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  1. Dash for prizes. Short vid just to show the format. Dash for prizes race at Club Moto. Handicapped race...the handicapping is usually spot on with several riders hitting the finish line close together. There was some sort of error and we didn't have a chance of catching the riders. Still had fun though...
  2. Did a little bar banging on the last turn for a close finish for 2nd. Last lap starts @ 7:07 if you want to skip ahead. Went over the bars in Moto 2 but didn't have the camera on!
  3. Turned some more laps on the Husky yesterday.
  4. That was awesome to see! He could of just dropped the bike off...grabbed some publicity footage and bailed. Instead, he went through the whole process...from buying it, getting gear, helping spice the bike up and then spending some time with him at the track on the new bike. Things like this change my thinking from just acknowledging him in a rooting for him.
  5. Anyone else notice the OP hasn't been back to this thread since asking the question? Too much info?
  6. No Toil has just as many critics as fans for not being tacky enough and having it "settle" to the bottom of the filter after time passes. No doubts they are easier to clean...but it comes at a price of not filtering fine dust/silt as well.
  7. Cleaning filters is such a PITA. I use Maxima as well...that stuff is like molasses, does a great job of capturing dust though. All the lung burning chemicals I have used in the past to try and clean filters just wasn't worth it to me in the end. I ended up just buying the Maxima pre-oiled filters and a can of Maxima Fab1 spray oil and haven't looked back. At $9.99 a filter can last me 2-3 races on prepped no-dust motocross tracks, and then I just toss it and put on another. My only complaint is there isn't enough oil in their pre-oiled I spray some Fab 1, massage it in and install. For me...$40 for 10-12 races worth of filters without having to throw my health under the bus...or have a dedicated gas cleaning jug is worth it.
  8. It seems to me...that the two main breeds of dirtbikers are different with cleaning their bikes. Enduro guys seem to line up for a Enduro/Hare scramble with bikes that look like they just finished the Baja 1000. Motocrosser's bikes often look like they just came off the showroom floor.
  9. I keep mine pretty darn clean. My buddy that's an old flat track and speedway racer...thinks it's way overkill how clean and well maintained I keep my bikes. I get where he's coming from though, he grew up around bikes and has 12 dirt bikes in his shop right now in various stages of dis-repair. non-functioning, clapped outness. Bikes are old hat to him...still kinda new to me. I only have 2 bikes: The one I bought brand new and race motocross with (and want to keep looking newish) and a trail bike. It's nice if you have to pull the valve cover to have it clean...just better for working on. To me...a motocross bike that's clean just Kinda like having a muscle car you like to look clean.
  10. I'm curious how many pro motocross/supercross riders were paralyzed from neck injuries before neck braces came about? They ride faster and jump higher and suffer more brutal crashes than the general I would imagine there would be lots of examples. I haven't found much...some broken backs have caused some though.
  11. Ditto on the silicone spray.
  12. Thought I would take my 2005 Husky TC250 on the mx track at Metcalf and see how it does. It's a heavy, slowish bike that I'm not sure who Husky was marketing it to...but I use it as a trail bike. It not so great in the handling department and is a handful!
  13. While that sucks about your can't know for sure it's just because of the boots. Racing motocross this season I have seen broken ankles and torn ACL/MCL's with the rider wearing the best gear money can buy.
  14. Some pics from the event:
  15. To handle that "case"