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  1. Count me as someone that gave up street riding. Don't get me wrong...street bikes were my only transportation from 18-20 years old and I loved riding them. I had bikes after that and finally gave it up in 2006 after 15 years. I was confident in my riding abilities on the confidence in the drivers around me as cel phones/texting started to take off. Racing MX or trail riding on one way trails...if I crash, 90% of the time it will be my fault. I can live with that. It's the opposite on street...90% of the time it would be no fault of my own that I got hit by 2 tons of moving metal...and it's going to be serious. I don't like having that little of a say on how I injure
  2. My 2nd race. Turn up the sound for the full experience.
  3. Actually, it's a 2001 Dodge 1500 Sport. It has the 5.2 Magnum V8 and it's been pretty bulletproof the last 9 years I've owned it.
  4. This is from last night...almost home from a long race day in Marysville California.
  5. I have to remind myself that having fun is what it's all about...the only one who cares how well I ride is I think the heat you're talking about was the nationals on Sep 2nd & 3rd. I couldn't race nationals as an eval rider so it made the decision for me. I heard it got up to 110 on one of those days! Aren't us old folks supposed to remain indoors and in air conditioning when it get's that hot...not out racing? lol
  6. Yeah. I'm debating driving up for practice on Saturday before the race on Sunday...get to know the track a little. Not sure if driving round trip 6 hours for 45mins practice...then repeating again on Sunday is the way to go though. Might skip practice and just go for the race on Sunday. Are you going to be there? Edit: I know what you mean about riding a prepped track...but I still enjoy trail riding and this was a trail riding day. This TT track isn't meant to be any ind of mx track...just a trail riding track.
  7. Posted this one at the end of my first mx race thread. Happened on Saturday...not too bad.
  8. I'll just leave this here. Getting some seat time before my second race ever on Sunday. I had to use my trail bike since my race bike is red sticker. Wheel over the burm and knocked the ribcage pretty good. Gonna be a little banged up for the race.
  9. 50 years? Who would have thought you were an old guy with your forward thinking and tolerance toward change! Seriously...I'm surprised you are even using one of those new fangled "computer things" to share your thoughts. Next time, go old school and write a letter to Alta, stamp it and mail it and spare us all the vitriol.
  10. Rockin the e-tape right now. It's just a big "E" on my plates since I'm just in evaluations. After I pass my next eval...I will probably spring for the real deal.
  11. Is anyone else turned off when you read this in a CL Ad? Either it has good compression or it doesn't. Unless you put up specific numbers from a compression just sounds like a catchphrase that a used car salesman would say. Meh...
  12. There is plenty of time! We have a 58+ class...and then a 62+ class! You would be in the 52+...not even close to the oldest group.
  13. I did my first race today and pulled the bonehead move of missing my first moto. I did ok on the second moto, it was my first time at a starting gate and didn't start too well. Pretty deep sandy track, was my first time in deepish sand. I ended up 8th out of 14. Had a great time and came back in one piece!
  14. Great job...thanks for posting the vid! I'm 49 and doing my first MX race on Sunday so I've been looking at vids of beginners in their first race. I will be in the 45+ beginner class. Sunday can't come fast enough as it's weighing on my mind! Keep at it and let us know how your next race goes!
  15. lol...that's true, it could be worse for sure. I was making that statement comparing the scores of folks that live in rural areas that have property...or even tracks right out their backdoor. If they want to ride...they can be on the bike and practicing in two mins. That's one of the reasons I wish I got into this 20 years ago. On ride's up early, load the truck with tools, gear, for two hours...unload gear...bikes etc. I'm almost wiped out before I throw my leg over the Then after a hard's load, drive two hours again...unload etc. Being an older guy...that's a long day! I was just envious of the folks that can "knock out" some practice before work in the morning like it was nothing. It's just more of an ordeal living in the Silicon Valley. Trust me though...I will gladly do the above to get my dirt fix in!