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  1. Good job...thanks for posting!
  2. Thanks guys...that's helpful. I was having trouble responding for a bit...when I tried an Ad was in the reply field and wouldn't let me type!
  3. My son pretty much stopped riding after getting a jobs where he works weekends...and an ambulance ride out of Hollister Hills didn't help either. Anyway...he has a schedule change at work where he has weekends free for the time being. He was wearing this old pair of Alpinestars boots that were given to me by a friend...but a couple straps are broken. I'm not going to buy an expensive new pair of boots for what could be one weekend back on the bike for him. I'd like to search ebay for some straps but without the model of boots it's difficult. Here's a pic...these aren't the actual boots...just one I found of what we have: If I don't have any luck, I will just duct tape em' on where the straps are missing. Thanks!
  4. I have always put Pro Taper pillowtops on all my bikes, mostly because my local Cycle Gear carries them. It's also about the only brand grips they carry. I thought I would try something different so I ordered these at The Motorcycle Superstore: Not sure if I believe the 47% less vibration marketing comment...but they sound like they would be comfortable. There are exactly ZERO reviews of these grips on the ENTIRE Anyone have a pair of these? I've seen lots of reviews of their street bike gel grips and they all seemed favorable. I guess I'll be the guinea pig, they're only $14 so if they don't work out I will just pitch em'. I kinda go thru grips fast sometimes. My last pair only lasted 2 rides, a lay down on some hardpack ripped the throttle grip down to the tube.
  5. Double ninja'ed by cjcreeper and DiverDown!
  6. Those are "inch" pounds...not foot lbs
  7. Maybe he meant to type 6-9 ft pounds in his post...but put the dash in the wrong spot? I also have one of those cheap Tekton torque wrenches. The one I have's range is 10ft lbs-150ft lbs. With that broad of range on a cheap wrench, I don't trust it to do low torque engine work (cam caps, head...etc) but it seems to work fine in the 20+ range. Haven't snapped a bolt yet.
  8. That's good to hear. Even if that gel reduces vibration fatigue by 2% (not the 47% they claim)...that's a good thing!
  9. Do you have a blue/yellow Husky? I bought this bike last February and I've been to Hollister a few times with it. I've never seen another one all the times I've been riding, not a very popular bike. Husky marketed it as an MX bike but I think it's more of a MX/Trail bike hybrid. Too heavy and lacking in HP to be a true motocross race bike but it ticks all the boxes for me on being a solid trail weapon.
  10. They didn't feel noticeably different from the Pillow Top Lites I had on there previously. I was just feeling it with my bare hand and no gloves. I might be able to tell more after a proper ride.
  11. Holy smokes! Who torques their valve cover bolts to 69ft pounds? Those are usually like 7-9 ft pounds!
  12. It's unfortunate...but I don't think Leat helped the neck brace industry with their first models that had a pressure point right on the spine. There were many reports off minor crashes where the neck brace caused a significant injury where the rider would have been fine without a neck brace. That's changed now, and I'm sure the new braces work fine...but the stigma is still there from Leat's lack of R&D with their early models that were causing injury. I don't wear a Leat or Atlas brace...I went cheaper with an EVS R2 race collar. Obviously not as effective as a Leat or Atlas but I like to believe it's better than nothing.
  13. I got the grips the other day along with a Motion Pro Titan throttle tube. I guess I was expecting a little more "Gel" feel on these Gel's just a little patch of gel in the yellow patches on the palm. Can't really feel it when you grab on and squeeze, but if you push on the yellow patches with your finger you can feel a little gel in there as it goes in a fraction of a millimeter. The palm as a little gel and the rest of the grip is pretty much a standard waffle style. I hope to be testing them out tomorrow at Hollister for a nice ride and I will see how they feel.
  14. I love hearing this since we have the same bike. Don't you have a 270 big bore in there as well? Impressive hours with the larger piston for sure!
  15. Shipping was delayed. Not getting them until the 10th...they were supposed to be here by tomorrow so I could try them out this weekend! I'm putting these on my 05 Husky TC250. I use it as a trail bike...but if I like em' I might put them on my race bike.
  16. I live in the SF Bay Area and have had good luck with The Motorcycle Superstore. They have a warehouse in So. Cal and often times...I order before noon and it's on my doorstep the next day using the cheapest shipping option. Occasionally, they don't have what I need at the CA warehouse and it has to come from Kentucky and the time changes from their original shipping estimate. Of course you don't find this out until after you've ordered. I imagine a call first to find out where it will be coming from would work...but I'm lazy. If you live in the SF Bay Area or south of might give them a try.
  17. Judging by the crickets in this thread...looks like I'm the first person on TT to buy these.
  18. I feel stupid. When I skimmed the OP's original post, I missed that he was talking about axle pinch bolts and thought he was talking about the pinch bolts that hold the fork tubes in the triples. He said "putting the front end back together" and just jumped to servicing the forks in my head. My bad! Pretend my last post didn't
  19. Count me as someone that uses a torque wrench on pinch bolts. I do a lot of other bolts by feel and snug. My manual has a different spec for upper vs lower pinch bolts...16lbs on top, 15lbs on the bottom. I would like to think that they didn't put that in there to just "say stuff". I'm sure it's there because that 1lb extra could squeeze the tube some and affect suspension internals. I'm guessing they might have even tested such a thing. I can't "feel" a one pound difference. I'm sure many never used one for it in the 60 years they've been riding and it's been fine, but this is a brand new bike and I'm going to err towards what they recommend.
  20. Also...a lot of folks keep 1-2 fingers on the clutch lever all the time. When a whiskey throttle situation starts, pull the clutch in a little.
  21. Finished my 2 race evaluation and got my numbers on.
  22. I did my first race today and pulled the bonehead move of missing my first moto. I did ok on the second moto, it was my first time at a starting gate and didn't start too well. Pretty deep sandy track, was my first time in deepish sand. I ended up 8th out of 14. Had a great time and came back in one piece!
  23. Count me as someone that gave up street riding. Don't get me wrong...street bikes were my only transportation from 18-20 years old and I loved riding them. I had bikes after that and finally gave it up in 2006 after 15 years. I was confident in my riding abilities on the confidence in the drivers around me as cel phones/texting started to take off. Racing MX or trail riding on one way trails...if I crash, 90% of the time it will be my fault. I can live with that. It's the opposite on street...90% of the time it would be no fault of my own that I got hit by 2 tons of moving metal...and it's going to be serious. I don't like having that little of a say on how I injure
  24. My 2nd race. Turn up the sound for the full experience.