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  1. Great bike! If you get bored watching my average riding skills...skip to the 7:40 mark and check out the crash reel. (it's short)
  2. Thanks! I really want to put an Athena 300 big bore on it. It's pricey and it's running pretty much perfect right now...don't want to screw the pooch since I've never done a big bore myself before. Itching to try though. Maybe when this piston/cylinder is done I will go for it...might be awhile though.
  3. I do have one...but thanks man...much appreciated!
  4. I've been riding this bike for awhile now...and it makes a great trail bike. I think Husky originally marketed this as a MX bike...and it got a bad rap because of that. It is heavier and not as fast as other offerings in the 2005 motocross category, but it really does make a good trail bike. I have a 2016 CRF250r that I use for racing...but still enjoy my trail time on the Husky. My buddy has a 2005 CRF250X...and the Husky has a lot more going for it IMO. Even though on paper the Husky is 7 pounds lighter, the CRF250X "feels" lighter when riding it. I think the CRF has it's weight more balanced and lower where the Husky feels a little top heavy. Other than that, the Husky wins out in power and it's 5 speed vs the CRF's 6 are shifting a bit less and it has good bottom and mid. To me...I like that it doesn't have a headlight/taillight since I don't ride at night. Whenever I go to the OHV parks...I have never seen another one out there, so I feel Pro's: Easy to work on Reliable Bottom end is somewhat over built for a 250...they used the same bottom for their 450's & 510's...easily handle a big bore Power is better than a CRF250x Green sticker bike...ride all year long (this is huge for us California folks) Here's a video with some clips of her in action. If you get bored watching my average riding skills...skip to the 7:40 mark and check out the crash reel. (it's short)
  5. It does feel like a tall bike...I'm 5'11 and I feel pretty good on it. I would probably feel better if it was an inch or so lower. I knew the 04's had some valve issues when I was looking for a green sticker I steered away from that year.
  6. I replaced the steering head bearings earlier this year. They were original and the bottom one pressed onto the stem was rusted on there and a major pain to get off! It's a safe bet the lower shock bolt/linkage bearings are pretty toasty if the steering head is any indicator. I haven't got to them yet. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Actually...all Husky TC 250's are green sticker from 2004-2010! I was originally looking for an x-lite (08-10) for my green sticker bike...but they rarely come up for sale. When this one showed up with super low hours...I grabbed it. Still had the original tires/chain/sprockets/brakes on it.
  8. More Necro...but the article and the interviews of the riders seem to place it at Hangtown...not Sears Point:
  9. You should be able to in the big bike support class...that's how it works with the Bay chapter.
  10. I did my first race today and pulled the bonehead move of missing my first moto. I did ok on the second moto, it was my first time at a starting gate and didn't start too well. Pretty deep sandy track, was my first time in deepish sand. I ended up 8th out of 14. Had a great time and came back in one piece!
  11. Oh's got it's hooks in me pretty good! My plan is to try and race a full season next year...about 15 races. If I can remain uninjured of course.
  12. You bet! Looking forward to the season start at the beginning of Feb. The club uses transponders...and my last lap of the second moto is usually my fastest lap. It will be a slow progression of improvement since I only ride once every 3 weeks or so. Thanks!
  13. Not sure what you mean?
  14. Today was the last event of the year...the club had a "Free Ride" day for all the members at a mx track called 408mx. It wasn't a race format, just practice sessions by class. I was the only beginner that showed up today...I rode with the Novices. I struggled with a couple of rhythm sections but had a good day! I did 3 15 minute sessions with 45mins in between...I was spent! Here's a few laps from the first session
  15. I'm guessing the reality of why his bike isn't selling is not sitting to well since he hasn't been back for awhile. Maybe another thread will pop up titled "How do I sell my bike for $800-$1000 over market value?"
  16. I'm pretty lucky I guess...I weigh 165lbs (no gear) and my manual for my 16 crf250R says it's set up for a 170lb rider. Just a couple clicks softer and it feels pretty good. I'm sure if I took it to a proper suspension guy they would do a better job and I would realize how much better it could be.
  17. Race 3 at Hangtown
  18. The time of year is the opposite here in California however. Right now...folks in CA are bringing out their "Red Sticker" bikes (race bikes) since you can only ride them from October through April. You can pretty much ride year round here. The OP doesn't say where he's from...but now is the time to sell his bike in CA.
  19. I agree that you're asking too much. Keep in mind...when you say "Valves just adjusted" on a modern 4 stroke, that means they're starting to stretch and need to be replaced soon. If it's the second time shimming them...the new owner can expect maybe 10-20 hours before replacing them. (assuming they don't suck into the head and grenade the motor before then)
  20. If carb/jets are could be drawing false air from somewhere. Check for holes in the air filter/airbox is sealed up. Another culprit is a bad sealing air/mixture screw. Good luck!
  21. Well, I got a good 3 hours of seat time with these grips on Saturday and the verdict is in: They are in fact grips. I can't say I really felt the gel affect reducing vibration much, but the grips were comfortable enough. I also did some proper durability testing, see the pic below: I had 3 pretty good lay downs and they didn't tear or get any damage that I can see. I would probably get them again.
  22. I have always put Pro Taper pillowtops on all my bikes, mostly because my local Cycle Gear carries them. It's also about the only brand grips they carry. I thought I would try something different so I ordered these at The Motorcycle Superstore: Not sure if I believe the 47% less vibration marketing comment...but they sound like they would be comfortable. There are exactly ZERO reviews of these grips on the ENTIRE Anyone have a pair of these? I've seen lots of reviews of their street bike gel grips and they all seemed favorable. I guess I'll be the guinea pig, they're only $14 so if they don't work out I will just pitch em'. I kinda go thru grips fast sometimes. My last pair only lasted 2 rides, a lay down on some hardpack ripped the throttle grip down to the tube.
  23. Good job...thanks for posting!
  24. Thanks guys...that's helpful. I was having trouble responding for a bit...when I tried an Ad was in the reply field and wouldn't let me type!
  25. My son pretty much stopped riding after getting a jobs where he works weekends...and an ambulance ride out of Hollister Hills didn't help either. Anyway...he has a schedule change at work where he has weekends free for the time being. He was wearing this old pair of Alpinestars boots that were given to me by a friend...but a couple straps are broken. I'm not going to buy an expensive new pair of boots for what could be one weekend back on the bike for him. I'd like to search ebay for some straps but without the model of boots it's difficult. Here's a pic...these aren't the actual boots...just one I found of what we have: If I don't have any luck, I will just duct tape em' on where the straps are missing. Thanks!