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  1. Hmmm...I'm concerned about the brass colored shavings. That usually means the big end bearing on the bottom end. I suppose if everything was newish/rebuilt it could be a little "break in" shavings...but if the amount of brass colored shavings increase next time you check it...I think the bottom is showing signs of needing attention. I'm no master mechanic...someone else can chime in if I'm way off base here.
  2. Tough to say how much to ask. My 2016 has 36.5 hours on it and if I was to sell it today I would ask 5k. Mine looks a bit better shape overall but has stock exhaust with Billet end caps. Your bike does have the stock plastics replaced on the rear fender, airbox, side covers, fork guards and number plate. This could be just for color look and feel...but others may take it as a sign that the old ones got clapped from hard riding.
  3. Yeah...I nice still pic makes it look like you know what you're doing out there!
  4. Brilliant! I wish I had that advice before I bought mine!
  5. That's a cool utility miller...thanks for posting! Yeah...I know my ratio and starting in first is getting me beat on the starts. I did 1st gear starts again last weekend...partly because the start straight was super short and also because I know I can get off the gate "decent" that way. I need a practice day on starts cause I'm too much of a wuss to try it on race day for the first Here's a vid from last race. The guy to the right of me on the 13' RMZ450 got in front on both starts but I was able to run him down in the second moto. My camera on the visor slipped down and the footage wasn't too usable...but I have quick shots of the starts and some external shots. I added music since the footage is just meh.
  6. Looks like a beast! Let us know how it is when you try it out
  7. Good deal. You might ask why Camelback doesn't at least try and market their products for off road vehicles/moto folks...basically not actively trying to sell a few more million units. I think it's pretty clear though. I know it's continuing the de-rail but the OP's question has been answered and he's made a decision.
  8. Thought this was common knowledge: If their name is on here wrongly...then they should sue. I haven't heard them deny it though.
  9. I don't buy that BS for a second. Even if we forget about them supporting closures in MOAB for a second. Have a look at their website. Notice anything? They list all the things their packs are used for...mountain biking, outdoors, run (etc). Not one offload or motorized mention or picture on their whole website. They don't want to piss off their Sierra Club/ tree hugging partners...probably too afraid off getting boycotted. Seems clear they picked a side and it isn't us. @2strokenut: Let us know what you end up going with. I race motocross so I never really needed a hydro pack but I have a 45min GP format race coming up and I think it might be a good idea to get something.
  10. My helmet cam on my visor slipped down so I didn't use much of that footage. I very seldom add music but I only had mostly external cel vids so I think it fits. My buddy got hung up on the starting gate and there's a clip of that in there. Just a beginner so set expectations accordingly
  11. That was a crowd pleaser! Good job!
  12. While not giving full protection of a proper neck brace...the EVS R2 race collar is a decent temporary alternative until you can afford a full brace. It does limit some head mobility but I hardly notice anymore. You can find them for about $20. I would think something is better than nothing.
  13. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the SG10's...they should be in my hands in a few days. They won't make it time for my next race on Sunday but looking forward to trying them out at the race after on March 11th. I also picked up some upgraded knee guards for the time being...the EVS TP199's that dmcgill87 suggested. Way more comfy than my 10 year old $20 fox hard shells. When I was thinking about knee braces I was eyeing the Mobius X8's but at $600 they will have to wait a bit. Between the SG10's and my upgraded knee guards, it should make a more comfortable ride. Might help a little bit when I get to the last couple laps of the 2nd moto when I start to run out of steam. Fatigue can cause mistakes occasionally. Big thanks to everyone's feedback in the thread...much appreciated!!
  14. Wow...I never heard of those. They seem pretty nice and a good knee guard until proper braces can be purchased. Thanks for posting!
  15. Yeah...I've watched a lot of vids. I'm racing on Sunday and I figured I might try it on the first moto start. Hell, this racing club is all about fun so why not. I'm 3rd in points so far this season so I don't have much to