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  1. Force10

    DIY chain oiler

    It's all good William...I enjoy your informative posts and I think you've given me advice in the past. I typo'ed my last post...I said "Rental" chain (no...I don't rent my motocross chains) and meant to say "a fraction of an inch" on moving the rear wheel back.
  2. Force10

    DIY chain oiler

    lol...touche'. The whole reason I even responded was the tone of your first post...which came off something like: Folks that run an O-ring chain= Cool Folks that run non-oring= Not cool unless you're a pro who replaces them everyday For the record, my non-o-ring Rental chain lasted me a whole motocross season (42 motos). Sure they stretch a little...but I'm not afraid to slide my rear wheel back a few inches every few races. The best part about a non O-ring chain: When you order one and it says it fits your bike...it fits your damn bike. Apologies to the OP for veering off topic. Major props for the ingenuity...just don't see it necessary unless you're maybe in the Baja 1000 with those wretched non-o-ring chains. ­čśé
  3. Force10

    DIY chain oiler

    Well...ya got me. I'm one of those clueless smacktards...when I select "exact fit" at RMATV or Motorsport for a chain...I think it will fit without doing damage to my bike. I guess I'm supposed look for caliper info on thickness. Hey I'm ordering grips soon that are non-oem, do you know of any back up web sites that give the caliper tolerances for grip width, girth and diameter? Cause...ya-know....I'm that guy that just throws a dart at a dartboard when ordering piston rings and other non-important parts like that.
  4. Force10

    DIY chain oiler

    ...or, if an O-ring chain rubs on your engine case and you don't think running a spacer on your C/S sprocket and changing the alignment between front and rear sprockets is a good idea.
  5. Force10

    GoPro of Your Favorite MX Tracks

    That track looks fun...pretty beginner friendly with maybe just one do or die gap jump. Although...they always look easier on camera...lol. I think I remember watching you on this one before, I remember the head shake after going too long on that jump. ­čśü
  6. Thanks Fitz! I will check out that thread
  7. We had our first race of the season cancelled because of weather...I haven't rode in awhile so I played with the editor a little.
  8. Force10

    CRF 250r No Spark

    First thought is the kill switch not wired back in correctly...or possibly faulty? All the other norms should be ok if they were working previously...stator, coil, plug wire etc.
  9. Looks like Deano qualified 12th. I hope he's not gonna let riding for Husky officially get in his head pressure wise. A little different vibe from being a privateer with nothing to lose.
  10. Force10

    Lorrettas lake

  11. Force10

    Deano Factory Again

    Seriously? Or are you just being sarcastic? I would think a paycheck makes all the difference.
  12. Force10

    Deano Factory Again

    Good for Deano...glad to hear it!
  13. Force10

    Need help identifying

    Going into the junkyard business?
  14. Force10

    Lime on the track

    I heard RC saying during the race that some teams used their practice bikes for the race...instead of their primary bikes because of the mud.
  15. Before we get too off topic...I would say I agree that trading a good running 2000 RM125 for a 2006 CRF250r that needs the cases split isn't a good deal. But saying a 250F is disposable after 100 hours is way off base IMO. The early YZ250f's were considered pretty bulletproof actually. 250Fs do need to be well maintained to get long life out of them though.