway, I gained a new found respect for Ralph after that broadcast, I view him as a genuine fan now. Not a racer but a fan with genuine interest..
  9. The Creature

    Mike Genova Statement on Malcolm

    Yes I'm pretty sure that cranium is 3/4 his entire body weight
  10. The Creature

    Sedona tires?

    Sti gets the job done and lasts the longest, decent carcass and has a good shoulder which is where the Sedona falls short. Best value rear imo, there are better performers at the cost of longevity and not in that price range
  11. The Creature

    Sedona tires?

    The IRCs are a softer compound ve33 is a decent front tire and really shines in blue groove if u want long lasting sti mxc is the best budget tire for the rear IMO
  12. The Creature

    Shock Vaccume Bleed/Fill Thread (Another One)

    How long do u guys vac the oil and at what pressure? I heard the oil needs some gas and if u pull everything out its bad so I keep the reservoir full under slight vac and before service, pull on the reservoir just until the bubbles stop forming not until theyre all gone? Still confused if I pull full vac on the shock with shaft extended it will still suck the seal head in, if I do partial vac at say 19 hg it goes very slowly and I'm not sure everything is purged even after 30 minutes! Not sure if high altitude has something to do with it? How long should I pull on the shock and what's the proper vac? The only way the seal head stays in place is if I hand cycle...
  13. The Creature

    Mike Genova Statement on Malcolm

    He did look noticeably thinner, twenty five pounds is like half a musquin...
  14. The Creature

    Red Death (Revisited)

    It's just physics brah... Science...
  15. The Creature

    Which 350?

    I rode an 18 sxf and felt it improved and was much more luggable than previous years? The bike was fresh and I didn't get it hot so I really don't know... The engine and suspension impressed me enough to want a new model, I'm not sure if it was traction control or coming from a 450 but the bike felt real hooked up and much preferable to the 450 in a race situation as far as a hare scramble bike IMO. Why they still use hydraulic cam chain tensioner is a mystery... Two cams and shorter service intervals would be another downside coming from 450 so I'm all in a tizzy...